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EPISODE 26 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 26 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles only on GiveMe5. Aslihan is thinking about past. Saedtin Kopek comes to her and try to win her heart with his words. He make excuse to Aslihan that he offer this. Aslihan is thinking about his past that ho w evrybody reject her. She always crying in the past but now she will not. Saedtin Kopek is telling the stories of Ertugrul that he would be punished and punishment will be his death and Han. Aslihan comes to Kopek in his father;s Tent and tells them that she is agree. opek is very happy with the decision of Aslihan and everybody is happy.As they are celebrating Batuhan comes in and after seeing Aslihan and Kopek he becomes angry. He tells Ural about the trader from Constantople that is actually Laskris from Vesilius.

Ertugrul is angry woth all soldiers. He says that they cannot protect their guest in thier own home. Noorgul tells Ertugrul that it is Canar and Ural who done this to tak Han. Arif Also told that he is also doubt on them. Vesilius is doing last ceremonyof Governer and also taking oath with his soldies to take revenge of his death. Vesilius is making is soldiers ready for Battle. He is telling them the stories of Byzitum past victories. Kopek is coming to seize Han but when he comes to kill Ertugrul and takes haN nobody is there. He asks the christian trademan that where is everyone and Ertugrul. He tell Kopek that Ertugrul donates this Han to state when he know that Saedtin Kopek is coming. Kopek is very disappointed and angry that Ertugrul has play another game.

Noorgul is on his way to find that bastard killer. They found some footsteps and then they see a man who is LAskris. They follow him and see that that bnastard goes o Cavdar Tribe. babar want to kill him but Noorgul stops him that first he has to tells Ertugrul about this. Babar is thinking about Helena. He is thinking that Helena is a princes and babar is an ordinary man. How can hew think about Helena. As he was understaing this Roshaan comes and tell him that love gives more power to a brave and it will not harm the bravery.

Babar easches to Helena in the castle to meet her and tells her that they find the killer of her father. Aliyar sends Kutluca to Ertugrul to inform him about the Saedting Kopek that he is coming toseize the Han and also tells him that Aslihan is marrying with Kopek. Password for this Episode is ScalpPain. Watch and Enjoy!

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