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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 28 (Season's First) Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode No 28 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Here I am, O Allah, here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise and blessings are Yours, and all sovereignty, You have no partner.Oh Rahman (Merciful) I Oh Aziz (powerful)!Oh Gaffar! (Forgiving)®h Jaleel (majestic) ! Oh Sattar (veiler of sins)!I can't utter any praise worthy of your glory, my Allah.Yen are just as you ae&laim yourself.Oh, the one stirring our hearts and changing the day into the night.Hide our shames and forgive our sins.Clean our hearts and relieve us.Let us live with good people.Don't let us leave the road of your blessed prophet, who is the sun of the mid-morning......the shiny moon of the darkness and the imam of the two kiblah.

The every step and breath we take is for you.The conquests you ushered and predestined don't belong to us, they only belong to you.My Allah. Protect me from falling into the well of pride.Don't let me forget the fact that you are the only owner......of whatever I have and whatever I am going to own.Make my people, who are burning with the love of your and your prophet's love......the flagbearer of Islam, my Allah.Let me fight for Jihad in your cause until my last breath.Make Muhammed's ummah happy with many conquests, my Rabb.Make Muhammed's ummah happy with many c.pnq.u.ests, my Rabb.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

If you have such an enemy like Seljuk that are so hard to defeat......the best option you can take is trying to win the war without fighting.For a definite victory without any loss, you must be invisible......and you should never hold the sword yourself.Moreover, the one holding the sword for you......must think that he is fighting for you.)• 9Seljuk will never be able to know who is their real enemy in this war.Right until the moment they kneel down.Karakhanids have it hard.The Alpai;slan you toldlme about would never give upon B'elhAnd that's exactly what I want, Alexander.To wear out Seljuk in this long and1 lasting war.

To keep them busy with their kin in the East.So that they wouldn't have the chance to target Ani and Rome.We can never leave the fate of Turks to the hands of the God, Alexander.And don't forget......if you do not give them an enemy to fight.....they will choose their own enemies.Great positions can b’e acquired after responsibilities such as this.Our success in here will carry us to Rome, Alexander. Don't forget.It would be great to hear the news of Seljuk's defeat oTi our first day in Ani.Exactly, father.F'■V* ;Come on.Welcome.Welcome esteemed Tekfur.Welcome.Welcome esteemed Tekfur.Welcome, sir.Gather the people in the square.As you command, esteemed Tekfur.Hang on!

Before Arslan Yusuf and his father Ali Tegin betrayed their dynasty......they went to war with Alparslan's father and uncles many times.During their last battle, Arslan Yusuf.....killed Yusuf, father of Ibrahim Yinal.I've been waiting for years.And now, you'll pay for killing my father......Arslan Yusuf.And now, if he wants Belh back......that belongs, go Seljuks no.w......he has to defeat Alparslan.Today is the last day you'll see the sun.Wait. Arslan Yusuf!I'll find you no matter where you go!It's my right t© kill him Alparslan!Alparslan!Alparslan BeyAlparslan BeyYou care for your life more than pride.That's the kind of man you are.Al pa rs la n!It's my right to kill him!Yinal Bey.Don't! It's not the time.I have to do this. Get out of my way! -Yinal Bey.Sultan will pass the judgment, not us.

Don't think you're saved.Your days are limited.Don't lose your tempeWe'll kill him when the judgment is made.Ani Castle.ANI KALesiAni Castle.The road that leads to Rome.,...passes through Ani..ol<WThat is exactly why......Ani is the heart of Rome.All of you must rememberthat.There's no more room for mistakes.Kekavmenos lost Vaspurakan.May God forgive his sins.But I am the hope’ that Rome needs.And I......don't promise anything I can't make true.We'll take Vaspurakan back in the soonest time.And Vaspd'r-a'ka'n......will stay Christian for eternity.Praise Holy Rome!Praise Great Kaiser!Praise Holy RomePraise Great Kaiser!Praise Holy Rome!Praise Great Kaiser!Praise Holy Roijne!Praise Great Kaiser!Praise Holy Rome!Praise Great Kaiser!Praise Holy Rome!Praise Great Kaiser!VASPURAKANWe are building it like weaving a rug.

You are right, Akinay HatunOur warriors conquer and turn these into our lands......and we build the things need to be raised into the sky and be laid onto the ground......just as we weave a rug with prayers.May your glory be eternal! Long live Alparslan Bey!Make sure his wounds on his eyes be tended.Before you dry the sweat from the victory of Vaspurakan on your forehead, another war broke out......and you've also returned victorious from it.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.May our victory be blessed, my Bey!May you live long, mother. We fight and the victory comes from Allah.Is there any news from Atabey?What about the caravans?The routes of the caravans coming from the lands of China and India have changed.The routes of the caravans coming from the lands of China and India have changed.This is the only news we've received.Good. Good.Some people are coming, my Bey.Who can it be?Bring him!Who is he?Who can it be?

Yinal B.ey,You stay here.The son of l^ahtegin, Arslan Yusuf.You chose imprisonment instead of dying with your honor in the battlefield.You think you are a Turk now?A real one!Don't think you are saved because you surrendered.You've just prolonged your life until the Sultan arrives.While you were this afraid of death, how could you......dare to occupy Belh, which was the land of the state of Seljuk?On whom and what were you rely on?A thousand like these are waiting for you in the chests.Only if everything-goes as planned, of course.If you capture Belh, which is owned by can have your own freedom from your own dynasty you rebel.r/>And you can also be closer to my lan'dS; I can support you with trading.can make the way to the one of the greatest markets of the east, Surmavid Trade Inn, for your\caravans.I can make-the way to the one of't-he greatest markets of the east, Surmavid Trade Inn, for your caravans.It can strengthen your independence for good measure.

This would be better for me,‘too.The caravans coming to me might pass from your lands in safe.You won't be able’to put a price for the power and benefit......I will present to Rome by my strength. Wonderful.Wonderful.I've had many experiences all these years.I've never trusted anyone but the ones carrying my blood and won't change!Belh is entitled to us rather than Seljuk.Belh is entitled to us rather than Seljuk.You should have given it to us with your own hands.

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Sep 22, 2022

plz upload now is thursday...and yet you haven't upload the episode....we are waiting.....or plz tell the correct time at which you will upload the episode so that we don't have to come several times on your website

Zaryaab Arshad
Zaryaab Arshad
Sep 27, 2022
Replying to

they are too slow now. Shift to other website like historicalseries(dot)com

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