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EPISODE 35 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 35 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Alps wait here. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my valiant. Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Where are your mother and father? There is my grandmother. Who are you. what do you want? We’re your guests, my lion. Tell your grandmother that we are here. Grandma -Ha, son? Three men are here, they say they are guests. My son. guests are not kept waiting. Call them in As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you) mother. Alaykumu as-salam, son. Come, sit here. May you live long, mother I’ll do it. My vision is no longer good. Who are you who is your family9 Where are you from and where are you going? Just a poor guest coming from Al Hayy going to Hu (swt). mother [Al Hayy – The Everlasting Allah, Hu – Him] Son, we have to welcome our guests.

Go on, bring us some Ayran (a salty yoghurt). What is keeping this Alincak? They are coming, my Bey. And, what’s that supposed to mean Commander? The Yassa of our Khan states that “a man who… [alludes to Genghis Khan] failed to complete his duty is like a horse with a broken leg [Yassa – a secret Code of Law by Genghis Khan] They’re both useless! They both must be slain! Those who failed to fulfill their duty are already dead, anyway. You were there, as well. They spirited away both, Keykavus and the chest! And you have done nothing! They dropped the head of my right hand man my lap. And you are also one of those who brought about this humiliation. I went there along with him as you have ordered me to And I did what I could They have killed my closest man, too. This duty was your responsibility, Commander Alincak.

And now instead of sitting down and thinking what to do about this you pulled your sword on me. You better think what you will do when Hulagu Khan learns that… both, Keykavus and the chest slipped through your fingers. Berke Khan’s spies are popping up everywhere under every stone. How come you failed to notice it, Beybolat? They sneaked among us, disguised as Nokers. Besides, they couldn t have done all of this, just on their own There must be some persons in these lands who are collaborating with them. Who could it be9 Ertugrul. Ertugrul? What s he got to do with this? After we left Sogiit, Ertugrul reclaimed the Beylik of Principality. He reclaimed the Beylik of Principality, did he? How was that possible7 Didnt they put up any resistance?

He made use of our absence and carried out an attack on Sogiit. He detained my Alps and displayed Kayis banners all over the place. Ertugrul has proclaimed the Beylik of Principality as his, Commander. Who is this Hatun mother? Is she your daughter7 No. son, she is not my daughter. But, I consider her as my own daughter. The infidels have killed her husband. She was pregnant and destitute. She was left all alone. I brought her here and now I’m looking after her. Do you have any relatives, mother? Are you able to be a mother to this hatun, in your situation? I had a son and daughter-in-law. but their time came and a soil shrouded them As for this hatun, well… in this world everyone has to follow his conscience, son. Those left alone can understand the situation of the orphans the best.

EyvAllah (it’s true), mother. EyvAllah (thank you). As I was passing by… I caught sight of your grandson and thought I’d stop by and check in on you. Is there anything you need, mother? What human needs most is to be grateful and to have a sense of satisfaction, son. I have a whole lifetime behind. But I’ve never met a wealthy person that is satisfied to the full… nor a poor one that said he was hungry. We have few animals and a tiny garden. We eat what we can sow and reap. son. We don’t covet any of this worldly goods. The only prayer I always offer when I’m on my prayer mat is for Ertugrul Bey. May Allah (swt) never leave us without him May he always hold the Beylik’s seat and protect our customs and that is enough. Do you know Ertugrul Bey, mother? ve never met him But even if I did I’d hardly be able to see him with my eyes, anyhow Why didn t you go to Ertugrul Bey and ask him for help? Why wouldn’t you go and say. My situation is like this: I’ve got a grandson and I also have… guest in my tent who is pregnant and unwell The fog never leaves the glorious peak of a high mountain, son. There are many poor and destitute ones who are worse off than us. Praise be to Allah we are able to prepare the food we eat. So long as our Ertugrul Bey is safe and healthy. While there are brave mothers with Noor glowing on their faces and prayers on their lips… Ertugrul Bey will never be brought down, mother. Now that I’ve seen your face as beautiful as a rose… and tasted you Auran, I would take my leave.

You’re leaving too soon, son Do you know Ertugrul Bey I’ve met him, mother. May your path be clear and open, son If you ever chance upon him again, tell him that… you met a Turk’s mother at the foot of Karacauz summer quarters… living in an old tent with one pillar, and that she said. May Allah (swt) take my life and add it to his.” Tell him that. With pleasure. I will tell him. mother. You are entrusted to Allah mother. Farewell son. take care of yourself At your behest, my Bey Take it, my brave-heart I cannot take it. I didn’t deserve that It is our obligation to distribute this.. and this is your right. You may take it with a clear conscience, my valiant. May Allah bless you May Allah make your children happy a thousand times more than you have made me now.

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