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EPISODE 03 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is episode No.3 of Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul and his team have reached to Market to save the man who has the secret message for Ertugrul. They have confronted with a heavy fight with the enemies. They did all this fight successful with covered faces because they have to hide their identity. Maria was watching all this fight and she has shot an arrow at the Spy and thinks that she has done her work fine.

Simon Master is angry about the escaped Spy but he is planning further traps. Maria tells him that he shot the spy and he cannot survive. Simon becomes happy with this news. On the other hand, Ertugrul has found the name of his enemies on the head of that spy. The enemy is a John the Baptist. The Ural has hung the corpse of Tuktamis in between the tribe as the lesson for other people. He also addresses to people infant of that hanging corpse of Toktamis.

Candar is very worried about his doing. He can’t believe that what his brother and companion can do this with him. He is totally shocked and remembering all his old memories. How they both have fought in battles and how Toktamis and he save lives of each other. The Ural is very mean and bad person. He is thinking that after Toktamis death he is now free to do anything and his father will now only believe in him. The Ural wants his wife with him in the bazaar. He tells him that he will play the game with the Venetian traders and will get gold as much he demands.

Aslihan is telling to his father that he calls his other brother Aliyar who was in Damascus for Education. She tells him that she did this without his permission because Aliyar is needed in the tribe. The Ural comes with his wife to go to the bazaar but Calendar tells the Ural to go with Aslihan to bazar as she knows better about the Rugs which he has to sell in the Market.

Mr. Arif in convincing the beys of Tribe that they have to do patience. If Ertugrul has declined the request of meeting its mean that he has a bigger issue than Council Meeting. Mr. Arif wisely persuade people that Ertugrul will do best for his tribe and Every difficulty has peace after that. Later on, he comes to Halime Sultan and Mother Hayma to inform that Beys are now happy and has understood the situation of Tribe. Ertugrul reaches to the tribe after a successful mission. When he reaches there he finds that they cannot take enough rugs to sell on the market. He is still in hope that his tribe has given all they have in hand. Suddenly an old woman comes and gives her only rug to Erugrul for the tribe sake. Erugrul was very happy to see an old woman courage. After seeing this all people have brought their rugs and they get a good quantity of Rugs.

Now Simon is planning with his friend and Ertugrul is planning here with his companions. They are talking about that who is a hidden enemy of them and Ertugrul team is talking about that who is John the Baptist. They have set their goals and Ertugrul team to decide to go now with their rugs to market. Before going to market Hacaturyan makes a twist in the story, He tells Ertugrul about his plan of getting gold from the lake. He needs some tools for that and wants to get gold for Ertugrul.

The Ural has brought a lot of rugs with him as he was sure that he will sell all the rigs to Venetians. Aslihan tells him that you have brought a lot of goods if these goods couldn’t be sold what will they do. The Ural tells Aslihan to come later with Batuhan as he has to talk some personal matters with Simon. The Ural reaches to Simon and tells him that he will get the only market commission.

Aliyar the other son of candor is reached to the tribe where his father is standing infant of the Toktamis corpse. Aliyar comes and wonders about that how can Toktamis betray. He is a loyal companion and like a brother to his father. Aliyar asks his father to bury the corpse after wash. Candar agrees to burry but without funeral prayer. Aliyar takes the corpse and finding the causes of death of Toktamis.

Venetians come and Ural demand a high price for his rugs. They don’t agree with the Ural. The Ural goes out of Market and tells if they have pinned to buy rugs at this price they can find me in his stall. In meanwhile Ertugrul reaches to market with his rugs and he sells his rugs to Venetians as Ural demand 3 gold per piece with the security of goods to take them in Castinipole. SlowUpload is the password for this Episode

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