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EPISODE 17 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 17 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Your time is up, Karabay.Your time is up, Karabay.You will pay the price for not stopping the siege with your life.Do something, KarabayKarabay.If you don’t stop the siege……we’ll have them all killed and leave them on you.Lower your swords.I’ll stop the siege.They are coming with us.You will give the order to your soldiers first.Yareli, prepare the boats.As you command, Hizir Reis.Come on.As they say…Don’t kill the dog, scare it.Don’t kill the dog, scare it.Get up.Mr®ve.Finally, Oruc died under our swords.From now on, all the things he had in Alexandria will be mine.

The wolf pack lost their leader.His men will not be dangerous as they used to be now.I see you had really precious friends here, Pietro.But the Christian leaders still see you as enemy.Antuan went to put our ship into a suitable coast.After we take the Christian representative, we will leave here.Midilli is still under siege by my soldiers.I will also join the siege with my ships waiting in Crete.Oruc is not also here anymore.No one can stop us.Midilli will be first place, which will be conquered by the great unity of crusaders.But I have something important to do before that.Where are you going?There is someone waiting for me.I am late enough.

I am going to handle it.Hizir Reis.-Hizir Reis.-What is up, Yareli? What is wrong?Black earth has come down on us!The world has turned to hell for us now.What happened Yareli?Tell me.Oruc Reis.Our Oruc Reis was ambushed.The knights of Rhodes……they martyrized……all our levents.My Oruc Aga…I am so sorry, Hizir.¥>I •You both call me here and don’t show up.I am under suspicion because of you anyway.I can’t wait for you any longer.Pietro.He is at where Meryem came from.What is he doing there?

I am late.I am late!She must have returned because I am late!I will get you back Maria.Under the bells of victory, we will enter Kalymnos together.Now you joined the caravan of martyrs, huh Horozcu?How are we going to bury you now?Didn’t you promise to not die before we rule’ the seas?Is this how you honor your promise?Get up!1You did it once! Get up!Get up! A levent wouldn’t leave without keeping his promise!It’s now our duty……to keep the given promises, and take his revenge!He is with Father Oruc now, in the place of shahada.These are what’s left from Oruc Aga.

My Oruc. My lion.Great Oruc Reis wouldn’t leave his sword back and go!There are poor people waiting for hope in Lesbos!Oruc Reis would not leave those people alone!You were going to cleanse the seas off of the infidels!Didn’t you say that and sail to the sea years ago?Come and set sail again my Oruc, my lion.Your Aga wouldn’t be offended by your actions. I did not get offended because you set sail to the seas.Agas wouldn’t be offended by their brothers.I will hug you my Oruc, I will hug you tightly.I will hug you my Oruc, I will hug you tightly.Agas wouldn’t be offended by their brothers.And brothers would leave their Agas. Come back my Oruc.Come back!Oruc come back!My Aga stop.-Oruc!-My Aga!Oruc!My Aga stop!Oruc!My Aga stop!Oruc!Ishak!Come to your senses!

You are the eldest one! Gather yourself!I lost two sons.Oruc has become the third one.Just we are going to bury Oruc……we will bury our pain into our heart, too.We can’t make the enemies laugh at us.It’s time for burial.Where is Oruc Aga’s body, Ilyas?They have taken the burned ones to hospital.Their identitieswill be determined.Peace and blessings be upon you…O Messenger of AllahPeace and blessings be upon you…O beloved of Allah.Peace and blessings be upon you…O prophet of AllahPeace and blessings be upon you…Peace and blessings be upon you…O Lord of the past and the future.

O Lard ®fthe past and the future.Hello. -Hello.Fill the whole basket.Alright.Praise is only to Allah, the Rabb of the world.From the province of Lebos, Son of Siphai Yakup, Oruc has passes away.He will be buried following the mid-afternoon prayer, in the Mosque of Alexandria.Allah bless his soul.From the province of Lebos, Son of Siphai Yakup, Oruc has passes away.He will be buried following the mid-afternoon prayer, in the Mosque of Alexandria.Allah bless his soul.Oruc’s dead.Did he say Oruc?Did you hear it?

He didn’t say Oruc right?Did I hear that wrong? I did, right?Did I hear that wrong? I did, right?He didn’t say Oruc right?Isabel.Isabel.You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What happened?Me rye m.Meryem.He didn’t say Oruc right?Oruc is not dead right?What are you saying Isabel?I heard him wrong, right?He’s not dead right?Aunt Huma.Please tell me it’s not true.Oruc is not dead right?May he rest in peace my girl.

What’s left of him is his sword…..and this burned handkerchief.Don’t cry anymore.Isabel.Get up Levents.The death of Aga Reis and our Levents made the infidels happy.But we’ll turn their feast day into hell.The leader of the infidels is at the emirate!They work with the Rhodes soldiers who attacked us.They have our blood on their hands, too.We’ll take revenge before our martyrs are buried.If you want revenge, follow me.Is everything ready?Yes, my bey.I hope you put in clothes, food, everything.

We did, my bey.And a sack of gold for each.We did, my bey. We put it all in.Good, well done.Well done.Now, go. Give all of these to the families of the martyrs.Tell them “Sahbaz Bey sends his regards.””Oruc is dead.””But Sahbaz Bey will look after all of you.”We’ll seize everything that once belonged to him.This is disgraceful!What is disgraceful, brother?Looking after the families of martyrs?What you’re doing is not looking after them. It’s circling like a vulture.He is not even buried yet.

Does it suit us to go after what he left behind?Brother.I told you I’m running out of patience.Why don’t you understand?If you like them this much, call them your brother instead of me.You’ll turn your friends into foes because of your greed anyway.Listen.My father, Kilic Bey……named you Sahbaz.The great eagle.And what do you do?You go at a corpse like vultures do.But…..I am Sahin, the son of Kilic.I won’t let you tarnish my father’s name.I won’t become a vulture.You should know that.Ilyas said this is Oruc Bey.You should also confirm to be sure, Hizir Reis.Stay strong, Hizir.What did they do to my aga…

I can’t even look at his face one last time.I never thought I’d see you like this, my aga.I never thought that’d happen…Do you know how you can identify him?He was…..shot by a bullet.And they shot an arrow to his leg.I can tell by the wounds.What is it, Hizir?This isn’t my aga.How so?This isn’t his body.There isn’t a bullet wound……or the trace of an arrow.There must be a mix up.Let’s examine the others.

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Rania Arshad
Rania Arshad
May 10, 2022

Barbaroslar ki episode 17 b nai ha aur episode 24 tk nai hain please upload kar dain

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