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EPISODE 20 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 20 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. After conquering the Bazar Ertugrul is trying to take the accounts of Bazar so he instructs Mr. Arif to get a merchant from Bazar who can take the accounts in order. HaCaturyan Ustad is her to get supply from the mine. Ertugrul tells him that Safdar and Gunkut will protect him now because now the mine is working regularly. Mr. Aliyar is more here to meet Ertugrul to hear about his decision. Ertugrul tells him about the Council meeting first and then he tells the decision refusal. Ertugrul tells him that they can continue their strength without this Marriage.

Aslihan Khatun quarrel with Halime in the working place of women. Colpan tells Hailme that Ertugrul didn’t reply yet about the offer of Candar bey. When Halima asks which offer then Colpan tells about the marriage of Aslihan and Ertugrul. Halime listens to this and comes to Ertugrul to ask him about it but Mr. Arfi calls Ertugrul fro an important issue. He tells him about the Spy from Sultan want to meet him. Candar bey after listening to the decision of Ertugrul becomes more furious and they plan to ruin Ertugrul and Bazaar. They order Ural to do the raids at Caravan and devastate them. After refusal from Ertugrul Ural tells Batuhan about to marry Aslihan with him. He becomes very happy. He also asks him to find a bandit for attacking to Caravans.

Ertugrul goes to meet the spy but after all talks, somebody kills the spy and he martyred on the spot after reciting Kalama Shahadah. Ertugrul has a fight with them. The Ural meets that Bandit to give him a duty to loot Caravan. The Ural also assign him the duty of attacking mine and kill all soldiers of Ertugrul. Ertugrul is welcoming all the beys to the first council meeting in the Han and Ural goes to Saedetin Kopek. Kopek doesn’t welcome him as he tells him that he has the letter of Sultan that Ertugrul is new bey of Principality. The Ural tells him that Ertugul is gathering the council meeting without permission from Sultan so we can disrupt their council. ASlihan and Halime have a sear fight in the workplace. Aslihan becomes very furious after the hard words of Halime.

The Ural is also in the meeting as Kopek send him here. All Beys of tribes has best wishes to Ertugrul but they are asking about the Candar bey. Saedetin Kopek comes in the council and tells that Ertugrul and all you beys betrayed the state. Only Candar is a loyal Bey of state who didn’t come here without permission of Sultan. This is enough text for now. Rest of Episode you will watch on screen. This episode is longest n duration from all Episodes. As this Episode duration is one hour and twenty-one minutes so password for this Episode is 1hour21Minutes.

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