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EPISODE 30 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Diriliş Ertuğrul Season 3 EPISODE number 30th with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul is discussing with his mother about Ural to spend his last night in his tribe before execution. His mother Hayma tells him that this is the time for mercy. Ertugrul also agree with Mother Hayma. Visuilis is thinking about to save Ural. He thinks that if Ural dies Ertugrul will become more powerful. Their plan will be ruined if Ural dies and Aliyar and Ertugrul united. Visuilis and Petrus strategy is Divide and rule. If Cavdar and Kayi tribe become one then all Turkmen tribes will be united under their flag. They decided to prevent it. Petrus advise him to kill Aliyar but visuilis don’t agree with. While talking visuilis got a letter from his emperor. After reading the letter he becomes angry. Petrus ask him about the news in the letter. In the letter Emperor wrote about the position of visuilis. He appoint him as the new manager of Castle.

Visuilis is not happy with that because he wants to get out Turks from their land. Emperor instructs him to hold peace and make situation worst as the Governer murderer has been avenged. Visuilis calls his emperor a coward. While they are talking, a guard comes and inform visuilis about the Helena is coming. Petrus hide behind the throne because Helena has seen his face when their emperor was attacked by him. Helena comes to visuilis. Visuilis tells him about the Letter that he is appointed as the New Governer of Castle. Helena comes on her knees and pray for him to stay blessed. Visuilis also tells Helena that he wants her to stay with him.

Helena is agree but he wants to learn about Laskaris and everything. Ertugrul calls Noorgul and orders him to take Ural to his tribe to stay his last night. He also instructs him about the safety of Ural is his responsibility. Noorgul was not agree with Ertugrul decision but he doesn’t say anything. Visuilis tells Petrus that only one man can kill Ertugrul and Aliyar AMD that is Ural. When Petrus asks him that how will you save the Ural from execution. Visuilis tells him that I ll not but you will save him. Helena has seen your face so she will recognise you as the killer so Ural will be acquitted.

This is the 2nd Episode of Four Quick Episode. We are trying to work for as your interest can develop. Some people are still not happy. They are unhappy people. Nobody can make a smile on their faces. They are Rondus. Password for this Episode is QuickEpisodeSaturdayc.

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