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EPISODE 34 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 34 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Today, that Sun has emerged again. The thundering waterfalls of our power have burst the dams of slavery and… have razed the cairns of their tyranny to the ground. Our passion is the blessed one. Our Daw’ah is from time immemorial to the post-eternity. Let it be known that, wherever the Kayi banner is hanged, no one… will be able to remove it from there, before the last Kayi is gone. You suffered so many difficulties, ever since we have… been robbed of our Beylik’s post, I know it well. Now the order has been restored to the way it used to be. Excess taxes are abolished. My Allah, praise be to You Praise be to You! Tyrany and fear have been disposed of, and… the justice has manifested its face once again.

From now. we will all live in peace and tranquility. With peace and justice, we will make our homeland and.. our trade stronger, yet again. Justice forever… freedom forever! Long live my Ertugrul Bey! Long live my Ertugrul Bey! Long live my Ertugrul Bey!! Long live my Ertugrul Bey’ Long live my Ertugrul Bey! Long live my Ertugrul Bey Long live my Ertugrul Bey! Long live my Ertugrul Bey’ We mana ed to et the chest. Sir. Excellent. You did great, Uranos You showed them who we are. Is your wound serious? No, it’s not serious, Sir. That cursed Beybolat struck me, but he couldn’t kill me. what happened to our man who went after Keykavus? Where is Keykavus? They took Keykavus, Sir Who? I don t know Sir. Their faces have been masked. They killed the rest of our men and the Mongols, as well. Damn it all, he slipped through our fingers. Who do you think they were. Sir? Ertugrul He is smarter than we thought. He is involved in this.

At least we got the chest, Sir You are right. Let’s return to the fort, before we get into something else. Give me the chest. Come on What do you think you were doing, huh? What does it mean taking my banners down? My Bey. Yinal Yinal. Yinal Yinal! Yinal! Yinal Yinal. hold on my lion You will live, hang on Aag A|/| Yinal. My Bey . Aag A|/| Pardon me for any wrong done in this world. Yinal. iieuiA Yinal I give my solemn oath, your blood will not go unavanged. It will not, my lion Take Yinal to our tribe without delay I m going to bring them to reckoning for this betrayal. Brother. They turned a deaf ear to whatever we said. Is that so? Then, let me tell them what s what. Alps! Is Ertugrul Bey in there? Our Bey of Principality is inside. The Bey of Principality, is he now, hah? Do you think you can take the Beylik of Principality… by treason and hanging your banners behind my back? You will suffer dear consequences for doing this. Move out of my way! Ertugrul Bey Where is Ertugrul Bey? You can’t go through, Beybolat Bey! Are you aware what you’re doing, ha? What gives you this courage, ha? Our swords . our customs… and our hearts. Is highhandedness prescribed in your customs. Ertugrul Bey? You will pay dearly for this outrage. You may leave, Alps, we will talk in private.

As you command, my Bey. Highhandedness is the way of those on whom you rely, Beybolat Bey. And by relying on them… you went beyond your boundaries. I ve crushed their tyranny with my sword, and those… who did not know their limits, I put in their place. Don’t you dare accuse me of not knowing my limits. Ertugrul Bey. Did I ask to be given the Baylik of Principality? They granted me one. What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to throw it back in their faces? Have they also demanded from you to assault my tribe… to forbid us from entering the main tent. . and to lay down the laws that were not based on customs? I’ve seen all of your many faces, Beybolat Bey.

From now on, I will no longer show leniency to anyone. But, your biggest mistake was not that you placed… too much reliance on the Mongols. But that you believed that I won’t reclaim what’s mine by the right of my sword. You are now paying the price for that. If I gathered my Alps and carried out an attack here… if I took down all Kayi flags and declared my power… what would you have done in my place then, Ertugrul Bey? You yourself saw what I have done. If you want to repeat it, then… you dig your graves first, and then come at me. Alincak won’t be able to favor you with anything, right now. Let him first deliver Keykavus and the chest to Hulagu Khan… then when he returns, he will face it too. There is no chest… and no Keykavus, either. What do you mean, there is not? Ne were drawn into such a battle, that it was like… the Mahshar (place of resurrection) [Bukhari, Muslim, at-Taj, V, 364-5] And. they took away both, the chest and Keykavus. Subutay was killed also. That’s too bad Alincak would not be able to cope with this. Not only to you but he will not be of any benefit even to himself, from now. I told you that you were wrong to place your reliance in the Mongols. I said that if the prop up behind your back goes missing… the only thing you d see would be a sword descending upon you. What will you do now? Are you going to obey the one who holds the authority… or are you going to watch that sword suspended over your head? I have a funeral to attend to, Ertugrul Bey. I have lost Yinal in that battle.I will take care of that first, than… I will come back to you.

As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my Khodja. Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my Khodja Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my Khodja Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too) As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my Khodja. Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Masha Allah, children! You seem to be in good spirits today. Today is a blessed day. my Khodja. Who else should rejoice, if not us? Ne got Sogut and Principality’s Beylik back. We re victorious. Khodja. We prevailed, praise be to Allah, Khodja. Now, no one can stand in our way anymore. Well, since we are talking on the subject of victory… it means that today we should study His Divine name of Al- Azeez. [The All Mighty. The Invincible. The Noble.

The Elevated] Al- Azeez Jalla Jalaluhu (the Most Exalted [Quran, 2:260; 3:4; 9:40; 26:68: 59:23.. To Whom belongs all Honor and Glory [Quran 4:139] He is Al-Ghaalib, the One who overcomes everything. [Al-Ghaalib – Victor. Dominant: Quran, 12:21] There is no power that can resist Him (swt). The One Who is always Victorious. As Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala, in the noble Qur’an… introduces Himself and His Power to us, He describes Himself as… Al-Rahman. Al-Raheem: The Most Beneficent, The Merciful. Password for this Episode is dIRsEa5wURsU3401.

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