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EPISODE 30 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 30 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. We will be notified of everything, so much so that we will know.. of every breath they take and every step they make. I will be there, as well. You will stay in the tribe. My Osman! Water. Wather. -Wather. Here you are. my brave-heart. Drink it, my lion. Drink it. my valiant. Go on, sip at it. Aag A|/| Come here. Look. I’m here, Osman. See, your father is here, my Osman. Say a word or two, my valiant. Osman! Osman look at me. See, I’m Bamsi Head-Alp. Say something. Osman, anything at all. Come on, my valiant. Did you understand me? We did my Bey Off you go Welcome, Commander Alincak. Peaks of the Great Mountains have enlivened me, Beybolat. I yielded my body to the soil, my soul to the sky, and I came purified But now we are surrounded w th these accursed stones, yet again.

If Ertugrul doesn t bring us what we requested… we will raze all this to the ground and erect out tent on its place Let s see if Ertugrul would be as good as his word. If he doesn’t, everyone will see what I will do then. You have established your order in Sogiit fairly quickly. Your authority is felt all over the place. I didn t want to shatt r your confidence in us. People are frightened pretty much, for now. But with passing of time, they will get used to your power. People around here are as generous as these lands are. Yet. that would not be enough to tie them to us, if we try it using our power alone. For, they might then get into habit to side up with whoever holds the power They must be tied to us by the soul-bonds. How could it be achieved? We have to get them to abandon their religion. Ne must get all of them to turn to and accept Gok Tengri.

We must get it into their blood in such a way that… all of them will hold the same belief as us. That way, they will be convinced that they are part of us. What do you think? Would this be difficult to achieve? It would not be just difficult! It would be impossible! You’ve been waging war against Muslims for so many years. But still, you didn’t get to know them at all, Commander. What am I supposed to know about them? How will you force this people to abandon their faith… when they would utter Shahada rather than surrender to the enemy? [Shahadah – The Testimony] How will you plant another faith in the blood of people… who will struggle to hold on to the Qur’an and for the Adhan. . to the last drop of their blood? These people took their faith into their hearts as their armor, Commander Alincak. Is there any sword that can pierce that armor? You sound like you are an enemy to us, Beybolat! Don’t forget that you aligned yourself with us. Since you know them better than we do, then tell us what should we do? You are correct. I aligned myself with you. But, Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah), I am a Muslim. For the sake of my duty. I wouldnt acknowledge even my own father, if needs be. But I would never accept to perform a duty that will defile my religion. Nor will I serve anyone in this regard so be warned! My son. My Osman. Come on, tell us a word or two. my valiant. na I am… Ertugrul Bey’s son. Osman. I never surrendered to the Mongols’ game. That’s my lion. That’s my lion. What is the situation in our tribe father?

How are my grandma and my brothers? Everyone is well, my brave-heart. You don t worry. You will be reunited with them soon enough. Come here, you miserable hunchback! Yes my Bey. My belly is growling from hunger. Go tell them to get some meat ready for me. And do not dip those accursed fingers of yours, in my meal. Else. I will feed you to my dogs. Right away my Bey. You displayed your rule and order everyplace. That was really quick. It seems you were just waiting to get hold of the Beylik of Principality I didn’t want to disgrace my pure face before those who saw me worthy of this rank. Always be like this. You’ve seen the fate of those who disgraced their faces. Their share was their red blood on a black soil. Who is this? Why didn t he stand up? He is the Imam of Sogiit. [a worship leader of a Mosque] o, le is v ogu s mam. is le. Command Don t you know who I am? I do. The very one who is killing innocents and… razing towns to the ground… Alincak. So you’ve heard of my reputation and my glory! If that is so. why didn t you stand up. then? Our religion commands us. . to be dignified before infidels and oppressors. I hose who carry Iman (raith) in their breast would never bow down before anyone, other than Allah (swt). If we accord our respect to someone, we do it only for Allah s sake. However, those whose breasts are devoid of faith… would not inspire us to move even a hair.You would disregard our strength our power and our fame that have spread beyond the borders? Aren’t you afraid of our wrath?

My concept of the sacred recognize.. no glory other than the glory of Allah’s Absolute Existence, nor… authority other than the reputed authority of Rasool’Allah (pbuh). [Messenger of Allah] And, with regard to your wrath… we are only afraid of the wrath of Allah, the Lord (Rabb) of the worlds. My sword lies on your jugular vein. Let me see who is going to save you now? The One Who is nearer to us than [our] jugular vein… [Surah Qaf; 50:16] Allah Azza wa Jal. [Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic] For you this world is like some Palace, while for us… it is just a place we briefly visit, before we reach our adobe in the Akhirah (Hereafter). [refers to Hadith 2956. Muslim] As much as you are addicted to your life of dissipation… that much we are devoted to our Shahadah. [the Testimony of faith: 1st pillar of Islam] Today, that army and this sword you rely on so much, may ravage any land on your path… and may slaughter innocent people along the way. However, it will be… on everybody’s lips in the both worlds that.. we were the ones who were slain, but have never bowed down to anyone… other than Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala. [the most Glorified the most High] What kind of submission.. what kind of faith… is that? We take refuge in the verse: “And whosoever puts their trust… in Allah, then He [alone] is sufficient for them. [At-Talaq 65:3] Who can do anything, unless ordained by Allah (swt)? [refers to Surats: 9.51 76:30] By tyrannizing the innocents, you have effectively… declared the war against Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala. the Al-Qahhar. [Al-Qahhar – The Irresistible Subduer] You will realize the type of war you are involved in and against whom you are waging it. Yet you are not even aware of what you’re doing. By attacking Muslims… you have opened the gates of Hell for yourselves. Password for this Episode is OsmanEagle30.

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