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Destan EPISODE 09 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 09 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. There is luck in your destiny, my Khan.The council will judge the Khan that......they just praised and sat on the chair.My destiny is merciless, Hatun.Now it is going to make me kill my brother.Will his daughter try taking her father s revenge?We have to think of a solution.Will his daughter try taking her father's revenge?We have to think of a solution.I am the girl who became an orphan the day you killed my father.Talk to Alpagu Khan once you get in the palace.I want him to accept my conditions and organize our wedding.Your father will be judged when we go back to the palace.

They might strangle him. Are you still thinking about the wedding?Stop thinking about my decisions and do as I say. Or...The disabled Tegin looks so innocent.If they knew that.....he is dethroning Khans...And giving the Khans their thrones.Be silent.If they knew...Akkiz!What did you give Kircicek to make her sell her father?She wanted to marry Batuga Tegin and stay in the palace.I thought she'd want more. Why would she want to marry that disabled man?I don't know why.

That's all she said.Dag's girl.Do you think Kircicek will want to take her father’s revenge?I don't know, my Khan.Why?Think.If someone killed your father...Father!Wouldn’t you take your father's revenge?Die! Die!Protect the Khan!Batuga!-No!-Batuga!-My Tegin!-Don't be ridiculous.It's weird.None of the arrows find their target.They are not attacking the Khan. They will abduct Balamir.Balamir!Protect yourself!Protect our Tegin!Akkiz!Who are you? Where are we going?We are saving you from death! What else do you want? The horses are waiting this way!This Alp.. Kinay Alp..He is from our tribe.

Colpan Khan..Free Balamir!Stay away from Balamir!Give him to me! Balamir is mine!Are you trying to save Balamir?Why, Colpan?Aren't you her spy? Don't you know? -I don't know anything.Colpan.. What are you doing?Tutkun ran away with Temur. She can not marry Kaya anymore.She can't marry Temur as well China will not let her live.The girl I raised for years betrayed me!My only chance of taking my revenge from Alpag Khan is to unite with Balamir and fight.Balamir is a mad man who only cares about the throne!You must be insane to unite with him!I have no other chance to take Gok!


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I can't hear any arrows. Goks will start searching the forest.If they understand that Dag did it, Goks will end Dag.Go, my Khan.I won't leave before I take Balamir. Give him to me.You will say that you lost him!I would rather slit Balamir's throat here rather than give him to you these lands being turned into a bloodbath.Are you.....disobeying your Khan?! For who?Is it for the Khan of Gok who killed your father?You are the Paw who shot Alpagu Khan!Are you serving him now?Are you serving a Khan who would rip your heart off if he knew who you actually were?Don't make me kill you.

If that arrow leaves that bow, I will slit his throat.From now on...Your Khan turned her back against you. You have nowhere to go.Colpan, don’t.Don't do this.I exiled you from my tribe.Colpan..Do not come to Dag.You betrayed Evren Alp s revenge.Do not even come to your father’s grave.From now on, not say you have a Khan, or a father.Do not call yourself a Dag girl.You have no tribe, no father, home.Saltuk!Akkiz, where are you?Run, my Khan.My Tagin.Balamir escaped but Colpan Khan.....helped us capture him.Is that so?He got away but my Khan came to help us.We got him thanks to her.Come on.

Let's judge h- Let’s let the law give him his punishment.- Soldiers!Are you okay?(,()k ()RI)\-GOOaJaM IGyj^ ,,The devil is sitting on mighty Gok Khan Alpugu Khan’s throne.We need to make the divine fire.We need to pour lead and kick the devil out.Your arrowheads are made out of lead.Break them and put them in the divine fire.My Khan, we will take the first arrowhead from you.Kaya Tagin.Put them in the fire.Dag girl.The rage of the cooled down under the Gok’s rain water.The throne is yours sit on it, my Khan.The future is yours, take it, my Khan.Let the court begin.Bring the defendant.

Major will speak.Balamir Bey, the law is the constitution.The law is even above the Khanate.You broke the law, and I captured you as the Gok army's major.And now you will be judged.Did you hear me?I heard you.Danis Ata will speak.Turkish council.People can be wrong, but the divine gift of ruling is never wrong.Balamir Bey told us he got the divine gift of ruling from Tengri ...but he did not.Here, he will be judged of fooling the council, ...setting up the Tagins...betraying the Khan and treason.After the council's decision, • J...the Khan will give the order.- Bring the defendant.

The defendant can speak.When the paw who was caught because she shot Alpagu Khan turned out to be the fake paw, father said that..."If the real paw is out there we will spill the Tagins' blood ...and put the blame on the paw.He forced me into dressing up like the paw, set up our Khan and show his wound to the council.He said "Either do this, or I will kill Alpagu Khan."I had to do it.I fought with out Khan in the hunting feast but ...I could not let the law to be broken ...or our mighty AlpaguKhan to lose his throne.If the defendant has somthing to say, he can speak.I have a question.


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What did you give my daughter for her to betray me?Nothing.I did it for the law and my Khan.Is there anything else the defendant wants to say?I have another question.Where is the real paw?- Where is the real paw?- The girl wants to take her father’s revenge.We need to find a solution.I•.ir-T •.- Where is the real paw?- The girl wants to take her father’s revenge.We need to find a solution.The paw shot you on your shoulder.You caught an innocent girl and hung her.But there is no news.....from the true Paw.Where is she?I admitted was you who dropped the sword of our Khan......during the hunting feast.

Maybe, it was you.....who hit our Khan in the first place.Maybe, you got angry that our Khan wanted to make you marry the disabled Tagin.You thought you wouldn't get married if he died.Maybe, you are the true Paw......who shot Alpagu Khan.It wasn’t me.How could you do this to your daughter? You know I'm not the Paw!Sure. I know.It’s not you.How does it feel to be betrayed by your own blood?I hope you understand now.I’m such an unlucky father that......if this herd of sheep kill me here, ...I have no daughter to avenge me.Where is the true Paw?Where is the true Paw?Will his daughter try to avenge her father?We need to find a solution for that.It was you!

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