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EPISODE 37 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Your are Watching 37th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Altun Aba is taking Prince Kilig Aslan and. his mother Melike Hatun to the fortress of Ankara.” We believe that they intend to kill them. For the sake of our Sultan’s last will and prosperity of our State. an important task fell on Ertugrul Bey’s shoulders. Ertugrul Bey should be on his way, before it’s not too late. What’s wrong, Artuk Bey? Dumrul, I must go to the tribe posthaste, but you’ll remain here. Keep an eye on Gunalp Bey. Follow his every step. As you order, my Bey. Open the door! Mother Mother Is there permission, my Bey? Come in Artuk Bey has left the fortress in secret, my Bey. I suppose he is gone to the Kayi tribe. Obviously he is going to see Ertugrul Bey. They are up to no good. Get my horse ready, let’s set off on the road.

We are going after Artuk Bey. As you order, y Bey. Open the door! Aag A|/| I’ve been constantly thinking about it, but somehow… this migration issue does not seem reasonable to me. What will we do in these parts? For years, we have faced and overcame so many hardships to make this place our home. How can we now leave this in what we have invested so much effort.. and go to another place? Besides, will the Byzantine’s infidels give us peace? I understand your concern well, but… put your heart at ease. We’ve crossed the steppes and. surmounted the lofty mountains, and we achieved great many victories. And. we know how to take the lands that our Sultan has given us as a homeland, evelAllah. And if need arises… we will bring even the Emperor to his knees.

Turgut you also know well that after the death of our Sultan. there are not many left out there who would stand by us, anymore. Now, Emir Sadeddin has taken over the State. And he nurses a grudge not only against… our Ertugrul Bey .. but against you and me as well. I wonder whether our Ertugrul Bey… should give a second thought to his decision? Aslihan if my Ertugrul Bey has made some decision. that means that he has already thought it out well. You should not trouble yourself about it. Besides… not only Emir Sadeddin, but if.. all villains unite against us, we will defeat them, evelAllah.

After we’ve united and became as one. by Allah’s leave, no one can defeat us. awi|BH A|/| Welcome back, Ertugrul. Glad to be back. My Halime… your eyes glow with a different kind of light. And the smile on your face is of another kind. What is the cause of this? Ertugrul I had this feeling for some time now. And now after seeing the midwives, I know it for certain. The midwives? Hmh Does that mean…? Hmh I am with child, Ertugrul. If it’s a son… it means that I carry our son Osman under my heart. IJUIH- 6UBUISQ Ertugrul wait there, don’t do something foolish. Ertugrul Allah Allah! Ertugr I’ My Halime My Halime. My Halime. In my dr m my noble Oguz ancestors gave me the good tidings. Hmh. -Our Osman is coming to us, mu Halime. UBIUSQ He came into my dream too, Ertugrul. The respected Ibn Arabi has placed Osman into my arms. He said he would be a valiant conqueror.

Hmh O my Almighty Allah praise be to You my Allah, o my Lord (Rabb). Praise be to You my Allah. May what we saw in our dreams, turn into good fortune, In shaa allah Hmh. May Osman be born like the sun in our new homeland… to which we have just opened a new door, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Is here permission, son? Ertugrul Come in, mother, come in here. What’s going on son? You raised such a ruckus to shake the heavens and the earth. We are expecting a baby, mother. – Hah We are expecting a baby. Our Osman is on the way, In shaa Allah. My Allah My Allah, praise be to You. I would sacrifice my life for this night of blessed hopes.

My valiant son. Oh, my valiant Mother. My gazelle-eyed. Oh My beautiful bride. Praise be to Allah (swt). May it be blessed, may it bring you joy, my baby. May you enjoy good health, mother. My lion son May Allah grant you a son who would carry on his ancestor’s name… and who would become a great Statesman, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah, mother In shaa Allah. My directive is as follows, mother. In the honor of this blessed news, may… sheep and rams from our barn be slaughtered and distributed to the people. Let the hungry ones be nourished. and those poorly dressed be clothed.

Let distribute charity to the orphans. Let’s pay off debts of those who are in debts, mother. In shaa Allah, let’s organize a great feast as soon as possible… let the piles of meat, the size of a mountain be served. let the Ayran flow like water from the lake. [Ayran – a salty yoghurt drink] May Allah never let us be without you, son. It will be as you wish, my valiant] I, I will leave now. H lim Come on, let’s take al-wudu (ablution) with clean water and perform Shukr Salaat (Thanksgiving Prayer). As you wish, my Bey. Praise be to You Allah, o Lord (Rabb). Ah Ah Eyvallah (thank you), my valiant. Is there permission, my Bey? Come m here, Abdurrahman. Artuk Bey has come, my Bey. Send him in. What is it, my ArtukBey9j Well, I’m listening, Artuk Bey. The “White Beards” have sent a messenger, my Bey. He brought you this letter. What does it say, Ertugrul Bey?

They’re going to kill the Prince Kilig Arslan and his mother. And Atabeyi Altun Aba is at their lead. You know that I’m going on a campaign with my army tomorrow, Ertugrul. You bore witness firsthand to the betrayal that runs rampant in my Palace. I am obliged to consider the prosperity of my State even after my death. Hence, I wrote a will in which I appointed the Prince who will succeed me on the throne. In my last will and testament, I decreed that Prince Kihg Arslan, my son with Melike Adile Hatun… will become the Sultan after me. As much as the appointment of Prince K1I19 Aslan will. strengthen our ties with the Ayyubid’s Dynasty, it will also… help us build a stronger alliance with. . the Muslim world in our fight against Mongols. The reason I’m informing you about my will is that… in case of a struggle for the throne between my sons. you should be clear whose ranks I wish you to support. Whose rank I support is invariably certain, my Sultan.

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