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EPISODE 11 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 11 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Since he caught you red-handed in the castle. And MelikShah will pay for this.You will not be able to do this.WhyBecause the blind cannot see.We must leave before any more men shows up. Let’s go!Where do you think you’re going, you infidel?Give us what belongs to us…..and then we will send you to hell.Don’t be so sure of that.You arrived just in time.Are the horses ready? -Yes, Commander Yorgos.Good.Constantinople awaits.Let’s move.Our gift to the Emperor cannot wait.The day has dawned, we must be quick, move!Go after them, quick!Bring the horses, move!Go after them!MoveRustem?

What happened to you?Yorgos……just as I was taking the holy artifacts from him, his men showed up.Our fida’i are with the Great Imam, now.I barely escaped withmy life.That damned infidel.This attack on our fida’i and you will not go unpunished.Which way did they go?They went west.He’s taking the artifacts to Constantinople.We will go after them.You shall follow us with the others from behind.What about Sencer?We don’t know what happened in the castle.What if he goes after them after he leaves the castle?Even if he could leave the castle, he will be caught by our trap waiting for him.Move, move!SbDoubt……besets a soul like a maggot that burrows inside a tree….besets a soul like a maggot that burrows inside a tree.Once it takes hold inside a human’s mind……it rots from within.

The soul becomes a slave to it. • The cradle you saw in that old house?If MelikShah has another son.’…..that would mean……there is another claimant on the throne.Berkyaruk and Tapar are also claimants.Berkyaruk and Tapar are also claimants.We already know about them.When the time comes, we know what we must do to take the throne from them.But a sudden claimant would……completely destroy our plans.We can only find out about the child by looking into Bashulu.We must find out……whether she died or not……and whether she gave birth to a^ child or. not.The tax records of the Seljuks would help us with this.T,fe<ws’iJ;®wtrb®?W^lWrSWiWlksWe can check everyone named Bashulu, we can then investigate all of them.Look into this, TaculMulk.s ‘oM ‘-dElcirT…Where did this come from?The Batini……they are after the holy artifacts, too.They died fighting Yorgos.The tracks lead west, to Constantinople.Balaban.Send word to the border soldiers.They changed their symbol from a dual dagger to a single dagger.They must be setting up a new order.Let’s get the holy artifacts.Then we’ll destroy them nevertheless.Ydur horses are tied in the forest.Let the Sultan know that we have managed to leave the castle.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

They have taken the holy artifacts. We are after them.There may be more Batini on the way. Be careful.They may find Yorgos and take the holy artifacts.We must find Yorgos before them.Let’s move.Elcin Hatun..It’s obvious you hate being unchained.Why would you return to the palace, knowing you would be imprisoned here, otherwise?Is there a chain worse than the evil that surrounds the heart……is there captivity worse than the threat’of cruelty?Even in a palace, one would feel left in the dungeon.Under the pretense of innocence, you tried to free your brother.Now I wonder why you’re back.As an ally of Sultan MelikShah against the traitors among us.From now on, those who betray the Seljuks, will find me standing by him in his fight.If you’d like to help us continue translating Uyanis, you can find the donation link in the description.:: Kay iFamily.comEven if an ant loses its breadcrumb as result of some injustice, we are responsible.

Send a committee to find out about these -orders the people are complaining about.Yes, my Sultan.My Sultan, Elcin Hatun would like to see you.My Sultan, as I promised you, I have found the traitor among us.Someone surely holds his leash.But he resists telling us.I am certain he will tell you.Who ordered you to betray us?Who holds your leash.Nobody, my Sultan.I listened to Shaitan.I made a mistake.You shake like the coward you are before me, you traitor.You do not have the competence to plan such treachery on your own.Forgive me, my Sultan!Speak! Who gave you the order?Speak, traitor!Kasim, the ruler of Anatolia.What are you saying?How can Kasim betray us like this?He planned the attack on Melik Tapar and Elcin Hatun together with Andreas.They were there during the fight.Just when they were about to get involved, you showed up.It wasn’t enough that he betrayed us……now he dares to betray you, that dog!He must have decided to seek revenge when he didn’t get to marry into the dynasty.I should have taken his head, instead of giving him a warning.

Take this traitor away.Take his head.My Sultan, please, don’t!My Sultan, please, have mercy!I told you everything I know, my Sultan, please!My Sultan, for the sake of Allah, please, have mercy, my Sultan!In Anatolia, Emirbozan can catch Kasim quickly.Send word to hHe shall take Kasim’s head for us.Yes my Sultan.1These horses won’t make it to Constantinople.Commander Andreas told us a friend of us would be waiting at the inn.Come on, faster!There is an inn up ahead.They wil stop by there.I know a shortcut.Let’s move.<•*. 1We would not have liked to grow distant because of tricks and plots, Elcin Hatun.We are pleased to hear that you have pledged loyalty to us.I have pledged loyalty to the righteous cause of the Seljuks.And I have pledged loyalty to Sultan MelikShah.You have answered my loyalty with your trust.For that, I am grateful to you.

This thumb ring, I present to you again, as assurance for my words.Elcin Hatun will be a guest at our table tonight.6r;VThe chefs shall prepare, and you shall plan the meal.Yes, my Sultan.My Sultan, our spies around the Queli Castle have sent word to us.Sencer has left the castle.He is stillafter the holy artifacts.My Sultan, we shall be cautious.As you know, Sencer may be attacked on the way.If you’ll allow me, I’ll also go after the artifacts.No need, Sencer will succeed.He will bring back the holy artifacts as he promised.We only need to send word to the border guards in the location.Yes, my Sultan.Hasan Sabbah!

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