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EPISODE 39 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 39 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. What’s keeping you, Bamsi? The last thing that Berke Khan will get from us… will be your heads! The game is over. Whoever sees my sword cannot escape death Then this is the last time… you would ever see your sword. Attack them! Come on, brothers1 Come on brothers Come on. bismillah (in the name of Allah) These degenerates keep popping up like weeds Let s mow them down then brother. You and this traitor spy of yours have reached your end Come on, brothers! Translated by Melisa Dirilish Mergen… Is Mergen all right? He is. my Bamsi Head-Alp. You came in the nick of time. Good then, good You did come of the nick of time, you did., but my Head-Alp . my Ertugrul Bey have sent you after Alincak. What if my Bey is in danger? Where is my Ertugrul Bey now?

He has sent us ahead with Mergen my Bamsi Head-Alp. But. he and the rest are still there. We had to leave our position when these degenerates headed for our horses. Nokers sounded the attack and Alincak must’ve gone. in pursuit of my Ertugrul Bey and others, my Bamsi Head-Alp. There are only a handful of them there. We were supposed to go after them. we were to go after them! That was my Bey s order. Melik§ah, you take Mergen back to the tribe at once. Come on, Alps, we re going to catch up with our Ertugrul Bey. Let’s get there before something happens to them. let’s go Come on, hurry up. Alps!! Let’s be gone, Mergen. I wouldn t kill anyone without seeing his face first. Ya Allah! My valiant, my brave-heart are you all right? Hold on hold on my lion There we go Where did these cursed Albis’ come from now? [mythical craatures, inhabiting Altai Mountains] Aag A|/| My Bey All right Like a black plague, they came wreaked havoc around here and left! Let s go after them. Make haste, come on hurry up They must not escape! Are you all right, my valiant9 Can you hold on7 I’m all right. I can bear it, EvelAllah.

Don t w rry My Bey. we sent Mergen to the tribe with the Alps We got Mergen we found their location. They must be hot on our heels already. We have to get Gunduz back to the tribe! Quickly come on, make haste! They went this way. Come on! Follow them quickly They mounted their horses here and rode away. We can’t catch with them then aaa. Aaa! What is this damnation you brought on me, Gok Tengri? What sin have I committed that you cursed me like this? Calm down now, Commander. Thais the thing of the past nowj We need now to figure out where we go from here. Berke Khan’s men kidnapped the spy from our clutches And, Hiilagu Khan’s orders are in Ertugrul’s possession. You were right all along. Beybolat.

They were collaborating. But. I will bring them all to account! How did they track us down? Didn’t you say that not even Albis could find this place. Commander? Dragos either he didn’t know that he was being followed. or he himself guided them to us, on purpose. What are you going to do now9 I know what I will do. very well But.. first and foremost… there is a score to be settled among us! The spring is almost upon us. We need to look at the colours that will brighten our hearts. Whatever you want. Sirma Hatun Won’t you look for something too. Hafsa Hatun? Have we come to the Bazaar for no reason? Ilbilge Hatun I’m not quite myselfr. But, you can look to your hearts’ content. What Selcan Hatun did is still on your mind, isn’t it? How could it not be Sirma Hatun? Her words and the way she dismissed me are beyond my comprehension. You saw yourselves what she did to me. I did. didn’t I. Hafsa Hatun? So much harm inflicted for just two bites of food You saw what she did to me too. May Allah protect us from Selcan Hatun’s wickedness… that’s all I have to say It’s enough. Sirma. Let bygones be bygones. You both are the hatuns from the same tribe. Quarrels are bound to happen. You re crossed with each other today. omorrow you ma e peace. But, I admire you You are a true Hatun, and that’s that. You did the right thing by refusing to be drawn into arguments.

All right, she is suffering, we understand that. But just because you are a Bey Hatun you don’t go snapping at people like that. And, about my child. I don t know how, but he somehow heard about it. It’s not my way to fill their brains with these thingsJ But, she believes that I have incited Aybars I told you, but you wouldn t believe. She’d blow up a storm in a bucket of water. Do you know why? She dislikes you because she is jealous of you. And she holds you in contempt for being a Tekfur’s daughter. It’s a shame. I swear. A shame indeed Alps , take precautions! We have to dress Gunduz’s wound1 Get me some cloth! I wish we didn’t stop, father. You couldn’t go on like this my valiant First we have to bind your wound tight Come over there. My Bey. Even if Alincak couldn’t find us now… he won’t sit idle He is absolutely bound to stick his horns somewhare The first place he would go is the fortress He will firstly suspect them, for the attack occured… immediately after meeting themr If he goes there under such suspicions. . he will smash the place to dust. Shall we let them devour each other? We won’t Turgut You will go to the fortress right now You will warn Dragos that Alincak will be coming to the fort. We will put out such bait that. we will douse his anger and.. we’ll have Alincak walk right into our hands. EyvAllah (let it be so). Why didn’t you make it there in time, Bamsi9 Didn’t I tell you to go after Alincak as soon as they turn back? My Bey. the Nokers… they headed for our horses And we went after them… So. you deserted your positions, is that so? You’ll explain your actions when we return to the tribe, Bamsi. iruiunQ go to Sogiit at once.

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