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EPISODE 26 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is Episode number 26 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Enough of this! He is just a little child! How can this fit in any tradition, whose heart can approve this? Sister, enough If you have any score to settle, settle it with me Osman! I’ll make you suffer dearly for this, I’ll take it out on you! Gunduz -Gunduz! We will send you filthy head to that dog-hearted Hulagu! I will make you suffer the consequences for this! How dare you utter the name of the Khan above all Khans, Hulagu Khan, ha? Leave my brother alone! -No Get that one here! Get me the bow! Death of the Bey’s son must be according to the tradition. No! Hayme Hatun, Artuk Bey, since your son is so courageous… why doesn’t he come out of hiding, so that I can see his bravery, too. Don t! No, don’t do it! Don’t do it! Let go of my brother! Or, I will kill him! No no, don’t do it! Gunduz! Don’t do it! – My brother! My Gunduz’ Ertugrul will eventually fall into my hands and I will kill him. My brother! Do you assume that I, who have brought both, the Persians and the Chinese down to their knees… can’t tame that Ertugrul, who tucked tail between his legs and fled, with a handful of Alps, ha? Don’t do it, don’t1 -My brother!

Answer to me,I asked you something! Enough, stop! Spare him, please! I don t know Ertugrul’s whereabouts. But, he will find you eventually. Then he will give you a taste of his wrath! Ah, is that so? Then it will be time to show off your bravery. You dog! You, Mongol dog! Leave him alone, let go of my son! So that’s how it is, huh? You were disobedient and didn’t listen to reason! So, I will kill Ertugrul’s whelp] Don’t! -Brother! I will put you and your tribe to the sword, all of you down to the women and children. and I will raze everything to the ground Leave my brother alone! Commander Almcak! Ohh… Beybolat, welcome here. Here you are, come to your master whose dog you play. Lick his boots well, Beybolat! Stop it now, hear me out first. There is a pressing matter I have to tell you about. Gunduz! -My son! Oh my b by’ If anyone among you step out of line once again… I will forget my word to Hayme Hatun… and I will let you experience the most ignoble of deaths. Follow me, Beybolat.

Don’t touch him! Don’t take my valiant away, don’t take him away! Let go of him! Oy, don’t take him away! We will lead our Army as far as to this area here. This way, we will pull half of Hulagu Khan’s Army aft r us, to the north of Tabriz [The Berke-Hulagu war, fought in 1260’s] The rest will be up to you] And we, for one, will focus on the Turkmen tribes dwelling in this area here. Thus, we would ensnare the rest of Mongols that would be left behind in Anatolia. Hulagu Khan’s army will be split in two. As a result, they will neither be able to send support from the North of Anatolia… nor will those who remained in Anatolia, be able to pass to the North. Hopefully, you will be able to put an end to these Mongol’s raids, within the shortest time. EyvAllah (thank you).

I will be pleased to inform Berke Khan that the alliance has been concluded. If you allow me. Of course. Praise be to Allah, we’ve overcome a great hurdle. Now we have to attend to the other one. What will we do about Mongols raiding the tribes, my Bey? The one thing they want from us is that chest with our most vital information. Everything now depends on that chest, Turgut. Well, what will youdojthen? Stop right there! Turgut! Bamsi! Hold on there. Mother U UJ O^IAI Where did they take my baby? They are burning everything to the ground. These butchers will not spare my grandson. Hayme Mother, don’t be upset.

My brother is here now, he will do something. Your brother who licks boots of these Mongol dogs, will do something, llbilge Hatun? I knew who you were, but now everybody knows it too. You will regret what you just said, Selcan Hatun. My brother talks inside for the sake of all. If it wasn’t for him, Gunduz Alp would be dead now. O, yes. Enough’ Enough!! Enough!! Our tribe has been invaded, my grandchildren are missing, and you still squabble and quarrel. Did your brother know that the Mongols were going to attack us, ha? What does that mean, Hayme Mother’? If he knew that the Mongols were coming, would he leave us here then? My brother came here for the benefit of everyone. Tell us then, llbilge Hatun. did you brother intend to invade our tent and. get his hooks into us, as that Mongol dog said, ha? Is that why he slyly got close to us and insisted upon this marriage? Your words cast aspersion upon our honor, Selcan Hatun. You went beyond your limits and boundaries. When we need to stand as one, your tongues is busy sowing strife among us. Keep your tongue on the leash. My little one -Mother. Oy, grandma’s heart! Oy, grandma’s joy, I would sacrifice myself for you. Oy, my little one. My Ertugrul, where are you? O my Lord (Rabb) keep my children safe.

Where is my grandson, o my Allah? Ah, my mother We have entrusted you with the duty of finding that stolen chest, which Hulagu Khan is after. I know. But. Ertugrul is not someone you may just grab by the collar and ask for the chest. I had to proceed wisely here. For. Ertugrul would not tell me where the chest is, even if he were to die. Therefore, you choose to send your sister to Ertugrul’s bed, did you? If you did your duty, it would not come to this, in the first place. Who is now going to extricate all these tribes from my clutches? No one would do it, of course.

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