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EPISODE 43 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 43 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Dragos will be the death of you, Ertugrul. There will be no death for you until you loosen your tongue. You will be begging me to let you die Stand him up We will take him to Sogiit. We’re not going to sacrifice one more son to that scum of the Earth, Albasti. Ilbilge Hatun! Curse it all! I shot llbilge Hatun. What was she doing here? What have you done, you imbecile? Albasti will kill us all because of you Let’s go from here quickly. What happened here? Oguz Alp. Oguz Alp is dead. My Melik§ah Alp… My Melik§ah Alp Tell us. who did this to you? Bell ., ringer Bell-ringer? Alert our Alps! … Bell-ringer must never be allowed to leave Sogut Let’s lift Melik§ah Alp up quickly We must have him treated. What’s going on Bell-ringer? What’s the rush? Where are you off to? I’ve urgent matter to attend to. I’m doing my Ertugrul Bey’s bidding. Let me pass. What are those bloodstains on you? Blood7 You murderer!

To get out of this accursed place, I’ll have to kill them one by one Ilbilge Hatun^. llbilge^Hatun^ Hang in there My sister Don’t give up on youself! Ilbilgs H tun! We must get llbilge Hatun to the tribe before it’s too late… Hurry upi Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Back then /hen I first arrived in this place… I made my escape plans in advance. I came here disguised as a Bell-ringer… but, I spilled everyone’s blood as Dragos. And now. disgused in a wealthy merchant’s attire. I will get out of here. Dragos! This is Dragos What’s going on here? Why are the Alps runnung around? What’s making these Alps rush around7 Nothing’s wrong. In shai Allah What’s going on Alps?

Asg Aw Well, what is it? There was an incident in the dungeon Two Alps were martyred. Melik§ah Alp’s situation is grave. What did you say? Oguz Alp has been slain too Oguz My brother Who did that7 Oguz and Melik§ah were. . supposed to lock Bell-ringer in dungeon. This is Beell-ringer’s doing Bell-ringer did this How could he have done that in his condition, my Bey? Bell-ringer is in fact Dragos, Turgut. Ertugrul… you took my man So I m going to fight you until all of your men are gone. If I do not make him swing like a bell… may all my blood drain out of me. You will meet with even more disasters. Dirty dog I will tear you apart.. both, you and your master! Turgut This is not the place for that, my brother. Oguz has been a brother to me my Bey. We will even the score with all of them Turgut But. for now. keep a level head Take him to Macellum. and tie him. May he serve as an example to everyone. [Macellum – an ancient Roman enclosed market building] And, keep looking for Bell-Ringer! Let’s go to the Han We need to find out from Melik§ah what happened there. Let’s go at once, my Bey. Let go! Take your hands off me! Be still! Let go of me. Don’t worry, my Bey. He is fine Beating will knock some reason into him.

Take him away nd tic him firmly. Bamsi is probably already hot on our heels, by now. Our man has thrown him a bait, long since He’ll lure him to us soon. Bamsi will very soon rely more on me than on Ertugrul. Starting with Bamsr I will cut the ground from under the entire Kayi tribe I’ll thouroughly discredit him as the Bey among his Alps… and ruin his reputation as the Principality’s Bey, among his Beys. I will erode the Alps’ loyalty to Ertugrul from deep within. In other words, it would be like killing few birds with one stone, my Bey When I finish off the man all the Turkmen tribes have been after.. the man who did all kinds of cruelty to them. my reputation in the eyes of Turkmen tribes will grow. And I’ll have the honor of killing the man w 10 ias s am ugru s nep lew u eyman… whom he himself was unable to find, and. who set Gundogdu’s hearth on fire. You will rise in Ertugrul’s eyes as well, my Bey. And finally… I will bury Ertugrul… in Albasti’s grave To that end, many of my men would be wasted. however ultumately… it will be very much worth it Well, how is she now, Artuk Bey?

Aybars We’ve done what is necessary to stabilize her, Hayme Hatun. but. she is unconscious due to the sufferinc she went throuc h. It’s good that Sirma Hatun made it here on time Otherwise she would have lost a lot more blood. They came out of nowhere Hayme Mother. We offered them the gold to let us go. but they didn’t listen I did what I could. but then I got wounded too. Aybars! My mother my mother’ Is there any word about my Aybars?

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