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EPISODE 19 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 19 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I was going to make a deal with you. But you killed my soldiers and kidnapped llbilge. You violated our negotiation, Ertugrul. I brought you the gold on my own volition. But you still tried to detain llbilge. No one will… take something from me that I have not freely given, Commander. Why did you bring the gold then? To negotiate with you. However. Ilbilge Hatun is not the subject to our negotiations. Do you understand me? What s there to negotiate? Did you leave anything else open to negotiation? You haven’t heard my main proposal yet, Dragos. Kill me if you want, right here and now. I’m not afraid, not at all. But if you kill me, you won’t hear my main proposal. What’s more, the Turkmen tribes who are aware that I am here… as well as Emir Bahaddin, and… even Beybolat Bey… would pull this fortress down over your head. Beybolat? Isn t he dead? You were hoist by your own petard and blown in the wrong direction”. Not only that he did not die, but he personally stole llbilge Hatun from you.

And, just like you came to my Han and said that… Ilbilge Hatun would die if something happened to you… so, I now say that if something happens to me… they will come and smash this fortress around your ears. Now. you either take that risk or… you order your soldiers to withdraw. We may discuss my main proposal and… we both may profit. Soldiers! Take his sword and leave here! Hold back! You still didn’t understand! No one can take away from me something that I don’t give willingly Get outside. I’m listening to your main proposal. The taxes for the Mongols are being amassed in one place in Anatolia. I want us to confiscate those taxes together That is a big venture. A big venture with equally high return. The responsibility for taxes rests on Emir Behaddin. If we get those taxes, we will come in possession of great wealth. . and the Mongols will kill Emir Bahaddin.

Why don’t you do this on your own? They know me and my Alps. But if I tell you where is that place where the taxes are being amassed… and if you confiscate the taxes… then we split it fifty-fifty. And, both sides would have done their part. So. both sides would profit. Soldiers! Make Ertugrul feel welcome. And, I will consider it and inform you of my decision. Think it through carefully. As I said, it’s about all the gold gathered from all over Anatolia. So think carefully, Dragos. This go d would… enable both of us to make great armies. So, consider it well. Consider it well, Dragos Consider it really well! My Bey, what did you do in there? Where are you going? Don’t worry about me, Abdurrahman Send word to Sdgiit by the Alps downstairs. They have remove the mole (spy) from its nest. As you command, my Bey. Ertugrul put forth a proposal, which I couldn’t refuse outright. So, I sent him away, in order to consult you first.

You did the right thing. But don’t you ever… do not ever again let yourself be so much overwhelmed by him. uauj Ayy must never be so weak when facing our enemies Stand up straight! And regarding Beybo at. Mikis was the one who informed us about that. He said he saw with his own eyes that Beybolat was dead. It looks like Ertugrul found our spy. Tell Tara to get rid of him. All right, Sir. However, we still have a chance to kill Ertugrul, too. Even though he kidnapped llbilge… he brought us the gold and the supplies as we wanted. What’s the significance of the gold and the goods he brought to us? Haven’t you heard his proposal? All the gold collected from all over Anatolia,” he said. Besides, if anything happens to him, the Turks will storm the fortress. When we aim to take Sogut, it’s not worth trying to save the fortress. Put the war on the side, it’s now essential to take advantage of his proposal. Well, can we trust Ertugrul, Sir?j That’s what’s preying on my mind, actually.

What if there is an ulterior scheme behind this? If we deliberately let Ertugrul go. . now that we have him in our hands… we may very likely expose ourselves to danger, above all. Ertugrul drove us to a really difficult threshold. We’re going take that gamble. His proposal is too great. But perhaps it wouldn’t be worth the risk if Ertugrul is dead. What is your decision, Sir?You said my brother was alive and my sister will be saved. But nobody is coming Sirma Hatun, put your heart at ease. EvelAllah, they will come, they will come safe and unharmed, Sirma Hatun. In shaa Allah, you are not setting me up Or else. nan, Didn’t I tell you they were coming? Brother. Sister! My sister. What is the situation in the tribe, brother? How is Oguz doing? Everything is well in the tribe. And, Oguz will be hale and hearty in a few days time, evelAllah. That’s good. Brother, when I thought you dead for a while, I went out of my mind. Everything was just part of a cunning ruse, sister. As you can see, I stand in front of you, well and alive. How did this happen? How did you get out of that fortress?]

May Ertugrul Bey live long, thanks to his cleverly devised ruse… our exit from the fortress went as smooth as silk. Ertugrul Bey’s mind was as sharp as his sword. And he was brave-hearted enough to sacrifice himself in order to save us. Did Ertugrul Bey remain in the fortress? Turgut Bey Beybolat, my brother! How will Ertugrul Bey get out of that fortress? My Bey has taken all measures keeping every possibility in mind. He ordered us to return to Sogut and to be on high alert. Don t concern yourself with that. He will get out of the fortress the same way he got in. Mikis is Dragos’ man. Now, I’ll nail your hide to the wall Mikis Brother Alps! Follow me. Consider it well, Dragos! Consider it really well! Have you given some thought to what I said? I have I accept your proposal.

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