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EPISODE 08 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 08 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They made the fuse long to run away, Ilyas!Aga Reis, you see the Cafer’s lions?Kill them! What are you waiting for, you idiots!I have no intention to let you go for now, Cafer.I’ll kill you!You are all going to the warehouse!I won’t be defeated by you this time.Not this time.Cafer!Even if we mix all the lands of Alexandria with the waters of the seas……we can’t make a mud like you!Yareli, take this door down.Make way.You are right, Oruc.I made the fuse long.I’m tired of this.If I die, you will die, too!This story will end here.Ilyas! Cover me!Cafer says he is out of patience.Stop there! Why are you that ambitious to play with fire?It is over, Oruc.

It is enough for now, Cafer.There is still time for Hz.Azrael to meet us.For now.You are out of luck, brothers.Cafer is in the back.Tie the ones who are alive.You saved our lives. Thank you.What was their problem? Pillage?You know I talked about a secret to you.You know I talked about a secret to you.That is their problem.What do you mean?For what reason I want to solve the book with me……they are after it for the same reason.But we want it for good……and they want it for cruelty.I won’t let them take it even if it will cost my life.You obviously took all the world on.

We’ll give him to his true owner.If Sahin Bey gives the right answer for the question, …we won’t be enemies from now on.EyvAllah.Sahin Bey.I’m not asking if you’re involved in this matter Cafer set up.I have only one question.If you have regretted what you did, this will stay between us.I’m not afraid of anything, Oruc.And it’s not there will be sweet things between us now.Though we’re not enemies, we are rivals.What do you mean Oruc survived?How?Just as our men were about to kill him, …someone came for help in the lasFminute.Oruc is heading to Alexandria now.I created you.While you were you nothing, I gave you power to take revenge.And I wanted only one thing from you. Killing Oruc.And you failed to do that.Streets are full of people like you, Antuan.

There won’t be the same mistake again.You know what is the best thing you can do for me right now?Getting out of my sight. Get out!Come, brother.Is your heart still cold to me?Gather everyone and take them home.So we can talk in peace there.Brother, I don’t want to break your peace. But can we talk about a matter of mine some time?-EyvAllah. We can.-Brother Hizir.Is there a trouble? Just give us the good news.Let those crazy men smarten up, my Allah!See?

You understand me when you get older.Gulletopuk, is the entrustment ready?Let’s go.What do you think you are doing, Oruc?Delivering the dog to its owner.If you send this dog over me again, I won’t forgive two of you.Why would I send this idiot over you?-Are you crazy?-Sir, I told him but…You think I’m a little kid?You should consider a hundred times while laying.a trap for Baba Oruc.Otherwise, I will ruin those traps in such a way that… won’t be able to survive.How are you going to survive the debris that you stayed under?Have you considered that, Oruc?

Where is our ship?Don’t worry.I will pay the cost.If you don’t pay your debtI will make these seas unbearable for you.And you won’t be able to sail even a boat, Oruc.I will pay my debt for sure.Then I’ll make these seas unbearable for you and those who hold your leash.-Is the swordfish fresh?-We just put it here.-It has fat meat.-Fine.Send it to our inn.

I hope it’s fresh as you said.Baba Oruc will eat it tonight.I gave the most delicious fish here for Baba Oruc. Enjoy it.Happy for you. Oruc is back.I hope you are ashamed of what you told me.Why would I be ashamed?Aren’t you the puppet of those who left Oruc to death?You’ll never learn your lesson.Until you get completely get far away from me and Oruc, …I will be your nightmare, Isabelle.You can only lose your mind with these attitudes.And everyone else will be okay.If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on Give me centaury and common marigold, herbalist.I’ll prepare a cure for my brother. Give me the good ones.No bad tricks here. Don’t worry.How much do you want?

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