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EPISODE 18 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 18 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Just as I thought, Artuk Bey The Mongols were behind this. And they used someone as a cat’s-paw to do this. Who cquIdJhaUDe^myBey? Emir Bahaddin. But I also have someone else on my mind. Who is it? Selcan Hatun mentioned a person who calls himself Albasti. He was a Turk who slaughtered Oguz clans on behalf of Mongols. He may have his hand in this too. And most probably he has a close connection with Emir Bahaddin. And what is your opinion on this, my Bey? I think that this is the work of Albasti, Artuk Bey. Whoever they were… I won’t allow anyone in this world to live in peace until I find them. May thei arms be broken In shaa Allah! May their lineage go extinct! How could such cruelty be done to a man like Artuk Bey, mother? Those who did this… have no regard for basic human decency.

A revenge for this may be postponed, but they won’t get away with their crime. Son Son how is Artuk Bey7 How could he be mother? How could he be? He acts in as dignified manner as if nothing bad had happened at all. Is there any chance his eyes may heal? I will send a letter to every single reputed physician… from Konya to Alanya, mother. I will do absolutely anything. Son you’re going to the fortress tomorrow. You being the Bey of Principality… you cannot abandon them, even if what they did was a mistake. For, you re our only support. But be cautious. A fog at the mountain’s peak and the troubles around valiant’s head never ends, mother. We will get through these days, evelAllah. Put your heart at ease. My E ugrul Bey In shaa Allah, you will save that hatun from infidels’ hands, mu Bey Otherwise even greater trouble may befall us. Hope nothing s wrong? What greater trouble? Emir Bahaddin. It seems that llbilge Hatun was being taken to Konya to marry him. my Bey. Sirma Hatun told me that. Ilbilge Hatun hardly ever opened her mouth that day When I enquired, Beybolat brushed it off and turned to other matters. So that was the reason. Sirma Hatun, Ertugrul Bey plainly harbors ill intentions towards us.

He wants to treat Umuroglus with an iron hand in a velvet glove. Ertugrul Bey is our State’s Bey of Principality. If he had ill intentions towards Umuroglu, we’d be all in dungeon now. Well, you may say that, Sirma Hatun, but our Bey is in dungeon along with our Alps. We can’t just wait here like this. Yes. he’s right. How could that be possible? My wise Beys Hold on there. In this harrowing time for us we can’t just add fuel to the fire. As you know, I was at the Han. They put my mind at rest. We’ll wait for our Bey in the tribe in a civilized manner. My brother will be here in no time at all. Sirma Hatun! Sirma Hatun! Our Beybolat Bey is killed Do you hear what you are saying? I’d rather have my hearth destroyed, instead of hearing this. We would not let his blood go unavanged. However, everything is not what it seems. Your father’s murderer Dragos has sowed… intrigues against us. My Ertugrul Bey has decided to play along with his scheming.

This is a great conspiracy. For the lack of courage to go chest to chest with us.. they now want to strike at our brotherhood Their aim is our unity. This trouble can shake your tribe too, at any time. And, pacify your Beys, too. Because, the flames are all around us. My Beys. Did you see my brother’s body with your own eyes? Did I need to see it with my own eyes, Sirma Hatun? I heard it from one Sogut s trader. I went to the Han to verify it. But, they refused me entry. It proves they’ve killed him. Thus, they refused him entry. We must call them to account. Give us your permission. Sirma Hatun My Beys! My Beys I. Sirma Hatun, Umur Bey’s daughter, caution you that… in this harrowing times we have to avoid taking everything we hear or see at face value. However, if this terrible information is indeed true .. then, it means that the Kayis have forgotten who Umuroglus are. And, if so, we’ll be obliged to remind them of who Umuroglus are, rest assured. But we need to find out what’s really going on. If we show up in the Kayi tribe at this time of night, girded with our swords. .

we would come on the verge of war due to unconfirmed information I will go to the Kayi tribe tomorrow. And I will talk to Ertugrul Bey in person. We won’t let you go alone in view of this. I’m not going into the battle, I’m going to investigate the matter. So the Alps will wait to hear from me If even one strand of my brother’s hair has been harmed .. I’ll turn into a she-wolf and with bared bloody fangs… tear into the Kayi tribe and raze it to the ground. But, if it is not true, then we have an obligation to… crush the heads of those who made this plot against us. We will load all the trunks at dawn, my Bey. The trunks will have to go ahead of us, Turgut. We will meet with them near the fortress. You will remain in the tribe, Bamsi. Here? Whyever for, my Bey? If Mikis took this information to Dragos… they will certainly convey it to Umuroglus, in order to… stir up trouble here. So, the safety of the tribe and of Sogiit must be at a high level. You will ensure the safety around here while we’re at the fortress. As you command, my Bey.

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