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EPISODE 45 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 45 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Visuilis has set a game with Ertugrul and his soldiers and there is no Zuljaan in the Caravan but Hacaturuan body. Ertugrul and his soldiers are thinking about that who told them about Zuljaan and Roshaan are going to Konya. They go back to attend the Funeral of Roshaan. Ibn ul Arabi says the prayer of Funeral and Ertugrul himself get inside the grave and give him to the soil. Everyone is in mourning. Mother Hayma is crying for her children as she already loses his two sons which are left behind in the Season two. Now Zuljaan is missed. When Ertugrul comes empty-handed, Mother Hayma asks him where is my son. Ertugrul tells her that we cannot find him yet. Mother Hayma cant bear this and she started crying and she grant patience from Allah for this.

Ertugrul asks them that what is the condition of Gul Bano. They tell him that she is unconscious. Ertugrul advised them to be with her and don’t leave her alone. GulBano is in deep grieve and mourning. She is thinking that this tent is like a dungeon for her. Halime tells her that think about her unborn son. Gulbano tells that what will she tells her son that where is his father. Mother Hayma tells her that you can proudly tell your son that your father is martyred. He is martyred with honor for the sake of his Tribe and for his homeland. His father was a brave warrior. Moreover, Halima tells her that his braveheart uncles are also there and Ertugrul is also there.

Visuilis is very happy with his temporary victory. He gets a letter from his emperor who wants to attend the wedding of him and also wants to discuss the war to get out Turks from their lands. He comes to Helena and tells her about his victory. Helena replies that she already knew of this as Colpan has told her everything. Helena pretends to cry about that he rent her shop to the traitors of her castle. Visuilis stop her to cry and tell her the good news that they are going to the palace of Emperor. Their Emperor calls them there and their wedding will be held there in the palace. After burying the Roshaan Ertugrul and his soldiers vows to take revenge on him.

They all ready to attack the castle. Aliyar has reached to his tribe and firstly he calls Kotlkuca to arrest Acar and his daughter. Acar is planning about the future with treacherous Beys. He got the news of the death of Roshaan and missing of Zuljaan. He tells they, beys, that this is the victory of Ural. They are talking suddenly Kotluca comes in the tent and arrests all of them. They take them in the presence of Aliyar and Aliyar become very angry at all of them because they are still talking and demanding for proof. They also bring Guyali there.

Gunyali has gone to Alsihan for questioning and Acar to Kotluca. Dumrul is going back to the castle as he doesn’t know about that Haaturyan is dead and Visulis knows everything. When the soldiers of Visuilis see him they run behind him but Dumrul run away and he takes refugee to the old man which was beaten by the Visuilis before. I have to write more but tomorrow morning I will write the rest and will also upload the Episode again after final preview, Password for this Episode is FuneralShaheedRoshaan. Watch and Enjoy.

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