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Destan EPISODE 18 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 18 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Khan father.We watched as you ordered.What's the situationKaya Yabgu?They are too many.We’ll die before we get in.They're too many.But they don’t have a head.A herd without a shepherd is to be hunted by an eagle.It's for sure?Are Balamir and Colpan dead?My alps!We defeated Balamir and Colpan......who rebelled against me!The shepherd is gone.And the herd stays.IEagles never.....leave the throne to calves.Now..It's time to retake the lands which were stolen!It’s time for the great open his wings in the he did in the east.It's time to spread.....all over the world!My soldiers.To the West Gok Khanate.Hold on, Colpan.Hold on.Hold on, Colpan.Hold on, my Colpan.Don't leave me alone here.She will hold on, Saltuk.

She will.Colpan!She’s dying, my Tagin.She's dying.We're close to the West Gok Khanate. Let s go there.Is your healer good?Yes.Turn back, Akkiz!Don't, Akkiz. We can't.We can’t go to the West Gok Khanate.We can’t go to the West Gok Khanate.It’s the first place......Alpagu Khan will go to when he defeats my aunt and uncle.Come on!How do you know, my Tagin?Because I'd do the same.The alps have no head now.It's easy to capture a pack without a head.Come on, Akkiz. Come on!-Hold on, Colpan. -Come on!Don't leave me alone.Hold on, my Colpan.Come on, Akkiz!Giddap!Giddap!oB \I I GOK KAGANtlGIBAH GOK K\('A\1 IGIAlpagu Khan is coming!

Archers, defensive formation!Alps!Put your swords down.Kneel before......Alpagu Khan, the Khan of the khans.This is not a Gok land anymore.We won t kneel before anyone but Balamir Bey.Balamir Bey is dead.Colpan Khan is dead.I killed both of them.You don't have a head now.Now..Two swords can't fit into one sheath.I’m the only sword of Gok.There can't be two one land.I'm the only ruler of Gok.Now..Get your heads down and let me enter my land.Or get your heads up.....and go under the land.-Hold on, Colpan.-Giddap!Hold on, Colpan.Hold on.-Hold on, Colpan.-Stop.

Why did we stop?We stay here.If spies let them know Balamir and Colpan Khan are alive, ...Alpagu Khan will attack the tribe.Akkiz is right. Is this place safe, Akkiz?Only Kun Ata and I know about it.It’s not on the way, but close to the tribe.Good.Sirma, go to the tribe and bring Kun Ata before nobody knows.No. No.My Khan will have died by the time Kun Ata arrives.She can t hold on.My father can’t hold on either.I can t put the tribe at risk.Temur.Yaman! You two take Balamir.Saltuk.Get my aunt off the cart.She’s bleeding too much.


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She can t hold on.Do what Batuga.....says.Colpan.-Saltuk.-Colpan.Batuga.Aunt.When I go to heaven, I should know...Colpan, please.When I go to heaven,...don't leave the throne to anyone, Batuga.No. Aunt, no!The throne of the Dag Khanate isn't empty.It's yours, aunt. You will live.1I don’t feel like I II live.Colpan.Even if I live,..I’m done.Alpagu..There’s no escape from Alpagu.The throne is yours, Batuga.Be the Dag Khan.And look after your tribe.Akkiz.-Saltuk.-Colpan.Protect Batuga.He is..Colpan, no.Colpan, no!No!Colpan!Dag people!Dag people!

This is our funeral.This is our funeral.May our wounds recover.May our blood prevail.But...We won't make the enemy happy!Dag won't ever bow against them!We'll go to our tribe.For the honor.....of our mighty blood lying in this grave, ..we will celebrate Nowruz.We will stand upright.....and jump over the holy fire.On this Nowruz day when winter turns into spring, You should know that..Dag gave me the divine gift of ruling.Today, I will sit on the chair.From now on,...I will no longer be the Gok Tagin, ...I will the Dag Khan!

Tell me. What is going on in Dag?Calayir?How are the Nowruz preparations going?We built the divine fire.\Ne are preparing the tables, Gunseli Hatun.Ulu Eve ordered the aides.She said "Gunseli Hatun will go to ...Gok Khanate to her husband Kaya Yabgu. Pack her things.No!Then who will tellBatuga what is going on?Who will be the spy?I will.You cannot hear everything.I cannot go to Kaya.I cannot leave Alpagu Khan's side.Find a way.Pretend that you are pregnant.What?Ulu Ece will not let you stay here.She will send you to Western Gok Khanate.Say that you cannot set out on a journey.Then maybe I will have a miscarriage.Danis Ata.

Punish the Beys according to the law.Their punishment is death, my Khan.You tried to rebel like your fathers.You followed my traitor brother Balamir.You gave your alps to him and divided my state.But I, Alpagu Khan, the Khan of Khans But I, Alpagu Khan, the Khan of Khans ..took my state back.I made Kaya Yabgu sit on the Western Gok Khanate s throne.I fought Balamir and Colpan.If I take your lives, ...there will a Bey who will replace you.If they betray me,..I will take their lives, too.Until you are loyal to me, ...I will not leave one single Bey in your tribes.Now,...should I keep taking your lives, ...or.....or will you kneel before the Khan?

We obey you, my Khan.We obey you, my Khan.We will have a feast in the courtyard.I will be there soon.Go on.Kuzu Bey.My Khan.I met with Kaya Yabgu’s spy.Batuga Tagin will sit on the chair today.He will be the Dag Khan.Then Colpan is dead for sure.She is dead.They buried her next to Tilsim Hatun's grave.eJiweiegOur spied asked about that."Kircicek Hatun took his body with Temur and left....we do not know where they will bury him.” they said.So, Balamir,...if you rebel against the Khan of Khans, ...people will not even know where you grave is.Thanks to my Gok Tengri.We got rid of two traitor, my Khan.Now it is..Batuga's turn.Hatun.

He is mourning.After he sits on the chair and mourns.Well we wait for him to mourn Colpa who divided the state, my Khan?That rebel..Hatun! I took my state back. What more do you want?If he's a rebel, Temur is a rebel, too.Should I kill them both?%O O-ODid you sleep well, Gunseli?I don't know, my Ulu mother.Recently, I am always sleepy.Are you also nauseous?No.I just want to sleep all the time. Can I rest for a while?We heard that two traitors died today, DanisAta.Maybe we can....hear that a Gok'sTagin will be born soon.Colpan and Balamir......couldn't escape from our laws, my Ulu Ece......I hope we will receive the news about our Tagin.


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KunAta. Akkiz brought the wolf gall and rabbit food.KunAta. Akkiz brought the wolf gall and rabbit food.Is she going to be alright?Are they?Gok Tengri knows.They lost too much blood.They wouldn't be alright if it wasn't for KunAta.But now, maybe..Don’t say maybe.How was the funeral?Everyone believed that Colpan Hatun was dead.Alright.Batuga Tagin made a smart plan.Batuga Tagin made a smart plan.Will my uncle believe it?If he doesn't, he will search the whole world......and he won’t stop before......killing my father and Colpan Khan.He must believe it until they recover.Then we will find a way.

We are about to complete the preparations in the tribe.Akkiz says Saltuk Bey and KunAta should go back to the tribe.She wants you to be with Batuga Tagin when he is sitting on the chair.My Tamur Tagin.How about you leave.....and I stay here?Think, Saltuk.What will Dag do after seeing.....the son of Gok's Khan who killed their Khan?Tutkun...Stay here.Temur Tagin will protect you.Kircicek will take care of her father.And you will take care of my Colpan.Let's go.You are ready, my Khan.I am not a Khan yet.What is that?It came with a hawk.

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