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EPISODE 27 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is Episode number 27 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. ou may kill me and everyone here if you want. But I don’t have what you want with me But, there is a path leading to that, known only to me. What pathjs that tell us then. First you have to hand me the key to open that path for you. What key is that? My son Osman. Ertugrul Bey. Commander Alincak. It wouldn’t be of benefit to anyone, if our swords start talking. If this can be solved by mutual agreement, there will be no need for swords. Everyone should have a say. Nokers, get out! Now, whatever you re going to say would either save the life of your family. or it would be your death verdict. Is there permission, Mengii Hatun? It’s me, Melik§ah. Of course, come jn, Melik§ah Alp. What is it. Melik§ah Alp, is there something you want to tell me? There is not a moment to lose. What is this? Our Ertugrul Bey sent this to llbilge Hatun. It’s confidential. Give it to her without anyone noticing.

If I do not get my son Osman back, you would not get what you want either I have to get assurance that my son is alive, before I bring you what you want. You are a man. capable enough to save yourself from death by the edge of our sword, Ertugrul Bey. Well then know that we know very well how to negotiate too just as you do. Then bring me what I want. This cannot be done immediately I need you to give me three days. IUIU|~| Three days will be enough for you to bring me the chest. But if you don’t bring it, you can still have your son back. but, it would be only his dead body.

Three days are enough for many things. By the way. the new Bey of Principality in these lands is Beybolat now, know that. It takes more than a few buckets of water to turn the waterwheel. Commander. Beylik of Principality is obtained by the right of the sword. And not in the shadow of someone else’s sword. We might not dismiss you altogether, you know. If we both get what we want… I will spare your life, provided you submit to us. I would not want to sacrifice a Bey like you, just like that. You cannot tame the wolf with the noose that goes around the fox’s neck. m going now Whatever score you might have, you will settle it with me upon my return. My mother and Artuk Bey have no place at your table. Take anyone you wish with you. Just bring me what I want. Le s go Artuk Bey Be sea ed. Oh-Aah1 My Turgut Bey. My Bamsi Head-Alp. Welcome to you both What are you doing here? You scared me out of my wits. We thought it’d be^joodjo^isit Bell-ringer who saved our Bay, at his own home. Besi es. we are here to give you a duty too… Bell-ringer.

Ah’ Your wish is my command. I will do whatever I can. EyvAllah (that’s good). Dragos he has made a deal with our Ertugrul Bey .. Bell-ringer. The Mongols have to be purged from these lands. And, Dragos knows that very well, too. Dragos what a cruel and sinful person he is. He is a devil who has set his eyes our fraternity in Sogut. Never mind that now, Bell-ringer. As of now our Ertugrul Bey wants you to be our liaison with Dragos Besides, no one will suspect you. Henceforth, any information you get, you will come and tell us. Being just one poor miserable Bell-ringer. . I would be honored to fulfill any request of our Ertugrul Bey. I will do everything I can and anything that is needed to expel those Mongols from here. EyvAllah(thank you). Bell-ringer. EyvAllah. It will not be only the hyenas that will perish in this war. But also, any wolf in sheep s clothing will come into the open. Bell-ringer! In shaa Allah. I hope so, my Bamsi Head-Alp. I do hope so. I am all right my lamb I am fine Mother. 1 hat could that be, that thing these villains want in exchange for Osman? I don’t know what this mad dog wants from Ertugrul Bey, my daughter. What else can they seek except their death, mother.

What about Osman9 Where did they take my brother? O my Allah (swt). please You save our sanity. Mother, what if these villains do something bad to Osman, despite getting what they want? Selcan Hatun. don’t work yourself up. Our Ertugrul Bey will not leave Osman in their hands. It was obvious that it would come to this. I told you. these foxfes would swoop down on our tribe and our tent . like carrion craws! I told you that! I know these degenerates. Whatever place they came Selcan! Selcan, that s enough. Enough, my daughter When a tribe falls to pieces, it’s hatuns’ duty to consolidate it again don’t you know that? Our duty is to follow our Ertugrul Bey’s instructions to the letter. There you are, Kayi hatuns! And, I was just looking out for you. What s the matter, Sirma Hatun? As you know, the one in charge of supervising hatuns work from now…is me. That being so. we will be getting down to work early tomorrow. That’s what I came to say.

We know very well > /hat we’re supposed to do. There is no need for your meddling. Of course, you know what you have to do. But the responsibility is with me. And. I will be held accountable. I will not tolerate slackness. Just wanted you to know that. Mother My Allah, what is this cruelty? My brother what did you get involved in? Where have you been, Mengu?I was looking for you, my Mistress. Melik§ah Alp brought this, just a little while ago What is that7 Ertugrul Bey sent you this. Melik§ah Alp said it is confidential. Ilbilge Hatun… I was confident in the past that you would always sides with. what is right. So. now it is time to show it again. I want you to make it look as if you’re against me and. collect information for me. Osman’s life depends on. the information you may learn. If you set out towards Karagam. [Karagam – Village of YunusEmre town] I will meet you along the way ” My Allah, assist Ertugrul Bey against these tyrants. What are you doing here? I’m going to see our Bey of Principality, Beybolat Bey. Commander Alincak and Beybolat Bey have meeting. Come when it’s over. Get hold of yourself! I am sister of our Bey of Principality, Beybolat Bey. Don 11 have the right to wait for him in the main tent9 You don t! There is no such instruction.

Go to your tent. Then go in there and tell Commander Alincak… The sister of our Bey of Principality, Beybolat Bey, has arrived. And, I’m going to throw her out of the main tent.” Let’s see what order he will give you then. Go. stand guard outside of the tent. We have to discuss important matters in there. And, don’t let anyone in. Off you go! What are you still waiting for? Won t you heed my words? Did you send a messenger to Dragos. Subutay? We did. We ve informed Dragos that you want to see him tomorrow at the Han. He will come -That s good. Let him come. I’ll have a word with him too. Let s see whether he would show bullheadedness again.

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