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EPISODE 17 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 17 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Arslantas!Arslantas! You are wounded!Who set the ambush?Crusaders.The Tribe’s Alps has just informed me. Who did this?-Crusaders.-Mother!Where is my mother, Arslantas?-Basulu mother!-Mother!-Father!-Mother!-Mother!-Basulu mother!Mother, hold on. Hold on, mother.Father!Father!Father!Hold on. mother. Hold on.-We’ve come. Basulu mother. Open your eyes.-Open you eyes, mother!Mother! Mother! Mother!Mother! Mother! Mother!You hugged us by calling son to us. Hug us again, Basulu mother.Open your eyes, mother. Don’t leave me, mother!Don’t leave me, mother!Mother!Basulu mother.

She’s moving.She is breathing, too.Son…Mother.Mother, don’t tire yourself.Mother, don’t tire yourself.Empty the .pars! We’ll rush to the tribe!I tried to protect Basulu mother.Yet, the leader of the crusaders, Marcus, did this to her.There are crawling marks ahead. Obviously, someone ran to the forest by crawling.Obviously, he is the crusader’s man.He must have run wounded.He can’t have gotten away so much wounded in the forest. Mother. My wound will be healed.You leave me.

You leave me.Avenge our fallen ones.\Ne’ve emptied the cars, Melik Hadrath.We’ll send my mother and our martyrs to the tribe immediately. And we’ll go after that running dog.Hold on, mother. Don’t give up.You left the book exposed by thinking no one can get inside.Yet, Sabbah will get this book by getting inside from behind.I’ve defeated you once more, Nizamulmulk.Don’t be that certain. Sabbah.Your real face is revealed now.Finally, the chess between us has ended.Now, all the pieces are knock down and everything has become clear.You’ve been defeated by your own move, Sabbah.You couldn’t understand that it wouldn’t be over until I say so.I got it now.Your defense you did for me in the presence of the Sultan was also a scheme.The book can’t be deciphered until tomorrow morning, Hace.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

We don’t have that much time to wait.We’ll make another plan to catch Sabbah in the act.-What is it?-You’ll empty the room immediately.And he’ll surely come to get the book.

Yours, and that Seyduna Charlatan’s end, whom you will take the book to, has come.Since everything is revealed, that know this well.I’m the Seyduna.Being a Batini means knowing what is not seen.I have been among you for years, you couldn’t see me.Now do you understand it, old wolf?Now do you understand it, old wolf?How much we are stronger than you?No superstitious cause can be victorious against the Haqq.You won’t be victorious either.You won’t be victorious either.You interpreted Quran according to your needs, and poisoned the minds of people.

But we are going to spill that poison with our weapons!Our cause is inscribed in people’s minds!Even if we die, those who let our cause live in their mind will come, and stab this state in the back as long as it lives!You will be ruined, and our cause will be inscribed on the minds of people!This state is such a fort that, it’s built upon the truth!No attack from your superstitious cause can defeat it!The world of Islam will not yield to evil! Not today, nor centuries later!Guards!Arrest Hasan Sabbah.Fine.For the Great Imam, my servants.Now can you understand it. old wolf?\Ne have been stabbing this state in the back for 40 years!Now you are defeated.|W|q ||i>jCharlatan Seyduna is Hasan Sabbah, inform the Sultan right away!Take precautions in the palace, come on!Your mask is fallen Sabbah, you canriot escape now!Guards!Hold him!

Catch hFrom now on. the victories will be mine, and the defeats will be yours. Hace!Blood trail, it leads this way. Let’s hurry up.So Sabbah is the Head Dai! Our suspicions were on point!How could he escape then!How could he escape then!My sultan, two of the soldierts,that came to capture him were Batinis.So those traitors have infiltrated our palace as well!Close all the gates quickly! That traitor won’t leave this palace!If there is any other Batini in the palace you will find them and remove their heads!If there. is,any.o.tliTer-Batini in the palace, yodLWill’findithem^andTeThove their heads!What lies behind this door is freedom for me, but from now on, everywhere will be a prison for you Hace!Hace is after us. The guards will be here any moment. Let’s go.Allah is the greatest.Give the word. Sabbah left the palace.I want every road and gate shut down! Tell the army to dispatch! Come on!Head Ambassador Hadhrat.-Is everything alright?-What happened to your arm? Who did it?Some rebel guy. It’s not important.

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Abdullah Rajput
Abdullah Rajput
Apr 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Aa rahi 17 Episode


kamran bhatti
kamran bhatti
Dec 13, 2022

YEH 17 episode nai aa rhi apki website py

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