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EPISODE 03 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 03 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Ilyas.If we row hard, we can reach Alexandria in a short time.The wounds of Ishak Aga needs to be tended by a doctor.I’ll go to Midilli!My aga, Midilli is far. Alexandria is closer.Your health is not good.Let’s heal your wounds first in Alexandria.And the ship is also borrowed.We can take her back, too.And we can go to Midilli together later, can’t we brotherWe can return Midlii together, my aga.So, we can visit my aunt’s……and nephew’s graves together. My aga.And…And Despina…Despina?Despina, huh?

That is it, Oruc Efendi.Don’t act as if you care about your family.Despina, for whom you did everything to make your wife……those ships, which brought many troubles on us.They are your family.You have never been my brother.You became the father of the pirates in the seven seas.Everyone knew you as Baba Oruc.I lost my family because of the sea robbers.And not one but two times.I am even suffering today.The ones, who prefer the sea rather than his family home, can’t be my family.My aga.My aga.All of us are suffering.If it will ease your pain hit me, break me, crush me.But your wounds on your body as serious as the ones in your soul.

Let’s heal your wounds in Alexandria first.Then, we can go.That’s all we want.Take me to Midilli.I don’t care about my wounds.If I die on the road, you can bury me near my family.At least my corpse can be near them.What is going on here, Diego?The blacksmith’s apprentice, who blew up the church’s bell.The son of Eyup the secretkeeper is here.God loves you, Umberto.Everyone you look for is here.They all gathered here to let you finish them at the same time.There is someone else.Someone I can’t see his face.Are blood and gunpowder enough to destroy all the secrets, Diego?They are not, Umberto.

They are only enough to bury them. If you dig the earth, they come to light again.That’s exactly what I wish.Now it is the time to bury them……with all of their secrets.When the secrets are revealed, they will either belong to us……or we will bury them again.No.No.Oh, no.You go inside.No, it can’t be.No, is such a thing possible?Zeynep, you go inside.I’ll check if that is a dog or cat.Or, is it a pair of eyes looking at here.Come on, dear. You go inside.Come on.Close it, dear. Close it.Neither a dog, nor a cat.There is someone that watches the lodge.May Allah help us.My aga.Take this over your shoulders.The wind of the sea is strong, you may get chilly.

The storm of the seas has already hit me, Hizir.The wind hit me from the direction where I was not expecting it.Stop, wait brother, let me do it.I prepared a bed for you.I wish you would sleep and rest a little.The sky has fallen down on me, Hizir.It wouldn’t matter if I don’t sleep on a bed or not.Don’t, my aga.If the sky fell down on you……you would carry it on your shoulders.You are the son of Yakup Aga, the conqueror of Lesbos.You are the plane tree we take strength from.My aga…..if you get shaken up like this……then we will be devastated.Who am I going to take strength from?To my brothers who crippled me and left me……when I was a strong mountain?Or to my innocent family that got slaughtered because of my brothers?Do you see what they have done to us right in the middle of Lesbos, our home……which was conquered by Yakup Aga with his bare hands, and taken from…..Genoese?

The plane tree has fallen, Hizir.And it won’t get up again.Maybe I’m not in a position to say something but……even if that plane tree is shaken, it must be still standing strong.Because its roots go deep.Lesbos is not only a home……but also an entrustment to you.If Lesbos is entrusted to us, then we did a poor job, Niko boy.Since we couldn’t see the traitors that crawled under the ground like worms……it’s better for us to be a dead body under the ground……rather than being an aga above the ground.Who are the traitors in Lesbos, my aga?Are there ungrateful traitors that can betray us……in our homeland?Yorgo.Alexandria.What’s going on right in the middle of the night?

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