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EPISODE 10 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 10 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. I would like to take Ertugrul’s head, more then you. However, there is time for everything. He will raze our reputation to the ground, in front of everyone. As if killing^our Alps was not enough fcan’t put up with that, anymore. Sancar, don’t act foolishly The matter is serious. This is the time to act with wisdom. Ertugrul said that tomorrow at the Council of Bey… he will give his verdict regarding you and the tribe, don’t you understand? It doesn’t suit us to hold ourselves back, father. We can’t give in to his threats. In the morning, Bahadir Bey will convene the Council in his forefathers’ tent. Bahadir Bey will then attend Ertugrul’s Council as… the Bey of now united tribes of Qavdars. Then, he may give his judgment taking that into consideration. Ah Sancar ah. Your brain doesn’t work even half as much as my wife’s. Do you think I’m going to swallow all that Ertugrul did, ha? Let him pretend to be the ruler, for now.

When the time comes, I will be the one to give the real verdict. Is there permission, Bahadir Bey? Come in, Kirca. Aslihan Hatun wants to see you in her tent, along with the other Bey’s, Bahadir Bey. What is this brazenfaced woman pursuing now again? Let me go and see. You’ll be very useful to us, you rascal You’re going to confess everything. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Please, take a seat, Bahadir Bey. I’m consulting on a matter with my Beys. I wanted you to take part in it, too. What is it, Aslihan Hatun? What is the reason for this consultation without my knowledge? I have things to say regarding the Council, Bahadir Bey. I have postponed our tribe’s Council for Beylick. .. by the decree of our Ertugrul Bey. When the rest of your tribe arrives, the Beys of two brotherly tribes will… come together to elect the new Qavdar Bey. You don’t have the right or the power enough to do that, Aslihan Hatun. You’ve humiliated Qavdars enough so far, by riding on Ertugrul’s tail. I will not allow this anymore.

In the morning, a Council for Beylick will be assembled. You cowards. What does this mean, Bahadir Bey… will you rebel against me, too? Are you going to stab me, too? I heard that today, you rebelled against our Bey of Principality… along with your son and your Alps and you drew a sword against him. You’ve wasted two of your Alps because your anger. You still have the nerve to face me, to think that I’ll submit my tribe to you. However, you’re fooling yourself. Let’s see what our Ertugrul Bey’s verdict about you will be, then… we can decide together what to do, according to that. Together with Beys, I have decided to gather the Council. What right Ertugrul Bey has to interfere with our Council? Ertugrul Bey is not only the Bey of Principality, Bahadir Bey.

Ertugrul Bey is such a valiant who protected our tribe’s honor . and he sacrificed many martyrs on this path. Don’t put us in a position that we have to choose between the two of you. For, you would lose. Whatever our Ertugrul Bey says, that’s how it will be. Those who don’t like my decision may leave my tent. Sooner or later this Council will be held. My tribe will settle here. And, I will be the Bey of all Qavdars. Conspiring with Ertugrul you won’t be able to bar me from my tribe. Now, all Beys who trust in me may leave here with me.

Those who stay behind, may they be ashamed of themselves. Is there permission, mother? Please, come in. son. Come here. My moth r The light of my eye My son. the lion of the great mountains. Give me your blessings, mother. Ever since I came, I have not yet fulfilled my longing for you. I’d give my life for even a hair on your head. Son, you are our only assurance. It’s enough that you lead us. You have returned and it’s enough for me. What are these, mother? These are yours, Dundar’s and… your older brothers’ first hats (bork). I sewed them by my own hands. Your older brothers separated from us. You sent Dundar out of the tribe, too My heart is shattered. I love to look at those, it’s as if all of you are here. Mother, Dundar is still green. He needs to mature I did what was necessary. He will learn that his Beylik and his actions related to it, come at a price I would like that Dundar realizes his mistake, mother. When he does that, I will bring him back to the tribe. When he comes back, I will assign him an important task, so… he could prove to me that he have matured. You are right, son. May Allah be pleased with you. Come closer,

Marya. Sir You didn’t get a wink of sleep for days. I fear that the anger within you will bring you harm. Would you take a bit of rest? Ertugrul have come back, Marya. He killed Ares’s sleep. There is no peace for me until Ertugrul is dead. Is it that ominous man again? Everything happened because of him My brother died because of him too. As the darkness of night merge into the sunshine of the day. . a man never knows what to do. I can’t let my guard down even for a moment, Marya. There’s no peace for me until I kill Ertugrul with his own sword. Got it? No one can harm.. such a powerful man as you, Sir. Not even Ertugrul. Your enemies are afraid of you What is it7 Sir, we’ve found the bodies of two soldiers within the Castle. What9 6uiam pa||i>| oMM We do not know, sir. We could not find any trace What does it mean ‘we do not know’? You idiot sod! Is there any good use of you? Turn the Castle upside down. Find those who did it Until you find them, there’s no sleep for any of you. Now get the hell out of here As you order. Ertugrul what if he knows that I was the one who set him up? What if he’s playing tricks on me? The door! Considering that Ertugrul has returned to his tribe.. we may expect that our Sultan will call me to Konya, soon. We cannot leave these lands unattended. First thing tomorrow, we will go to Ares. As you order, Blessed Emir. Ertugrul Bey has sent messages to the Beys of other tribes. regarding tomorrow’s Council at the Hanli Bazaar. Obviously, he would rely on their support and will seek revenge.

We need to keep our front steady too Ertugrul will do whatever he can to solve this trap issue. Then he will conquer the Castle on our Sultan’s order We cannot leave this treasure to him. When he finds out that Ares is the one who set him up then… he will solve all the nodes And learn about Ekaterina. and you too It’s still curved. I’ve worked so hard on it but it’s still curved. A curve arrow would not reach its target. That means I should not even bother with it. I worked so hard too, to get Ertugrul to my side. But, he always swam against the tide. He was always an obstacle on my pathway to achieve my goal. But, I’ll do whatever it takes to unable him and if I need to ally with… whoever is there, it doesn’t matter who he is, I’ll do it. If I need to leave these lands, then… I will clip his wings, by all means. So, it was like that, my Halime. I escaped from both… the slave traders and from perfidious men’s entrapments. and I have returned to my tribe, at long last.

I’m finally reunited with you. You lived through so much misery, Ertugrul. How did you endure all that suffering? I took refuge in Allah (SWT) and.. I kept thinking about my cause, my tribe, my children and about you, my Halime. By Allah’s will I have been granted some more time to spend with you in this lifetime, to. see my children grow up and to carry on with our cause. May Allah add more life time to your life, Ertugrul and. may He not leave us without you ever again. We saw firsthand what would happen if you were not in charge. Now, everything is over I m in back in charge of our tribe, with you and my sons by my side. Tomorrow, to honour my return, I’ll have a great Council, at the Hanli Bazaar The Beys from all the tribes in the vicinity will attend.

You and my mother will be there, as well. We will establish such a Council, that will be worthy of us. Friend and enemy alike will see that we are in unity and harmony. Deh! Deh’ Deh Deh! Turgut, take precautions. Surround him Are you a person or are you a Jinn? Uncover your face! Or I will cut you with my sword. Tell us then, who you are? As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my Ertugrul Bey. Wa alaykumu as-salam (and peace be upon you too), Atsiz. And, who Atsiz might be, my Bey? What is it9 I’ve got some important news for you. I’ve caught one of those who ambushed us, on the road. There are things he is willing to tell you. Where is he? Follow me Come on Alps, let’s follow him. Who is this, Artuk Bey? He is obviously one of the assistants of Khidr, Turgut Alp. [Khidr- the servant of Allah, Qur’an, 18:65]. You’re telling me about your State authority, your power, and of gold, but… you cannot even deal with one Bey of Principality. Ertugrul cut you down to size at the Han, in front of everyone. Once upon a time, I played another, equally good game of chess, right here. Then, there was Commander Vasilius facing me. And he said the same words that you just voiced. But he didn’t give due respect to my words. Soon after, Ertugrul took his life.

Be careful, so the same thing may not happen to you too. Know that I have tolerated you for the sake of peace between us and… for our partnership in the Han, Emir Sadeddin. How very generous of you. I know it was you who set a trap for Ertugrul and killed his Alps. it i wanted to take your neaorana your oastie, I have a Shah (the King) ready for that. [from Arabic “Shah mat” “You king is dead”]. You can never prove it, Emir Sadeddin. How did you get that scar on your back? Has it healed? You know, that wound which you were dealt by Ertugrul’s Alp Bamsi… on the site of the ambush. Emir Sadeddin to make it possible for me to set a trap for Ertugrul. you were the one who sent that letter to Ekaterina… and if you think that I don’t know about that, then you’re wrong. Your seal was not stamped at the bottom. But it was brimming with your anger. If you’ll allow me, I will give you a piece of advice. Password for this Episode is PrincipalityDress. watch and Enjoy! Thank you!

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