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Destan EPISODE 04 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 04 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Am I a slave now?Is this really happening?It might be a dark dream.These walls coming at me might be a nightmare.If it weren't a nightmare,..we wouldn't be slaves.We ride horses freely.We can never be chained.Our hands always join together.They never stay lonely.It must be a nightmare.We cannot be slaves.We are not slaves.Nobody can chain us. Nobody.I'm the paw. Paw cannot be chained.The paw must go mad and go wild!It's not a dream.It's real.I'm the girl of Dag, Akkiz.I'm a slave in the palace of Gok.Come in.What is this place?What are you doing to us?Now you are the property of Gok Palace.

And Goks brands their properties.No!VJe cannot be branded! We are not Gok Palace s properties.Gok soldiers, hold her!Leave me! Leave me!-Akkiz!-Leave me.Akkiz!Stand still. Or I will brand you like a goat!They left me alone with him!Like I’m his nurse!What do you want, Batuga Tegin?You want me to feed youOr help you drink water?You want me to shave you?I totally respect you, father.I could even die for you!-But I won't marry this disabled man.-Shut up!

When my brother took you as the bride for the palace, ...I almost rebelled against him.Almost.I was going to lead my army and attack the palace.I was so mad.But guess what I saw when I met my soldiers.My drunk commander set an eye for my daughter.You should marry this disabled guy instead of that drunk!Stop crying!Girls at your age are slaves in the palace.And you are crying about being the bride of Khan.And you are crying about being the bride of Khan.You will pay for this.But not yet.Leave her!It won't hurt, don't worry.It hurt more when you pulled my hair as a kid, Sirma.

Nobody can brand our hearts.He's here. My Khan.Why are you not in your room? We couldn't find you and got worried.You have high fever.Why does.....that looter call herself the paw of the two-headed wolf?Nobody knows.Every paw has a body......and every body has a head.Who is the body?Who is the head?Saltuk says she's an orphan girl.And she has no tribe.Maybe, we eradicated her tribe.Maybe, she shot that arrow to take revenge.Look at our ancestors, sons.Look at our mighty kin.


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Our history is full of Khans who got shot for the throne, not for revenge.If an arrow comes to you, shouldn't ask who I harmed.Ask who you help.Who will I help if I die?Father, that will help uncle.Isn't this why we have taken her daughter as a hostage?Get some rest now. Come on, father.No.If the shepherd sleeps, sheep scatter. I won t sleep.Don't sleep! You can t sleep!You can t get unaware because his daughter will be our family.Maybe not Balamir. Maybe, Russian and Chinese people.But we have lots of enemies!-Father. Father. -Hold him, son.-Father.-Good. Good.-Good. Good.-Alright.

Get some rest. We will do whatever you order.You should recover first.Find out who that looter is and where she is coming from.There must be someone knowing who ordered her to shoot Khan.Inquire where she hides and.....and where she is!Find her!Find her.Find her.-Father. Father!-My Khan.-Mother, open his wound. -I will.I will.Temur.Good. Good.My sons, if I die due to the fever of this wound ..don’t ever leave each other.Be a paw and body for each other.And a head. Be a bond for each other.Don’t break up.

Protect your brother Batuga.Look after him.-My Khan. My Khan! -Father.Kneel! Eyes on the ground!I knelt.Look, Gok Tegin.Does this brand look good on the paw?Forgive me. My disabled hand could only put you in chairs.I couldn't save you.But I will save you. I swear I will.I will get you out of here.(>()l\ OKI) \Come in.Take these. There are clothes in that chest.Lay that bed and sleep.You're allowed to sleep early tonight.Tomorrow, I will exhaust you.Move your foot.Are you walking after that Dag girl again?Let's make the beds. Take it.Nobody can take her sword as long as my daughter doesn't want.

They can t!-My daughter can’t be a slave!-She can’t!• e ixi JisRemember what Tegun Alp said?He said his daughter can't be a slave.Not that one.We picked up flowers together, remember?Father, flowers have blossomed!We picked up a lot. They are all beautiful.Say it’s beautiful.Flowers belong to their branches.If you pick them off, they wither.Do you understand, Dag flowers?Come on then.They separated us from Dag, branded us and put us in a dungeon.But we won't wither here.-I promise you.-How?Dag people we would die for just left us alone here.

Gok Khan we thought we killed didn't die and is enjoying himself.We got separated from Dag and became slaves for Gok.It’s better if we die before withering.Don't say that.We are not flowers but warriors.The paw of the two-headed wolf......can neither die as a prisoner......nor withers,..nor becomes a slave.What will the paw of two-headed wolf do?She will kill Gok Khan.....and escaped from Gok Palace.You can't kill Gok Khan.They won't even let a slave approach him.Let’s say you killed him, how would you escape?I will figure something out.But when the wolf is trapped, plans how to take revenge, ..not how it can escape.I swear that.....I will take revenge from Goks.

My vengeance will be my fate.I swear, father.The day a bow string was put around my neck, I realized......our Khan is fear.Goks are ruled by fear......not by Alpagu.With that fear, they almost killed a disabled boy in case he took revenge.So we lock the doors.So open and close the tunnels.So we turn our prisoners into slaves.So we brand our properties.So we provoke our people.So we both putTegins.....and slaves in chain.We are always afraid.But locked doors and chains aren't enough.You can lock Dag and also Gok.What about those who have nothing to lock?What about those who aren't afraid of dying.


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How can you chain the bravery?How can you put a heart in chains?Whichever Khan doesn't follow the morals and keeps the situation, ..he will fall.Shouldn't we stop Turks from attacking other Turks?Our morals should speak instead of......Chinese and Russian people.We should be the key instead of a lock.We should be the key and open the door of Turks.y GOKORDX(.OK K\G\\I I >1 insKI \ li sWelcome to the Sun and Gok that scare darkness.May our reign prevail and the sky be our tent.We kneel before Gok, may the world kneel before us.We accepted a disabled Tegin.May we never have infertile brides.Gok, who created the daylight, may give us the joy of children.May my sons have sons.

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Aug 14, 2022

plz tell me how to download this ep?

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