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EPISODE 21 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is Episode number 21 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. For if we establish a blood relation between us… our power would increase even further. Therefore I thought about it and have made my decision. According to the command of Allah (swt) and the counsel of the Prophet (pbuh)… I ask for llbilge Hatun from you. Of course if she gives her consent. And you have my consent. I accept Ertugrul Bey’s proposal. And what is that supposed to mean? Why are you so agitated. Emir Bahaddin? I expressed my intention and… Ilbilge Hatun consented to it. And now it is Beybolat Bey’s turn to have his say. You barge like a donkey into a stable Get out! Out! Respected Emir word has been sent from the Cervansaray. The Mongols have been killed and all the gold was taken. Who? Who did that? The culprits didn’t leave any trace. And the Mongols are all dead. All that gold.

All those dead We have to solve the issue of gold first. Ertugrul Bey is a guest who by Allah’s leave came to us to ask for my sister. We will attend to that matter later. Hayme Mother if you and my sisters would excuse us we’d like to talk in private. Hatuns. What’re you going to do Respected Emir? I must go to the Caravansary and conduct an investigation. Have you devised a plausible defense Emir Bahaddin? What plausible defense do I need Ertugrul Bey? The responsibility for the gold lain with you. A plausible defense with regard to all this gold and corpses. Since the responsibility for all that lay with you… the Mongols will start their inquest by investigating you first. My brother wants to bury me alive by forcing me… to marry Emir Bahaddin. You will become the hatun of a great Seljuk’s Emir What could be better than that? I won’t do it Sirma! I understand why you insist so.

There’s someone else in your heart. No! I’ve told you that before. Where did you get that idea? From your eyes. I saw how you looked at Ertugrul Bey back in his tent. These were not the looks out of reverence but out of love. I’d prefer to die instead of becoming hatun of someone I don’t want. According to the command of Allah and the counsel of the Prophet I ask for llbilge Hatun from you. Of course if she gives her consent. And you have my consent. I accept Ertugrul Bey’s proposal. So. you lied to me! You played a game on me. So that’s what it was all about. The moment of bliss I was expecting turned into a dark place for me. I will turn this world into a dark place for you. That is not going to happen either in this world or the next!! My mistress do you need anything? Get out now lest I strangle you. Get out. You will suffer the consequences for this llbilge Hatun.

I shall not be called Sirma if I don t make you fall victim of your own game. I wish we could’ve bring you henna instead of a rug llbilge Hatun. You attained your heart s desire in the end. I was not aware of any of this Selcan Hatun. Did you think I wouldn’t realize that you were… playing the game of always being in trouble since the very day you came here? I am neither reluctant to voice my opinion nor am I afraid of dangers. I say what I feel like saying and I do what I feel like doing. I didn’t play a trick on anybody in this matter. Hatuns!

This is not an appropriate time for such a talk. No mother as a matter of fact this is just the right time. Let us talk about it now so everyone would know what’s what. Your mind has been enslaved by your delusional believes Selcan Hatun. You may do or say whatever you wish however keep this in mind… you are accusing me wrongly with your groundless believes. Hatuns. It’s Beybolat Bey’s right to speak and decide on this now. It’s none of our business from now. Therefore everyone should hold their peace because… a still tongue would keep a wise head. Unnecessary bickering would benefit no one. Mother llbilge Hatun is under impression that I want to do her harm. Whereas I just wanted to be honest telling it like it is. Bickering aside but could there be a better friendship then that? I just wanted her to be aware of the end result of her futile effort.

Just as the two swords cannot fit in the same sheath so the two loves cannot reside in the same heart. The heart of my Ertugrul Bey has been sealed by Halime Sultan. I’m telling her that this proposal was not given out of love… but it was required for the benefit of Beylik so she should be aware. Ertugrul Bey has spoken. And ifhe will keep his promise I wilT abide by my word too just know that. If you’ll excuse me Hayme Mother. I told you already mother we have to take precautionary measures It’s clear that she has set her sight on Ertugrul Bey from the start. I told her about Halime Sultan and all she said was. Ertugrul Bey has spoken Ah Selcan ah.

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