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EPISODE 27 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 27 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Do I have permission, my Sultan? Come in. You summoned me, my Sultan. What is the situation within the army? The commanders/Suba§i are in full charge of their units, my Sultan. The catapults and the arbalests will be ready any time now, too. [Arbalest – a large heavy steel crossbow] In addition, enough mules and horses were obtained for their transport. Excellent. Now, take this letter and… make sure it’s delivered to Mahperi Hatun in Alaiye. Before we leave for the campaign, she is to… come to Konya with my son Giyasettin. I would like to see them. And Ertugrul Bey will be here soon. There are important things I must communicate to them and to Ertugrul Bey. As you command, my Sultan. Also, poets and scholars wish to… present themselves at your Divan before you leave for the campaign. [Divan – the privy council of the Oriental State] Kul All, the Oguz’s renowned poet, has arrived to Konya upon your order. [All Kul Ghali-famous poet; 1183-1236] They seek an audience with you. Very well He is also welcome to come. As we sharpen our swords for battle, it would behoove us to keep our spirits bright. Such a Divan has not been held for a long time. Divan will be convened tomorrow.

My Emirs and my Commanders are obliged to attend it, too. As you command, my Sultan. My moth r My mother, hold on my mother, hold on O my Allah, o my Lord (Rabb), give strength to my mother. Hatuns. Hayme Hatun’s condition is not good. She is fighting for breath, so give her a little space, please. Artuk Bey, Artuk Bey, I brought your saddlebags. I got your saddlebags. O my Lord (Rabb)… o my Lord (Rabb), You are Al Shaffee (the Only Healer). You are the Knower of everything. Hayme Hatun is not in a good state at all, my Bey. Artuk Bey, Artuk Bey, let’s go scour the mountains, the hills to find a cure. Eeh, let’s go and get whatever it is that will help my mother. Bamsi, it will not help in this situation. You just leave here and let me take care of the situation. Don’t let yourself fall into pieces, sister. Our Hayme Mother will be fine. Moth r1 O my Lord R bb) o Lord (Rabb), Your wisdom cannot be questioned. You are Al Shaffee (the Only Healer). Do not take our mother… a part of our soul, away from us, o Lord (Rabb). Mother Mother Artuk B y’ Get me the water quickly, Halime, get the water at once. Aag A|/| Ah Is there permission, Blessed Emir?

Com in Blessed Emir. Say it Goktug. Is what I heard the truth, Blessed Emir? It IS. Ertugrul conquered Karacahisar fortress, single-handedly. And now, the Sultan has. given him Sogut and adjoining areas as his homeland. And there is even more. Ertugrul is coming here to deliver the one fifth of the prize. If Ertugrul shares his suspicions about you with the Sultan… His suspicions? Ertugrul no longer harbor any suspicions, Goktug. I’m pretty much sure that he knows everything about me. And he’s now coming here to… reveal to the Sultan everything he has learned. what are you going to do, Sir It is too early for the Sultan to die, Goktug. The Prince to replace him and his mother are not under my thumb yet. In case of Sultan’s early death, my adversaries in the court will want to… skin me alive first, then hang me above the Palace’s door. Well, what about Ertugrul? We have tried to kill him, so hard] If we do not succeed this time, all suspicious will fall on us.

This time round the Sultan would not spare our lives. In that case, you are obliged to prove your innocence in the Sultan’s eyes… you have no other choice, Blessed Emir. The Sultan must be convinced that the one behind his poisoning… in the Hanli Bazaar, has been given a deserved punishment. And for Ertugrul. I must be completely above suspicion in his eyes. He should give up on that, so we can move forwards in a strong steady way. We need a sacrificial lamb to accomplish this, Goktug. Who will be our sacrificial lamb, Sir? Nizamettin Emir Nizamettin. Emir Nizamettin. He sent notice that he won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s Divan of poets. which is organized by Sultan and he sent a gift chest. I’ve learned of that, Blessed Emir. You’re going to replace Emir Nizamettin’s chest… with this one that I prepared. The Sultan will receive his gift from this chest.

What will be our gift for the Sultan, my Blessed Emir? I will make a memorable gift for the Sultan. It will be legendary. So, will the sultan die? We will do our part. The rest is up to Azrael (Angel of Death). When those Mongol villains… have killed… our mothers and fathers… we were left. . all alone roaming in the mountain. My Ertugrul Bey found us and he brought us to the tribe. Hayme Mother became our mother… and my Suleyman Shah our father. Our Ertugrul Bey became more then… our brother Turgut brother Ah, Turgut, brother If not for them, where would we be now? Maybe we would be affiliated with the bandits now. Our situation would be so different. Brother, they didn’t let us feel like orphans nor be without parent’s guidance. How can we ever repay their kindness, brother? My brother We need to find a cure that will help our Hayme Mother pull through. Standing idle like this, with our hands tied… comes heavy on me, brother. It comes so heavy. Turgut’ It’s eating me up inside Tu gut Turgut Hayme Mother will be alright. She will be fine In shaa Allah.

Son Who is that baby? This is my son Osman, mother. uewso Ah, my beautiful little one His eyes are as a flame of fire. The Divine Nur (light) shines through his face. What a handsome baby he is, isn’t he, mother? He will carry on the name of his ancestors and… he will become a valiant Statesman, In shaa Allah In shaa Allah In this world everyone eventually has to die. I’m here today, tomorrow I may be gone. Bring him up just like you saw… how your mother and father raise you. We will bring Osman up together, mother. My brothers, my sons and I… we all felt your mother’s touch, mother. You sung us to sleep with lullabies My Osman will also feel the touch of… your hand and your breath, mother. Hayme Mother’s arms will receive this lion, too. He too. will grow up in your arms. UBIUSQ Mother UBLUSQ My All h Praise be to Allah, my mother came to herself. Mother! That apparatus is splendid, Blessed Emir. In shaa Allah, it won’t misfire in the Sultans presence. Well, let’s try it then, see if it will misfire? As you order And what is that, Blessed Emir? It’s poison Moreover, it’s the very same one, fed to the Sultan earlier. The chief physician knows this poison very well. Then, when the chief physician inspects it, he will… identify the poison and the former poisoning attempt will fall on Emir Nizamettin, too.

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