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EPISODE 44 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is a wonderful Episode number 44 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Kotluca informs Aliyar that Açar was out for hunting and he didn’t meet anyone. Aliyar is very smart to understand that why should Açar göre for hunting on earth. İt must be something fishy so he has to continue following him. With the order of Ural, now Açar Bey is starting planning to escape the Teo. Açar Bey asks about the situation of the cage tent. Soldiers report that two soldiers are always standing guard at the entrance and Kotluca also comes frequently to check. Açar advised putting a cutter inside the bread which they will take to Teo. İbn ul Arabi is sitting and reciting the holy Quran inside the tent. Ertugrul with all his companions enters into the tent.

İb ul Arabi welcome all of them. He tells them that I am very happy to see you all together. İf you wanna Live Together after this world you have to put the love of testimony in your heart and he also tells them that This is the Sunnah if our beloved prophet that they sit in a circle with his companions and talk in a light mood. İb ul Arabi tells them that circle of prophet starts gaps because some of them go out for the struggle and some of them go for education and some of them has been martyred by the nonbelievers. Ertugrul says that in every period there are people comes who can sacrifice their lives. İbn ul Arabi tells that the testimony is written in the destiny of special people which are chosen by Almighty Allah.

İbn ul Arabi also tells about the different companions of Prophet who has sacrificed their lives for beloved prophet or for Islam. Men of Açar Bey comes with the bread for Teo. They placed the cutter inside the bread. Kotluca has strong measures, so he split the bread to check if there is something inside the bread. Unfortunately he cannot detect the cutter and cutter has reached to in the hand if Teo. Teo gets the cutter and his refuse to eat the food and tells the soldiers that get this away because he has no appetite. When soldiers comes near him as they think that his hands are tied. Teo take the action and kill the soldiers. He is about to escape from there, fortunately, Aliyar comes to the tent and he smashes to on the ground. Aliyar is very angry with Kotluca that how this dog untied. Kotluca finds the cutter and tells him that somebody smuggled the cutter here.

Aliyar seek refuge to Allah that the traitors are still there in the Tribe. Visuilis as seized the Zuljaan in his castle Dungeon and he will send him to his Emperor. People in the castle thrown stones on Zuljaan and his condition is miserable. Visulis and Ural has taken them on the way when they were goinh to Konya for secret mission. Hacaturyan and Dumrul are watching this but cannot do anything, Dumrul was angry but Hacaturyan stops him, Dumrul goes to Ertugrul in anger. Ural and Visulis are very happy and playing Chess. Hacaturyan is remembering his old days when he was a slave and how Ertugrul save him from the tip of arrow. Aslihan has to go to the Kopek’s Mother so she comes to Kayi tribe to meet everyone with Aliyar. She gathered a lot of love from there but there is a bad news on the Kayi Tribe which yo will watch on screen. There are two sad incidents in this Episode which are very tearful so this is a very tearful Episode.

Gul Bano is preparing the clothes for Roshaan as he has to go early in the morning. She is also very sad because she is pregnant and wants her husband to be with her. Roshaan tells her that she shouldn’t be sad. He is going for the future of their child and tribe. He tells Bano that he doesn’t want that his child has to migrate like they are. Bano tells him that wherever he goes but she wants that when their baby opens his eyes he should see his father before everyone.

I have faced much many problems to upload this Video. Sometimes its Computer windows corruption and after that the procedure of uploading the video on the internet is always acheful. Because of everytime probolem of uploading Episode Video this Method is more convinent to me. Accounts are not getting blocked and videos are playing smoothly. The only problem is that i cannot upload long videos so i have split video into two parts the password for the first part of Video is RoshaanHacaturyan Password for the secon video will be announce later when it will be uploaded. Password for the second TearfulEpisode. Thank you for your patience, Watch and Enjoy!

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