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EPISODE 25 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 25 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Sencer Bey’s Hatun, Turna.The ones, whom you followed won’t notice you.Because you are going to die.We are looking at a quite precious treasure. A really precious one.25-I3OLV/ZWe are looking at a quite precious treasure. A really precious one.2-‘,,BOL J/AWhoever this Hatun is, she is very precious to Melik Tapar.Obviously, this is the woman related with the secret that Tapar goes after.What was that sound?Is there someone following us?It’s not obvious if he is Batini, Byzantine…or someone elseYet, what is obvious is there is not only one peYson…but more than oneWhat are we cfoing to do now, son?What if the ones follovtging us learned the secret?It was impossible for them to hear us from there.

But we need to be careful.Let’s go quickly, I will drop you off near the tribe..Si’.**Even if you are a Sultan… cannot accuse Alparslan’s son Tekis like this.If you do not take back the words you uttered……there will be blood between us.The time for that blood has already come.I will not take back the words I uttered…..nor I will sheathe the sword I took out of its scabbard.My Sultan, a messenger is coming.It looks like he is bringing an important information.My Sultan, Seferiye Hatun is brought to the palace, she isn’t well.The doctors are saying that she is about to breathe her last breath.Mother…My mother…What is my mother doing here?I called her to the palace so she would be close to me.We are going to the palace quickly!I need to see my mother right away!Brother.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Allow me to come to the palace too.So I can see my mother as well.We’re resented at each other.But don’t deprive me of seeing my mother.Come on, Sencer.Make your decision.Give me Livia and I’ll tell you who the traitor is.I*d never give someone who asks for my help under no circumstances.Now you’ll give me the traitor’s name and I’ll take your head.Attack, soldiers!Kill them all.I’m going after Thomas.Our companion’s been killed.Someone other than us must be after them.We need to be quick and reveal this secret.There’s a high chance Tapar’s mother is this hatun.Now follow this hatun secretly.Learn where she lives and who she is and tell me.As you wish Great Seyuduna.• w”* v* 2^ ’Who?They’re after us. Hide.What is it, ma’am?

Where are you coming from breathlessly like this?I had some businesses.Let me know when Basulu mother comes, Alaca.I was angry with you, both because I was suffering from…..being motherless and because of the secret you hid from me.However……we have limited breathes to take in this world now.While the death is the greatest warning for us……it is not the time to look for someone to blame.Don’t upset yourself any longer.* fI’d sacrifice my whole life…..just to ease the pain… my heart a bit, son.Don’t do it.I carried the pain of your absence for years.I can’t bear it now, while I’ve found you.■ st’Mother.Mother.You can’t get what I don’t give it to you, but……I can get whatever I want from whoever I want.And now, I’ll get the name of the traitor for you by force.Tell me. With whom did you cooperate for the raid of Turkmen Beys?

I don’t know.We cooperated with no one.You said you were going to say it, when we give you Livia.Obviously, you know who he was.I tricked you.I was just going to take Livia.We cleared rest of the heathens, my Bey.Hasn’t he still said the name of the traitor?He thinks he can resist but….I know how I can make him talk.Tie the heathen to the tree.As you command, my Bey.Why are you crying?Maybe, the information you were going to learn was going to save your life.You didn’t leave me in spite of this.I made many mistakes against you in the past.Now, the more kind you are to me…..the more my shame increases.Doing kindness for kindness is easy for everyone.

Doing kindness for evil is a thing only matures ones can do.From now on, whatever we experienced stays in the past.We never negotiate for the ones taking shelter with us.We’d rather die than being a coward.Take Livia to the tribe, Bozkus.And take an alp with you.As you command, my Bey.Come, Livia.And we’ll make this heathen talk meanwhile.We think our tents……just as the universe itself, Turna Hatun.The moon completes its cycle around the world in 28 days.All the 28 star cluster hang on a specific position.For this reason, we have 28 divisions……on the ceiling of our tents.You shouldn’t underestimate the tent.The tent is a world.Its dome is the sky.The space at the top of it…..symbolizes the road leading to the polestar from the world.The pole of the tent links the earth with the sky.A family lives in a tent.

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