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EPISODE 22 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 22 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. we will take your lives, then we will take your fleet!-Attack!-Corrie ®q, levents!Signal all the ships!Make sure they flank them and capture Hizir's ship!And make sure they bring Hizir's head to me!Hizir! Pirate ships!They will flank the shipThe pirate ships is being shot! Someone is helping!Hang on, warriors!I won't let the pirates hunt you, Hizir.Fire!FireThe ship coming to help ruined our plan!While we try to capture Hizir's ship, we will lose all our ships!Tell the ships to return.We retreat!But this will not end here Hizir!We will take the fleet and kill you with Oruc!/*Wake up, Oruc, wake up.Wake up and see the condition I put you in.I captured both you and your ship.Destroying you is this easy for me.I killed your soldiers and captured your fleet.I will get out of your hand one way or another.But you can't take back that fleet.

If you don't give my fleet back and give up on Levitha Island......I will kill you.Our flag was planted on that island and salaat was performed.The blood of martyrs was spilled on it.From now on, that island is the land of martyrs.We will never give u even if you kill us.Fine.Then, I kill you.And so that I take my revenge that I've carried for years.What is the reason of the revenge you've carried for years?Tell us, so we know about it.So, you were the one who helped us.The pirate ships retreated thanks to you. Thank you.I handled many pirates like them in these seas.So, I am sure you've understood that I need no one's help and I am strong enough, Hizir.You are strong and brave, eyvallah, we got it, could you know that these ships was going to attack us? could you know that these ships was going to attack us?When my brother Sahbaz became the customs officer......he left no place to anchor in the harbor....he left no place to anchor in the harbor.And while I was looking for a place to anchor,

I saw the pirate ships.And while I was looking for a place to anchor, I saw the pirate ships.And while I was looking for a place to anchor, I saw the pirate ships.Eyvallah.Your wound needs to be tended.I will take care of it.My hands, can heal any wound.If I need any healing......I have nature fairies for it.Thank you.You go back to Kelemez.I see we made a good decision by changing the fleet's location.Or, the pirates would have taken it from us.Let me come with you. For you will change the location of the fleet, I might help you.Let me come with you. F'or yo'u will change the location of the fleet, I might help you.And you've already seen how a skillful captain I am.It's better if we handle this ourselves.Stay on the sea, that will be enough. Then we can go back to Kelemez together.Come on levents.Unfurl the sails!We will take the fleet and dock at the east harbor.

We fight against the enemies like this......inshallah Oruc Aga will come from the divan in Gallipoli.Ameen.Years ago......your father Yakup Aga was leading the Ottoman sipahis......that took over Lesbos.He caught Duke of Lesbos Nikola and sent him to Istanbul.Sultan Mehmet executed him.I am the son of the Duke of Lesbos, Nikola!Papacy raised me.For years, I grow up with hatred and grudge within my heart!So I could take my revenge one day......and destroy you Turks with my sword!Your father brought the end of my father.I will bring your end.Be careful, so you won't end up just like your father!If you cannot take the fleet we took over, Papacy will punish you severely.If you kill Oruc, we will blow the fleet.Both ends are troublesome, Gabriel.Don't try to scare us with death.Don't be hasty, you little shark.Don't.I am not going to kill you.You are my slaves now.I have a lot of time.But when you get to Modon....I am going to make you suffer......with the worst kind of tortures!You will beg for me to kill you!You will begBe prepared to your hellish slavery days!

A divan was gathered, how could Oruc not come!?How dare he ignore the state?We sent boats around, but he was not seen near Gallipoli either.Because he knows he is guilty, that's why he runs away from the divan!He ashamed us in the divan!Oruc! He crossed the line!I am going to make him pay for this!Are the hatuns gathered in the training room?Yes, my lady, they wait for you to train.Yes, my lady, they wait for you to train.Good.Hizir, where are you coming from like this?While we were going to take the fleet, we were ambushed.Sahsenem helped us.Fighting in the seasns nothing like fighting in the forests.It was hard, but we defeated the enemies together.Where the hell is Orucl?Why are you mad, Pasha?Didn't you go to divan? Why are you asking us?Oruc did not attend the divan!And his ship was not seen near Gallipoli!What do you mean?Oruc Aga is not in Kelemez.He realized he was guilty, and he vanished!He escaped from the divan!Watch your tongue Pasha!Oruc Aga did not run away from death, why would he run away from divan?Where is he then? Even you don't know!He didn't come to the divan, where did he go?Venetian and Christian pirates are our enemies.Maybe he was fighting against them,

that's why he was late.Do not say that my Aga was scared, and escaped, without knowing what's going on Don't test our patienceI am already out of patience Hizir!I was ashamed because of him in the divan!Find him quickly!Or I accept it as he escaped from the divan, and accepted his guilt.And I will do what's necessaryIt's not good that Oruc Aga left without telling anything.Send boats around Yareli!Tell them to inform us about Oruc Aga's whereabouts.I got that, Hizir Reis.Don't let them live! Kill them!You will die!You will all die!Go to hell!You can never win you dogs!Wait.I said wait.You think you can scare us with your rabid dogs Gabriel?This is nothing compared to the pain you'll endure.If you don't leave the Levitha Island and release the'll get into more trouble.Do whatever you want.You can't have the Levitha Island......or the fleet.Is that so?Your life is in my hands.You're my captive.Who's going to save you from me?My brothers won't leave us in the darkness.Hizir and my Levents will come to tear this castle down.

Until then.....I'll stop myself from killing you.Throw them in the dungeons.I'll do my special torture.We'll see if you can act so proud then.You will all die!Meryem. What do you think you're doing?What are you up to?Why are you always by Hizir's side? Why do you help him?Did you know about the attack?Of course not.I did what you couldn't and helped your lover.You should be grateful, not jealous Meryem.Look at me.You can't fool me with your naive attitude.You work with your brother Sahbaz.Sahbaz is not my bother anymore, he's my enemy.You must know how it is, Pietro's sister Meryem.When our intentions change, we can no longer be siblings.Now, if you're done with your questions I have to go.I have more important matters to attend to.I'm not done with you yet.I'll expose you one day.You can't harm us and Hizir.Until should know that I'll keep watching you.Then you'll see me with Hizir a lot more.Was Oruc Aga's ship seen on the Mojdon sea?Our ships asked around Hizir Reis.Then the Muslin trading ships......recognized his ship.

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