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EPISODE 06 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 6 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You did not tell me where you came from. You said you went horse racing. What were you hiding from me? Listen to me! If you remain silent, neither we could have Gunduz acquitted. nor we could find the real murderers of Umuroglu’s Alps. Now, answer to me! Where did you come from that day? It was related… to an affair of the heart, my Bey. At the time when Umur Bey’s Alps were killed. Gunduz was with a girl he had fallen in love with. Which tribe this girl belongs to9 She is not a Turk, my Bey. Well, who is she? It’s Irene. Tekfur Yannis’s daughter. Father. Father! Father! Calm down Come to yourself, father. Fa he ! Father! Father. Do something, anything, please! Please, do something Don’t let anything happen to my father. Calm down I am doing whatever is in my power. Father, come to yourself, I am very much afraid. Fathe . Please, father? May God may God be with you My gir… Fathe ! Father! Ah Father! -Father! Please accept my condolences. Father! -Father! Father! Father! Fathe . Father! Fathe . Father, what will I do without you? What will I do without you? Father, don’t do this. father. No No, father, no! Capturing Ertugrul Bey’s son is a great deed, indeed. How did you manage to do this? Lais. if you wish to become a good hunter, you need to. keep your pray in sharp sight and approach it in a sneaky manner. Karabela, are you positive that Ertugrul did not follow you? I am, don’t worry.

What are we going to do with him, Sir? Why did you bring him here? Are we going to kill him and leave him somewhere near the tribe? We will do the worse thing than killing him. If I had left him in the woods… they could have found him. but we need him to stay here till tomorrow. This dagger… will not only bring about his end… but his father’s downfall as well. Tonight I’m going to kill Umur Bey with Gunduz s dagger A Bey, appointed by the State to collect taxes… will be killed in Ertugrul s Ham And with his own son’s dagger, at that. I gave him some drug, so Gunduz will not regain consciousness for a long time. But once he arrives in Sogut… he will be known as the murderer of Umur Bey. All the hel|wi]l^br^aMoosejn S^ogut.) And, amidst that pandemonium, we’re going to take control of everything. Once our swords have been drawn, there is no stopping till we reach our goal Tara! Karabela! You will approach Mikis.

Tara will speak to him in his own way, first. If Mikis refuses to see reason, then… Karabela will deal with him in his way. Now, assign one of our men to follow Gunduz. And send me word as soon as he reaches Sogut. I myself will help llbilge Hatun catch her father’s killer. Let’s go. It’s a dog Bahaddin. Ertugrul Bey said that we’ll learn much, if we keep up with these dogs.. instead of killing them. He turned out to be right. Who knows what else we will learn. Emir Bahaddin… how did those men knew about the chest? How am I supposed to know that? Since only you were aware that the chest left the Palace… the information leaked from you. Fr mu You knew about that, too Maybe someone among you leaked the information. What are you talking about? Don’t you even dare. Don’t move your hand. Be qui t I’ve got another person in my mind. I suspect that man. Who is he? Ertugrul Bey. What’s Ertugrul got to do with this issue? Oh,js that what you think? When Commander Kara Boru… came to the Palace, he was there too. Why*? Moreover . after he left the Palace we learned that he had raided the room where… the documents were kept and killed all the Nokers.

Maybe they were also after that chest… what do you think7 Hulagu Khan, will not forgive any of us, including you! What do you mean, Udur? How am I at fault here9 I personally handed over the chest to Kara Boru, as Hulagu Khan wanted it. I have completed my duty. Do not forget! Kara Boru was killed while in your lands. Listen to me. Sogut has already been thrown into chaos. do you understand me? I sent a letter to Ertugrul Bey in which I duly reprimanded him. And I will talk to the Sultan too Then, we will punish him appropriately within a short time I’ll gather the army and we will swoop down on Ertugrul’s tribe. If you do that, then if the chest is with Ertugrul, we will never see it again. Borgigin is right. You need to settle this matter quietly. It is important to take the chest, the rest will be easy. Now, go and.. get the chest from him, if it’s indeed in his possession And save all us from this huge problem. Let’s finish them off and leave here, Turgut. Our duty will not be over until we find out Hulagu’s personal spy. Be patient. We are almost there. Oguz. You will go out to patrol the river banks along our border.

Take up to forty Alps with you. As you order, my Bey. Dumrul, you will be doing searches within Sogut. You will go from house to house, from shop to shop, check every single one If you find someone… bring him to me, immediately I will interrogate him. As you order, my Bey. Don’t forget! We are not looking only for killers, but… at the same time, we are searching for Gunduz, too. My Bey, there is a letter from Emir Bahaddin. What did he write, my Bey? He learned that Umur Bey was expelled from our tribe. with dagger being put to his throat and that his Alps were killed. And he will send a Commander in order to get to the bottom of the matter The jackals, they are after the blood, my Bey. The Alps of Umuroglus’ have been killed under our very noses. And they want to put the blame on Gunduz, Ertugrul Bey’s son, Lais. Password for this Episdoe is GunduzisnotMurderer. Who could be these men? I do not know anything, Sir Perhaps there was some personal issue between them. Don’t talk nonsense, Lais! Can’t you apply any logic? The Kayis would never carry out such kind of attack… no matter what. Maybe it was done by those rebels who aim to take control of Sogut.

Sir, why would the rebels venture to do such a thing? Don’t you understand anything, Lais? Their aim is to cause disorder in Sogut. And by doing that, they may achieve their goal much easier. Ah We cannot resolve this matter before we find Teokles’ whereabouts. Since… only he has the information necessary to expose the rebels. We are searching the area extensively, Sir. But, we found nothing, as yet. Find him, L is Do whatever you will… but, find him. This is your most important assignment. Please, accept our condolences, my daughter. Th nk you Please, accept my condolences, Evdokya. Thank you, Artuk Bey You can bury your father according to the customs of your religion. And you’re welcome to remain in our tribe for as long as you wish. However, if your wish is to leave… our Alps will escort you to the very place you wish to go, to ensure your safety. ose it would be better if we make a decision about it after… we regain our composure a bit. Besides… Mydaught r My daughter, pull yourself together.

Look, you have a little sister, think about her. You are so kind that. that you were concerned about us and. came to look after us too, in spite of all your problems. I don’t know how we will ever be able to repay your kindness. Would it be possible otherwise? W uld t Evdokya. Your father’s condition was not lethal. Did someone come here apart from you? No, I was at my father’s side all the time. Apart from few times when I went to the well to fetch water. I did not see anyone. I will thoroughly investigate this matter. I’m going to examine the potions in these bottles.

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