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EPISODE 06 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 06 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Not everyone gets to meet our Hadhrat Chief Da’i.It is a great honour.We did good placing them in the dungeon.If they’re spies,they can’t notify their allies.How deep are the linesthat give us knowledge.I would like your knowledge to reach our people.I want your wisdom toreach the hearts and minds We will be able to learn and teach as long as we are protected by the state, my Sultan.and so one can findwhen the sun will rise.The height of the star shows…the exact time, to find the time of midnight, and the morning salah.Maverdi says that the order of the state depends on six things…religion, the Sultan, justice, security, welfare, and future.Where do you think the Sultan’s power stands among all these things?What do you think?Sultan’s throne stands upon justice, security, welfare, and future.And those things depend on the true faith of the people.As these things are strengthened, Sultan’s power increases.As these are neglected…the Sultan’s power will be weakened.

When the Sultans take the throne…they do not take anoath to rule the world…they take anoath to serve Allah.May Allah keep us on the right path.Many-ulema told me abouthow to be a good ruler.How do you think a ruler shall be?The ruler is like the sun.The light of his justiceshines on the realm.He is like fire.He burns awak thetreacherous and the evil.He is like water.He is soft against the good, he is compassionate to the innocent.He is peace upon good hearts.He is the son of our martyr.Ourvcompassion, the gift of Allah, has found the son of Yalman.From now on, teach himthe ways of knowledge.State is the shade thatprotects the child.It is the will that keeps the cause of his martyr father alive.May Allah keep your state alive, my Sultan.May Allah keep you as our companion on this cause.They suspect us.How did we accept such a task?How?!You found where they are.We shall attack them!How can we kill an innocent man?How?We had to agree to reach Chief Da’i.Or they would be certainthat we are spies.Even if we could save our lives, we would have never gotten the holy artifacts.What will we do about Ghazali?We must send word to Nizamulmulk.How can we do that?

Men stand guard at the door.We are surrounded.We must find a way.Sencer?What is it?As I said, if my father asks, tell him I went to get medicine for the sickhouse.Turna!What happened, daughter?You saddled your horse.Are you going somewhere?I was going to preparemedicine for the sickhouse.I checked the place on my way.They had everything they needed.Hadhrat Emir. We have an envoy from the Queli castleHe’d like to meet you.Queli Castle?What business would they have with us, father?We all know they arethe enemies of Seljuks.Let him come and we will meet.Then we’ll know what he wants.Emir llteber. I bring kind regards from the Commander of Queli Castle Thanks.But… we have no dealings with Queli Castle.Why does he want our friendship?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Commerce, Emir llteber.Commerce.You have goods that we want.We have gold to pay.No reason we can’t be friends.This beautiful lady mustbe your stablehand.Can I leave my horse with her?Stablehand would fityou better as a title.I am his daughter.I am sorry, Miss.But when I saw you with the horse…It’s apparent you’ve never encountered a Turk girl who rides and shoots before.No, I haven’t.I advise you not to.It seems you need toknow this land better.Come in, we’ll talk more inside.You must come, daughter.You are my heir.You should learn howto conduct business.What are you doing, Sencer?Rainwater.They move it through here so that the district doesn’t get flooded.It’s clean, itleads to the <What good will that do?This is our only hope, Arslantas.We will notifyNizamulmulk through here.Let’s say we did.Who will take it there?Someone who mends wounds.Even if you are at peace with the Seljuks, your enmity towards them is known.And I am allied with them.This is a matter of politics as much as it is a matter of commerce.Of course.

We offer our friendship.Emir llteberthis is an offer of alliance…as much as it isan offer of trade.The Byzantine Empire will support you not only with gold, but with everything you need.What do you say, daughter?We shall do as you see fit, father.Come in.Hadhrat Emirthere is a sick boy in the sickhouse.They expe,ct Turna Hatun.His condition is serious.Well, her mind is onthe sickhouse anyway.You may go.What is your answer?We are connected withSeljuks through an agreement.It is our right to make a deal with those who are cordial to us.From now on…the Byzantine Empirewill be our trade partner.We are happy tohear, Emir llteber.Yiou are my final hope, Turna.We must close thishole, quickly.It is time for your mission.Tomorrow evening, come to the riverside.I’ll wait for you there.Purification has madesteel out of you.

I see the love of the cause in your fiery eyes.May you turn Ghazali into ashes with your fire.This arrow will not miss its target.As long as your aim is right.Don’t worry.My arrows never miss their target.When the time comesit knows where to strike.Don’t worry that your friend will leave the cell when Ghazali is dead.More importantly…you will meet our Chief Da’i.Two of our fida’iwill be with you.They will help you if the need arises.Go.We expect a victory washed in blood.If you want to donate for us continue to translate Uyanis, you can find the donation link at description.

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