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Destan EPISODE 10 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 10 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. This note was found on the.....Chinese man who lured us into a trap.What does it say?It tells the way we use to the Chinese.Our number our order...It tells everything.It’s not possible, Balamir Bey! Only a few people knew this!My Holy Khan.There is a traitor among us.Who?Who is it?What does the note in our Khan s hand say?Betrayal...

Are you ready?It is time for you to get what you deserve, my Batuga Tegin.It is time for you to stand in front of your father and say ’Dag didn't.....betray Gok. My mother was not a traitor.And I am not disabled.”Akkiz..Akkiz!The ones who set a trap against Tilsim Bike......lured us into a trap as well.Don’t.Akkiz, don't!Don’t, Akkiz!Akkiz, talk to me.Don't, Akkiz!Akkiz!Speak!Talk to me!Tell me!Yes...Talk to me.Tell me, Akkiz.Talk to me, Akkiz.We are so stupid.We thought we were going to take the seal.....go to your father......and end everything..We thought.They knew that we were looking for the.....for the..They knew, yes.Yes. Talk to me, Akkiz.

Please.-Tell me.-We couldn't...We couldn't...We couldn't think.Did ones who made my father kill my mother 15 years ago......start coming after you now?Was that what we couldn’t think?Couldn't we notice our enemies? Tell me, Akkiz.The enemies were like a fireplace around us.....and we were the fire.We sat there..What else did Tonyukuk say......except for this?What?He said, "Don't be afraid as they are crowded.Do not hesitate as you are not crowded."But we are not.We are... It's just me, an orphan..We are... It s just me, an orphan....a motherless man...\Ne are not crowded.We are, Akkiz.We are.

We are crowded, Akkiz.Look, we have wooden swords!Look, we have more!If the enemies surrounded us and turned into a fireplace.....then we have to unite and turn into flames.It’s time.What are you saying?We have to get stronger.How?Are we going to build an army?We are Akkiz.We can.And you will command our army.But first, we will treat you.I can’t ride a horse and ask for help.I will now shoulder you..I will take you to the tribe, alright?No... If you carry will expose yourself.They'll understand that you can think.You..They will kill you.They won't be able to kill you or me.The ones who killed me because I was looking for the seal......will do worse if they find out you were not disabled.Don’t go.Let me die beside you.You can do everything beside me, Akkiz.


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But you can't die!I am banning you from talking about death.We will both survive this trap.Let’s not go. The one who placed a snake here must've placed a spy here as well.They will find out that you are not disabled.The tribe is far away.It's far away.You can’t carry me until we go to the tribe.can carry you as long as I live.>r/irCome on, Bride Hatun.Confess.You abducted Balamir.We didn’t do such a thing.Then where is the Monk?Why isn't he in the palace?Our Khan was mad yesterday, as you know.He was mad enough to remove you from the position of Captainship.When Alpagu Khan ordered the Chinese army to step back with his furor......Tai Sui went to my Emperor Father to ask.That's why he is not in the palace.You are not telling me the truth, Bride Hatun.

I searched for Tayangu's family in the morning, they all disappeared.You threatened Tayangu with his family and made him abduct Balamir.Then you killed Tayangu and his family.It s the work of China.So that it's the work of Chine, listen to this Chinese woman carefully.I had to marry Temur because of the trap you set after uniting with China......against Tilsim Hatun.But where is Temur now?He ran away with a slave.I am as mad as your Khan.But, I am helping you when I am young to stop them from exposing your trap.Thus, be kind.Think before blaming gain Khan s favor.....and take your chair back.Think, so the snakes you took from me for Akkiz.....won't bite you.What is this disgrace?This palace lost its control!How could everyone be asleep?How could they abduct Balamir?

How, DanisAta?It's great weakness, my Khan. You are right.Captain Saltuk started investigating but......I am really embarrassed.I trusted Tayangu too much.I made a mistake.It’s not a mistake, DanisAta.Tayangu was a trustworthy man.I would never expect him to do that.You wouldn’t expect your son to abduct the girl who was going to marry his brother as well.My Khan. What happened yesterday?Don’t ask me as if you don't know what happened.Balamir ran away!What happened before Balamir ran away?You’ve been breathing fire since yesterday!There is a fire inside you, but it is burning us!What happened to you?Akkiz is not around.Did she do something?I am right.

It's about Akkiz. What did she do?I am mad because I was betrayed.I am the Khan of Gok Khanate, Alpagu Khan...I killed the person who I loved the most in my life just because she betrayed me.I tried strangling my son who just witnessed 10 springs......with a bow string just because I thought he might betray.Now... I am surrounded by different kinds of betrayal.Tayangu takes my brother, makes a fool out of me in the council.My son takes a girl, the Chinese are at the border.My niece works with her father, sets me up.ONe of my brides poison her rival.The other threatens me with war.DanisAta. Some people will lose their heads.Eveyone should be afraid of death. of those people who should fear death.Come.Vargi Bey, what happened?Did you find Balamir?I would give my life for you, my Khan. But...But what?But what, Vargi?You are the closest man to Balamir.You didn’t tell me while he was setting me up in the hunting feast.You didn't tell me while he was surrounding the palace.You didn’t tell me while he was running away.But what?My Khan, I told you. I did not know any of it. He did all those things without telling me.I learned that he was going to raid the palace, last minute. I couldn't tell you.But...I swear...I will find Balamir Bey and bring him to you.Thank Tengri, Vargi.Temur is after a girl. Kaya is following him.


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I don't have sons who will go after Balamir.That’s why I will let you live.But..You will find Balamir and the person who took him.Or...My Khan..The person who took Balamir...Tayangu tookBalamir Bey.And he is dead.Tayangu could not have taken Balamir.He doesn’t even know that Balamir was going to be taken.What do you mean?Tayangu, what are you doing here?What is going on?What are you doing here?Where are you taking me?Get up.Balamir was surprised to see Tayangu.If Balamir did not hire Tayangu, ...there is someone who hired and threatened him.You will find him for me.Who took your father?Who hired Tayangu?My Ulu Ece, I didn't even know that my father was going to get away.What do you mean you didn't know?What do you mean?How does one not know where her father is?My Ulu EcezI betrayed my father.I am on your side.

Do you think my father would tell me he was going to run away?On our side!You were going to send us away and take our rooms.If your Khan hadn't promised to let you live, I would take your life right here.I will go crazy.Someone made everyone at the palace sleep and took Balamir. We cannot find out who it is.My Khan.Batuga Tagin is not here.What do you mean Batuga is not here?I sent Calayir Bey to check if someone got sick ...because of the opium that was put in our food.I made them put clean sheets on Batuga Tagin's bed.They are not slept on. No one has seen him since yesterday.

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