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EPISODE 31 Barbaroslar Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 31 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The black cloth that I wrapped around the grasp of my the sign of my revenge, Don Diego.The revenge of the woman I loved and my closest friend.My heart will be eased, when I take your life with this sword.You killed my brother.You took Cicel from me.When they are compared, your revenge is like nothing beside mine.But you will be able to find no time for revenge, Don Diego.Soon, you'll come together with your brother in hell.

I killed the both women!-Rosa!-Don Diego told me not to kill them.-But I killed them intentionally anyway.-Rosa!-Take your revenge from me and leave him.-Rosa, no!I killed them. I killed your closest friend.I killed the woman you loved, too.She fell down right before my eyes. I shot her.Understand?Kill me.I am not afraid of death.Kill me.Hizir Reis!Attack!Attack!May your conquest be blessed, Oruc Reis.InshAllah, this conquest will lead to greater conquests.May your sultanate of the seas be eternal, inshAllah.

EyvAllah, Dervish Father.But we will need your help for the recovery of Cicel.As you command.You killed that bastard, who caused the death of Meryem and Isabelle.I've been glad for it most.You've eased our hearts.Our revenge is not complete yet, aunt.When I take Don Diego's head, our revenge will be completed.Hizir cornered him in Algeria.But there is still no news. Can there be a problem?

I sent Ilyas and levents there just in case.They will check there.We don't need Don Diego only for our revenge.We impressed our seal on the West Mediterranean by taking Cicel.Everyone is going to take action to rip us out of here now.First and foremost, the Spaniards.And Don Diego will be in the forefront.For the success of our goals in the West Mediterranean......we have to end Don Diego.We need to get away from here.

They killed my brother.They took-Cicel from me! I'm going nowhere without taking my revenge They are taking down our-men one by one! If we don't leave, they will also capture us!Emir Selim Tumi is waiting for you. We need to be quick.He's right! We can take our revenge, after we return home! We need to go now Let's see who are the bastards saving Don Diego from us?Selim Tumi's dog, Firaz.

As if your treacheries were not enough, are you working with Don Diego now?You damn dogsDon Diego got away from our hands at the last minute.But we know where he is thanks to you now.You can't cope with Emir Selim Tumi.If you kill me, he will make you regret for it.He's taken our arch enemy from our hands.You think we will be afraid of capturing you?Take him, Yareli!Come on! Move now!Get off!He will tell us whatever he knows, while he is with Oruc Aga!

And what about Don Diego, Reis?I am sure he's taken shelter in Algeria.We know where he is now.And we know how we are going to take him.Come in.Don Diego! What happened?Damned Barbarosa Brothers!They kill my brother, Petro.I was just about to corner Hizir.We had to retreat.And what about Firaz?Where is he?I said they killed my brother.They took Cicel from me.I had to retreat without taking my revenge.And you are talking about your man!If they've captured them, they will make him talk.

They will learn that I blew up the ships, I saved you and we are working together!Let them leaWthen!Why did you save me, huh?So that I can fight together with you against them, right?We can fight together now.Oruc is going to attack us right away, our alliance does not matter now!You have few men left.We needed to gain some time, but it's too late now.Even if I have few men left.....even if I don't ave any men left.....I will find a way and increase the number of my men.My name is Don Diego.

No one and nothing can weaken me!I will take my brother’s revenge......and get Cicel back!I will wipe everything about these lands!Just when we got Don Diego, Selim Tumi's men attacked.His aide is a proof for that.It looks like Selim has been working together with Don Diego since the beginning.It was Selim who blew my ship with the innocent people in it, right?We are not involved in that.Yareli.

When Reis asks you a question, answer nicely.We did it!When you did not return the people in the ship.....Emir Hadrath ordered us to blow the ship up.Selim Tumi's enmity is proven now.And by protecting Don Diego, he crossed the line.They will attack us together, Aga.We should act before them.And we should start any preparations for that Aga Reis.What's important for us is Don Diego.First, we will go and take Don Diego from Selim.

If he doesn't give him to us......he will know that he will lose his head, and Algeria.Should we cut this dog's head and send it to his owner?Selim Tumi will want to take his men from us.I will go to Algeria and speak to him.If he gives us what we want......we can give him his man back.EyvAllah.I will send spying ships to the seas.That way, we will learn how Don Diego is going to attack to us.And we will make our move accordingly.Leverts should be on alert, Ilyas.

If Selim does not give Don Diego to us......he will pay dearly for it.Don Dieg©-.You couldn't send Oruc and Hizir's head to the king......and also, you lost Cicel.The king will kill you, let alone support you!You......couldn't learn about Don Diego's power yet, Selim Tumi!He has powerful friends in all parts of Mediterranean Sea.Is that so?H’ $Who are those powerful friends?You will see when they arrive.Come in.8 g' *Emir Hadrath.Oruc's men came to Algeria.

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