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EPISODE 03 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is Episode number 03 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode of Season 3, Ertugrul is ready to go with that man who saved him and cure him. Ertugrul didn’t know that he is going to a slave trader. In the next scene, Halima is remembering her husband in her tent. Gunduz is also there and he is talking with his younger brother saves that is the missing his father too. He gets the shirt of his father and get it to Savci and tells him to smell it and remember his father. He also encourages his younger brother to be ready for the revenge of their father. He also comes to his mother and stops her to cry. He tells her that you don’t have to cry because he is there for her as his father entrusted her and his brother to him. He will protect her and his brother both.

When the man with Ertugrul reached the place where the other slaves with slave traders have to come, That man stops there for rest. He tells Ertugrul that I have acquaintances here so we will be more at ease. When they stop there the slave trader Simko comes there with other slaves. Then Simko tells Ertugrul that Ethics has taken a good care of you. He was not expecting a full health and recovery of Ertugrul. Ertugrul has a shocking smile on his face when he sees that his man is actually the man of this slave trader and they also make him a slave for sale.

Saedtin Kopek is sitting with Ares and enjoying his dinner with him. They are talking about the raids on the caravan and because of that traders are fleeing from the Market. Actually, this is all game of Ares who set bandits on the road of Caravans. He wants to show that Kayis are failed to cope with bandits. They are planning how to get the Bazar from Kayi hands, They want to turn bazar in a miserable condition and then force Zuljaan to sell the bazaar to their trustful man. Ares tells him that if you want to buy the bazaar with my gold then that trustful man should be from his side. Saedtin kopek becomes agree on that and the shake hand with that agreement. Ares got a beautiful girl named Maria as a gift of his victory form the salve trader Simko.

Simko is actually sent his dove Maria to the castle to use her against Ares when he needs. Ares also meets Maria to Kopek and Saedtin Kopek also admire Maria for her beauty. Then Kopek leaves Ares with Maria alone and gone. Simko is telling Ertugrul that now your life belongs to me because I am your new owner and you are my slave. Ertugrul tells him that I will give my life and soul not to be a slave to a jackal such as you. When Simko sees that Ertugrul does not agree to surrender so he tells the bandits to seize him. There is a fight between Ertugrul and bandits but at last, they manage to catch Ertugrul and tie him with the ropes.​

Saedtin Kopek is coming out from the castle with a smile on his face. His right-hand man Goktug asks him that judging by the gleam in his eyes, you have just established a new order. Kopek tells him that its the obligation of all statemen to re-establish an order that has been unsettled. Kopek tells him that his biggest enemy Ertugrul is finished but the next term will be of the Karachisar. Just he buried Ertugrul he will burry Ares too. Kopek asks Goktug about the Bahadur who is the brother of Candar. Goktug tells him that he is near to tribe and his arrival is imminent. Bahadur is the man of Kopek and he wants to make him the bey of the principality. He will take his strings to his hands and control these lands with his power. Bahadur is back to Cavdar tribe.

People are thinking that their good days will come now as Bahadur bey is the brother of Candar Bey and come back with a victory from Battlefield. Aslihan is informed about their arrival she is not happy with this because she knows that Bahadur is an evil man. Halima is sitting on the grave of Ertugrul and remembering his last words when he was going for the campaign. Gunduz is also with her. Suddenly Gunduz sees Jogaani who is coming back to the tribe. They are very happy to see her and they got her back to the tribe. This is enough story for this Episode. Further, you will watch on your screens. Password for this Episode is BahadurBey. Thank you! Watch and Enjoy!

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