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Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin EPISODE 01 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode No.1 of Mendirman Jaloliddin with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Well done!No one is better than you when it comes to hunting.We’ve been looking for it for a long time.We are granted today.The desert hunters will now burn with the fire of envy.May Allah protect us from evil eye and envy.Amin!MashaAllah my Shehzade.They brought news from the palace.Your father is waiting for you and Timur Malik in the palace. My shehzade.In the first quarter of the 13th century, the Great j^lnw?ar^z^f-shahs Empire, which included Turkestan, Iran, Khorasan, and Iraq was brought to ruin the two most powerfulJqJgScosJA at that time – the Qara-Khitans and the Ghurids.Simultaneously, it became a neighbor of tb’eT^oggpl/A Empire led by Genghis Khan through the eastern borders.

Sultan Alauddin was well aware that G^eJ’ghis’ DIA Khan, who had conquered northern China was now looking to the west and v^a^MEDIA threatening Khwarezm in the first place.Although he had a large army at his disposal the masterpiece of the commanders of different clans was subordinated to Turkon Khatun, the mother of Khwarezm-shah.And this situation worried the Khwarezm-shah.As the storms of war began to blow the first-born prince, Jalaluddin Manguberdi. appeared on the scene.Wow mate, look at’the size of the lion.

I wonder how did they catch it?He was not afraid of the lion.You were the same when you were a child.Our Shehzade’s mind is as sharp as a sword.Long live our Sheh/ade!Long live our Shehzade!Long live our Shehzade!My Shehzade..You hunted a lion just like yourself.It would not get haunted if it was like me.Dear merchantDon’t blame me Shehzade.I didn’t know how to applaud you.My Malika (Queen)Our Sultan is receiving the palace doctor frequently.When he receives the doctor, he is not letting anyone in.May it be to good. InshaAllah.If my son keeps a secret from me, it seems he has a problem.Be attentive. Aygul.The pain that befell him means the pain of our state.It is necessary to stay alert.Sheh/ade Jalaluddin came1Greetings, my Malika (queen).

Welcome, my Shehzade.A Shehzade who captures lions – my pride, my brave Shehzade.BarakaAllah … praisesI am honored.As I heardYou risk your life to put the lions in a cage.You have the permission to hunt.But there is no permission for arbitrariness.My Shehzade you are the destiny of this state.I will never allow you for it. The state will then comes to end.<41eduld-you-do-it?. *I don’t engage with nonsense activities my brother.Hunting the lion and bringing it in a cage seemed meaningful to me.Prepare my tent.

Yes. my prince.Mm… Look… Look at its colors.You won’t find such fabric anywhere ‘WEDIA Gurganch Bazzar except in Bahrom’s shop.The fabric is beautiful.The colors are eye-catching. I hope the price is worth for it.If quality fabrics are sold at a low price, won’t the owner be miserable?Mr Bahrom, don’t complain. You can afford to buy all of us.Astaghfirullah. Where will I get the money if I don’t sell these fabrics?Master, the guard has arrived.Let him enter from the backside.What are you thinking about9There is no better one on the bazaar. I will also adjust the price.Okay… Okay.

I agree with the price.So, it is a committee of envoys.Well..Did you found out who was in this committee.Sultan Alauddinhas not yet made a definite decision Oh… They keep it a secretBesidesyou don’t have any news to tell, do you?If you allow meI will determine who is in the committee tonight.Ofcourse, if you can live till night.We know those who hunt lions, but it’s the first time I saw those who hunted the one that is alive.If I did. then you will achieve it too brother.In that case, take me with you next time.I’ll try my luck.Don’t be hurried. Oqshoh.If you can’t hunt ityou will be the food for that lion, my brother.I would like you to behave accordirJgjJMED/A to the shehzade of the Khwarezm state.

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