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EPISODE 13 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 13 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. -Akca Hatun.-Shut up!Alpagut.Let Alparslan Bey go.Maria! Maria!What do you think you are doing?-You traitor!-Don’t take another step!No one come closer!-Maria, leave Tekfur! Have you gone mad?-Everyone calms down!Alpagut, you also calm down.Maria.Drop that dagger right away.If you want to leave here alive, leave Tekfur now.You are the ones who should take Alparslan out of the castle, if you want the Tekfur to live!For the love of God! We are in the church.In the house of God!You’ve raised a snake in your bosom for years Tekfur Kekavmenos.Maria, you will pay for this.

I will make you pay for all t-he things you’ve done one by one!If you want to live in order to punish me, order Alpagut to let Alparslan go. Now!I won’t say it again.Alpagut! Leave him!First, Maria should leave you, sir, or I won’t leave him.Everyone go outside.Everyone go outside.We are going to the castle gates together.Stop!Listen to me carefully now.Until we get rid of this traitor besid’e me.-., …no one harms a hair on Alparslan’s head.You understand me?Move!-Sir!-Everyone keeps their position! Don’t get closer-!Uncle!Don’t get closer!Don’t worry. He will be fine; Akca.Alpagut, I told you. Don’t try to stop me.Your revenge and anger have made you blind.

The one, who is blind is not Kekavmenos. It’s you.-Now, listen to me carefully.-Alpagut!If you value me at all…after all the years we’ve spent together……listen to what I say.You should leave here alive and without harming the order we established for our cause.If you follow exactly what I say, Kekavmenos will trust you more than ever.I don’t want Kekavmenos to trust me more than ever, I want him dead, you got it?You just want to calm your heart down.You think they will let you live, when you kill Kekavmenos, huh?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Let’s say you are able to su7\4iMe. ~x’ ■ *** Who dp you think will replace Kekavmenos, when he dies, huh?Someone, with whom we can never be close as we were to him, Diyojen!Or, Dukas!Think about the rest, if you want.Alparslan has a plan.-What is it?-He will come to the castle to take you.I have the night watch.I will reduce the number of soldiers on Simal Wall to two.And when the bells starts to ring for the evening prayer…I never hurt you, father.I have to do this to make Alparslan trust me.I will tell you everything.

Trust me.Open the gates.Open the gates.Don’t try to make a moveBUST CMiPLiK SAPA7IWhat are saying, Erriir Bozan?Your loyal friend’ Meymun!Meymun was your aide!Are you sure he is Natik?Meymun was my right arm.I trusted him without suspicion.But doesn’t the burn of disorder burn best in-the shadow of trust?I was careless.

I couldn’t see.Forgive me, my Sultan.The events show that Meymun is Natik.You know your brother, Alparslan’s attitude about Natik, my Sultan.And he is not wrong.He is not wrong.Excuse me,

but Alparslan Bey is a bit impulsive.He will br going to ask Natik from Byzantina.And if they don’t give him, he will do something unpredictable, endanger himself……and put Seljuk in a tough position.But if we go ahead of him and take Natik……neither Alparslan Bey, Seljuk, nor Ghazna state will be in a tough position.You are right, Emir Bozan.Go and take that faithless dog before my brother does.As you command my Sultan.Don’t!Look how we look in front of the soldiers and people! Outrageous!Open the gates!We are here.We will go to the forest like this. No one will follow us.-Sir?-Diyojen.No one will follow.Alpagut, be careful.Come on, we are at the forest.Come on, we are at the forest.We will let go at the same time.Are you okay, sir?

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