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EPISODE 36 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 36 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In the Episode Aliyar health is going up and he is now better. While Noorgul, Roshaan, Aliyaar and Ertugrul are talking about the future planning after Aliyar will be stand on his feet, Ertugrul tells some words of Ibn-ul-Arabi. As he says the name of Ibn-ul-Arabi, He comes a guest there and surprise all of them. Ibn-ul-Arabi recites lot of Quran verses there and courage all of them. Baar is inside the Jail with Commander Two. Helena comes to meet him. She tells him that she will talk with Governor Visuilis about to release him from here. Teo tells Babar that the women daredevils. Babar tells him about the respect of Women in Islam. Hacaturyan is worried about Baber and he tells Dumrul that why he is sitting here and not telling about Babar to Ertugrul. Dumrul tells him that first he has to get more information about him then he will inform Ertugrul Bey.

Helena comes to Governor Viduilis and talk about Babar but he refuse. Helena tells him that I am doing all this favour to him only that he saved my life once. Later on to persuade governor she also tells him about his proposal. She accept the proposal of marriage from Visuilis only for the sake of Babar. Ertugrul and his soldiers are in the search of Aslihan. They reach there where they found the horse of Aslihan. Kotluca is also searching with his soldiers but they find the dead body of Konur Bey. Ural killed him when he refuse to obey him. Helena comes to Babar with good news that Visuilis is agree to release him. Baber becomes delighted first but when Helena stops him to come to the castle, Baber broke down. She also tells him that she is going to marry with Visuilis. She tells him to convey thanks to Ertugrul as he did everything for her and her father. She also advise Baber to marry with girl in the Tribe. Visuilis gets the news from Kopek that he will give Han to him so he should bring Asl;ihan to Han. Visuilis sends his soldiers to get Aslihan from the cave to make the deal. Babar is now out from the Jail. He meets with Hacaturyan and drinks some water. The soldiers of Visuilois did not give the sword back to Baber. Baber is talking in pain that he will come back to get his swords.

Visuilis comes to Commander Two to take revenge of his dead soldiers from Turks. He tells him that this the the time of revenge. He fires his heart with revenge. He gives him his sword back and tells him to go and take revenge. Teo persuaded and he is ready to fight, His first mission is to stop Baber because Visuilis wants to use Baber against Ertugrul Mother Hayma and Halime are trying to stay untied the women of Tribe so Mother hays has a good speech at the Working place. Colpan don’t like their speech and she gets into the speech. She also provoke her women against kayi people and Ertugrul. In the end Mother hays has a good stand up against her, She stop her talking with the force. Visulis release Babar but he sets Two behind him. Teo is following Baber as he is going towards his tribe. Babar has no swords now and he fight with him without Swords.

Babar is wounded very swear. In the last scene of their fighting Babar also say Kalma e Shahadat. Teo also gets the horse of Babar can’t escape from him. Visuilis send his men to get Aslihan after receiving the letter of Saedtin Kopek but Ertugrul and his soldiers has set a trap there. When they found them there are Archers who attack them and then they fights with Ertugrul and his soldiers. All their men killed and Ertugrul is successful to save Aslihan. When Aslihan comes back to her tribe all people are very happy to see her. She meets with Mother Hayma and Halime and thank to all of them. When Colpan see her she comes ansk her about health but Aslihan akss about his broither Ural that he is much busy in his Beylick so he can’t come to save his sister. Colpan tells her that all soldiers are finding her and his elder brother is very worry about her. Aslihan has knows everything now so she replies that only Aliyar brother is really worry about her who has put his life in danger for her. Colpan tells her that how can you say that your big brother is also there and become the victim of that ambush. Aslihan replies that she knows everything now and she now very well that where is the trap actually.

Ertugrul brings Aslihan to Saedtin kopek who is in very pain for her longings. When Kopek sees Aslihan he becomes very happy and he says to Ertugrul that your respect is rise in my eyes very very much. When Ertugrul goes from there Kopek asks Aslihan to go with him to Kopnya. When the period of mourning will be ended they will marry in the palace. Mr. Arfi amnd Ertugrul are suspicios with the attitude of Kopek that how this man is changed all of sudden. Ertugrul tells everthing to Mr. Arif that what are the actual intensions of Kopek. He I s only using them to be good in the eys of Sultan. In the end Visulis comes to Han but when he sees Aslihan there his eyes are opened. This is enough story for now for this Episode. Rest of Episode you will watch on Screen. password for this Episode is LaptopExport.

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