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EPISODE 15 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 15 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Just see what these Mongol whelps have done, my Bey. They doubled the taxes and have robbed the poor people blind. All of this was earned by the sweat of the people’s brow. Taking this gold to the Mongols is an affront to me, my Bey. May it stick in their craw, brother, may it stick in their craw Since both, the Mongols and their associates are plotting how to suffocate all of us… we cannot risk and play into their hands. If so, the people wouldn’t only be deprived of gold, but there would be no breath of life left in them. Praise be to Allah, the order we have set up is very productive. Somehow or other, people will make profit again But of course, we have some work to do to survive these days.. so that our order is not jeopardized. Did you send word to Beybolat, Artuk Bey? We did, my Bey. We informed him that he was invited to dinner tonight in your tent My Bey, we will deliver this gold to Beybolat… however, what concerns me is whether they will be able… to take this gold safely to Konya. You are right. Artuk Bey.

That notion preys on my mind too. Let Beybolat come tonight, then I’ll make up my mind after I talk to him. Protect these chests well. Until the final delivery, we are responsible for people’s hard labor. As you order, my Bey As you order, my Bey. We’ve been under hard pressure. But finally we’ve set up our tribe, with honor and dignity. Great trees, with broad shades and lush foliage! Like your roots and dense branches, we will spread our roots and grow our branches in this land, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Let me pour you some sherbet, my Bey Praise be to Allah, my Bey. We set up our homes beneath the tall trees, once again Our ancestors didn’t choose to settle in the woods for nothing, Yinal. Besides, in the case of attack, the threes would shield us. So. I guess, they cannot shield you that well, brother Sirma! They couldn’t protect you from my arrow. Hey, my quick and agile sister. Who can find shelter from your arrow, fast as a lightning bolt? Welcome here. Glad to be here. Welcome, my little sister. What happened, sister? It’s nothing really, I hurt it when we were setting up our tents. My gorgeous sister, I miss you so much. I’m delighted to see you. Praise be to Allah, for bringing us together. Where is the rest of your tribe? The wolves’ front runner comes first And the rest of the tribe is coming behind. Hey, Masha Allah. You came just on time. We just mounted our symbol up there, and wanted to set foot in our state tent, with a blessing. Let s do it then, brother. For such a long time we haven t been together in the same tent. And we can bring each other up-to-date on what was going on The symbol of manliness, courage and freedom in our homeland of great trees. . is the head of a battering ram. May Allah bestow prosperity on our tent and our tribe

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate], Lais… apparently by his execution in the Sogut’s square, Ertugrul wanted to intimidate us. However, I take delights in such brutal wars. But at the end of the day. I am always the winner. Sir, if matters continue like this, it may come to light that you’re actually Dragos. We need to take precautions. Tara. I already figured out at the start what came to your mind now, Tara. The precautions are already in place. What kind of9 Even you’ll be surprised when you find out, Tara This game will be a very long and a very bloody one. Now we are going to spring into a new action. Is there any word from Uranos? He s about to arrive at the fortress any time now. Excellent. Excellent. Stand up. I’m Commander Uranos. By the order of our Emperor, the new Commander of the Lefke fortress is me now. Sir, the fortress assets and revenues.. May these revenues go to Hell! I’m not here to train the Knights and to count gold… I’m here to take revenge and to fight! I ve heard what has befallen Commander Lais. That Turk, by the name ofErtugrul. has taken his head in the Sogut’s square. Do you realize what this means? Our dishonor! And, in the face of this outrage, the very men who… were supposedly loyal to him haven’t done anything We remained faithful to him until his last breath. We did all we could. Nevertheless, I won t be content with that kind of loyalty.

There will have to be more of it. What kind? You! What would you do for me? Prove your loyalty to me. See, that’s the kind of loyalty I was talking about. Did you understand, Commande ? We are going into a bloody war against the Turks. And, we will have some friends that will aid us in that war. We have plenty of soldiers. But, if needs be, we can call in reinforcements from Constantinople. We have no need for these men, Commander Uranos. Yes. these men should leave our fortress at once. The first requirement of loyalty is to carry out orders without questions But neither of you are doing that. And I dislike my orders being questioned. We are now all by ourselves. This fortress now belongs to those of us who are left. There is neither the Emperor, nor anyone else! Who do you owe your loyalty to? Until we die, Commander Dragos Until we die, Commander Dragos! So, the man called Dragos was behind everything. We have set up our tribe. And when the rest of them arrive we will be even stronger. In shaa Allah. – In shaa Allah. Brother, would you take me to visit our father’s grave tomorrow. I want to lay my hands on the soil that covers him and send my prayers. We are taking to the road, tomorrow. We are going to take the taxes we collected to Konya. Well, then. My sister may take me. Your sister will accompany me to Konya. What’s going on? Why are you taking my sister, too? It’s all for an auspicious cause. I’m going to marry llbilge to Emir Bahaddin. What do you have to say on this matter? I have already said all that was necessary. Is there need for your sister to say anything at all? If I said that she would marry, that’s how it will be. This matter is settled. It’s not, brother. You have the authority over the tribe and the state tent. But not over my heart. I will not become the hatun of Emir Bahaddin. for password scroll down!

Your marriage to Emir Bahaddin will add power to our tribe. He’s an Emir of our State. And an unexpected bird of luck has landed on us, I said. Why are you being so obstinate? And I said. I’d break the wings and legs of such a bird of luck and throw it away. And I’m not going to back down on this. Just so you know! Then I will rip out that unwilling heart of yours, I will, llbilge. This is not a matter of the heart, it’s a matter of common sense. When, as the hatun of one Emir, you become… a member of the court, and the State’s blessings spread before you… you will be grateful to me. Come to your senses. Don’t infuriate me. I won’t sacrifice my mind in a marriage to that sad excuse of an Emir. And to end up in the Palace? My Palace is this glorious tent. My Palace is the steppes where I gallop astride my horse. Do you think you can throw dust in my eyes with your words? I don t want it. You’d better be thinking about our tribe’s future, not about yourself. And for the sake of our tribe’s future, you will marry the Emir. That way, we would acquire more authority.

And become more powerful. We, as nomads, will be like a State itself. You want to rise up in the eyes of that Emir. And you want to use me to that end. To attain the power, strength and authority… you would use your sister as a bribe. Brother! Your insolence has gone well beyond what is tolerable, now. I will not have anyone say that I, the great Beybolat… could not make my sister do what she is told. And I won’t allow this bird of luck that has landed on us to fly away. We will take to the road tomorrow. I’m going to deliver taxes to him. and you are going to become the Emir Bahaddin’s hatun. Brother… I wish that you didn t push her so… -Dor» Don’t tell me what to do! I should have done even more. Or else, she wouldn’t come to her senses. Now go. And, talk to her.

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