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EPISODE 17 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 17 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Release him, Beybolat Bey This is my order! Everyone go outside. I want to talk to him in private. I will stay here, too Everyone out, I said. Beybolat Bey I’m the one here whose father has been killed. . I’m the one whose sister was abducted! Anything to be discussed ought to be discussed with me, to begin with! Don’t overstep your bounds. Beybolat Bey! Ilbilge Hatun has been taken captive because of you. Now I have taken over the handling of this matter. Now, get out of here. Don’t force me repeat my command, Beybolat Bey. Ertugrul Bey .. you’re not acting in accordance with the law and tradition! This is an act of outright injustice! Your order is to be obeyed at all cost, but only if there is justice. However if there is no justice… your order then has no validity! I warned you not to make me repeat my order. The Bey of Principality around here is… me The law here is enforced by me! The customs to be honored are mine!

Throw Beybolat Bey and his Alps into the dungeon, this instant! I am the Bey of Umuroglus You can’t treat me like this, Ertugrul Bey! Take them away! No one is to be let out of the dungeon without my say-so You get out, too Now… it’s your turn. Let go of me! Take your hands off me Come on, just cool down Beybolat Bey. Don t be a thorn in our flesh! Get in! That infidel Dragos stayed my father and my Alps And abducted my sister1 Wh t is Ertugrul Bey trying to do ha? Now you tell me Bamsi Head-Alp! What kind of custom is this? That’s the Bey’s order Beybolat Bey! The order of the Bey Get in there! Pass me that, brother The orders must be obeyed no matter what! The orders are to be obeyed no matter what, Beybolat Bey I’ll bring this dog Oragos’s fortress crashing down around his ears I will bring you all to account! I’ll kill you all! All of you There is no murder in Sogut that cannot be attributed to you… nor there is a mischief or intrigue that. . you d d not do. Now llbilge Hatun’s life is at your mercy. So, tell me. What do you want’ All of that can be attributed to Lais He ignored my orders and did it all on his own. I just got here recently.

I found out the facts upon my arrival. But, none of this is important. If you agree to my terms… I will surrender llbilge to you. What are your terms? The gold we confiscated… turned out to be a forgery. You are a clever man. However. I want real gold. And, that would not be all. You will not charge any taxes from our merchants in Sogut And every year… you will provide us with the food from your supplies. What if I refuse? Well, if you do not agree… and in case I don’t get back to the fortress safely… you will only get llbilge’s corpse So what is your answer? I will consider it today, and I’ll inform you of my decision. Think it through carefully. And come to the fortress tomorrow. Now, if you’ll excuse me. Dragos! The only reason I let you leave and keep your head on your shoulders is llbilge Hatun. If even a strand of hair on her head gets harmed, I will… bring that fortress crashing down around your ears… and I’ll send your head to the Emperor, as a token of my victory. Ah rother if only we would get the order from within… I would rip them all to pieces, right here and now.

Well, just look at this stiff pompous infidel Just look at his swaggering manner! I’m itching to crack his head like an egg shell…but then… seems today is not the day for that. Be patient, brother That will come soon. I am Dragos Our Master is very generous. See, he sent you some of the food that he himself eats. Don’t ever do that again! Or, I’ll put you in chains! Just you wait till I get out of here… then I will bury all of you beneath this fortress You finally regained your consciousness. There’s no death for you before you tell me location of… the chest you stole from Mongols. Your barking clearly shows that you are a dog, but… who’s is holding your leash, you tell me that. Our necks are large, Artuk Bey! So much so. that it cannot be leashed! You think about your own life Until you speak, you are all mine You think our lives have value, huh? Our tongues remain silent before the oppressors! Living under tyranny means living in disgrace… but if we die under tyranny we attain the martyrdom So, your lives do not have value, ha? In that case I will slowly pick you apart… bit by bit. I will start with your eyes. Build up the fire, hurry up Let’s see if you’d still be that brave… when a hot iron melts your eyes away? All of the Umuroglu Alps were thrown into the dungeon, my Bey. We locked Beybolat Bey in separate cell.

What did that cowardly man, Dragos have to say, my Bey? That man is not Dragos. Turgut. What doyoujnean, my Bay? How did you figure that out? A man who so secretly, like a snake slipped into Sogut… and committed all of those murders… would not give himself away just like that and come to negotiate. Especially, when even his real name was concealed in the necklace. And besides, since he is hostile to the Emperor… he could not manage his fortress so brazenly. Who was that man then, my Bey? Dragos ruled the fortress through Lais. He wove his intrigues through Lais. And, this self-proclaimed Dragos… must be another of his cat-paws, just as Lais used to be. Well, my Bey, why would this one introduce himself as Dragos? Their intention is to throw us off their scent, Bamsi. He wants us to be occupied with this professed Dragos. so that he… the real Dragos, can have free rein to do whatever he wants in Sogut. What did this degenerate request in exchange for llbilge Hatun? He wants the real gold, and also… tax exemption and provisions from our food supplies, on a yearly basis. I told him that I have to think it through, for now. Tomorrow I will go to the fortress to tell him my decision. Password for this Episode is ArtukBeyEyes. Well, my Bey, are we going to accept it? We will, Bamsi. We will. As it seems, they want to employ deceptions in this war. Since that is the case… we are going to respond in kind. For now, we will use our minds in place of our swords.

Then, in due course, our black steel will give them the taste of hell. Send a word to our Alps who are taking the gold to the border of Konya, Turgut. Tell them to bring it back. The gold snatched from the convoy transporting taxes was a forgery. Were you aware of that? Just, tell me the truth! This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I didn’t know that, believe me. That’ gold has left the HanJ It means that the swap for the fake one was done in the Han. If you were not aware of that, what good you are to us?

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