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EPISODE 49 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 49 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu subtitles only on exclusively. The marriage of Baber and Hafsa is done with a lot of prayers and some cultural Enjoyments. Baber and Hafsa are sitting inside their room and Hafsa is wondering to seeing all the stuff which was given by the people of Tribe as a gift. Helena says to Baber that I am feeling this all like a dream. Babar tells her that there are their customs. People give them all the blessings to set their home. Ural and Visuilis are planning to act in the tribe.

The Ural is asking the Ural that what he has promised to his Beys that they are helping him. Actually, Visuilis is in doubt about the loyalty of Beys and also Ural. Visuilis is very doubtful about the Ural that how people of Tribe will accept a Bey who is a traitor in their eyes. The Ural tells Visuilis that he offered freedom in return to Turkmen beys. They will move with me to another good place. Visuilis is laughing that The Beys are very foolish than his thinking. If he was in their place he will not leave Hanli Bazar, Goldmine and even Karachisar.

Ertugrul is talking with Noorgul that we have done Baber Marriage and it was very enjoyable. While they are talking a messenger from Turkmenm Beys come and tells Ertugrul about the council meeting in the Han is suggested by Turk Beys. Ertugrul gives him a green signal that they will be honored with their arrival. Ertugrul is sitting with his mother who is very worried about her son Zuljaan, Abdul Rehman comes and inform that People have seen Zuljaan leave the tribe in his horse. Mother Hayma who is already worried about her son Zuljaan has shocked with this news. She stands and talking with herself that Where Zuljan can go. Ertugrul asks Abdul Rehman that at this time of night where could he go. Then AbdulRehman tells them about the letter which he found from his tent. In the letter he writes that he is not worthy of this seat of Bey. He is failed to be a Solderi as well.

His mistake is make him ashmed and he cannot face his brother, Gulbano and his son so he is going to leave Tribe. In this Episode Ural plan is going on in all episodes so a loyal Bey of Ural comes to Aliyar and suggest him to send soldiers to hunt for the test their archer skills. Aliyar asks Kotluca that what he says on this they both are thinking that this Bey is now comes to their ranks and all is going well so Kotluca also agree with them. Aliyar announce that tomorrow early morning soldiers will go to hunt. Aliyar has to go to the council meeting at Han. All the tribe is now entrusted to Kotluca. After say goodbye to his soldeirs for hunt Aliyar also goes to the Han

Zuljaan is wandering around the mountains and still shamming himself that he has done a very big mistake. He is talking with him that what he has done with his lived ones so this all is his destiny. Zuljaan is thinking about his sin there and here Ertugrul is very worried to his mother situation so he comes to Inb -ul Arabi to make him ease. Ibn ul Arabi advised him to forgive his brother because he has realised his mistake. If someone realised his mistake then in our faith forgiveness is very good thing. Ibn ul Arabi like as always describes this with Quran and Ahadees. He tell Ertugrul about the migration of Prophet (S.A.W). from Makkah to Madinah. He set the brotherhood of Ansaar and Muhajir. He also recite the Quran ayat in which Allah Almighty tells us about the brotherhood.

Ibn -ul Arabi tells him about the example of sahaba that they also did mistakes but then they come and amend. Maybe Zuljaan amend his mistake in good manners. Ertugrul goes to his mother and tells her that he will get back his son Zuljaan and its is the promise of Suleman Shah’s son. Ertugrul tells his mother that he is the bey of his Tribe and son of Suleman Shah and mother like you. He is a smart man. He must come back to his Tribe as soon as possible. Mother Hayma has a hope now and she tells Ertugrul that she always trusting him. Ertugrul has also going to the council meeting in the Han. Some of solders are with him and others are gone to search for Zuljaan.

Babar is enjoying his married life with Hafsa Khatun. They are chatting on the well from they are getting water. Hafsa tell baber that its looks like that she is here from the very start and feel here like his place. Babar tells that every place is their place so she feel like this. When baber see that Safdar is running in rush he call him and asks him what is the problem then Safdar tell shim about the Zuljaan and also Council meeting. Baber asks pardon from hafsa that he has to go to his Bey. Hafsa welcome him and say off-course you should not leave Ertugrul Bey alone so he runs and comes to Ertugrul and ask where is he going without him. Ertugrul tells him that you have married recently so your spend your time to your wife and take a rest after all this happened. Babar reply in a beautiful words that they will rest in their graves. He also wants to go with them.

Ertugrul says alright. Hafsa is now left behind and halima asks her what happened why she is alone, where is Babar? Hafsa tells her that he has gone to the Han with Ertugrul to fulfil his duties. Mother Hayma comes and Halima says her that you don’t go to Workplace today. We will handle the work there. Mother hayma replies that if the other women of tribe can go back to their work after their sons martyred then how can she not go. Hafsa also wants to go with them and hayma Mother allow her to go. Gulbano is alone in her tent and she is couraging herself with the memories of Roshaan. She talk to herself that she will born this baby and he will complete the mission of his father. This is Enough for this Episode. Rest part of Episode you can watch on your screens. Password for this Episode is UralisBacktoTribe so watch and Enjoy!

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