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EPISODE 50 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This is Episode number 50 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Albasti. Do you think I’d let the spirits of dark waters claim your soul? We still have many lives to take. I came to this land for revenge. You shall stand by me. Purify and repair your soul. Freshen up. Freshen up. Freshen up. May I enter, sister? Come in. You sent for me? Come here. Yes, sister. You have played many tricks and spewed so much hate to this day. Your last trick was taking the letter from Mengu and handing it over to our brother. I thought it was a love letter, sister. Even so, you took it to our brother knowing full well what he was up to. Tell me.

Did you know that he was Albasti? I’m asking you] Did you hear my question? Did you know that Beybolat was Albasti? I can’t believe it. I swear i had no idea. I feel ashamed of myself already. Our brother has shattered what little dignity we had. He threw away our whole tribe for his reed. And you are tearing into me. Our brother took advantage of my innocence, too. Please, don’t keep me under suspicion, sister. Believe me. My only sin is obeying him.

Henceforth you shall obey me. If you do anything behind my back, I’ll judge you as fairly and objectively as if you weren’t my sister, and I will execute you in front of everyone. Now, leave. Mengu! Yes, madam. Don’t take your eyes off Sirma. As you wish, madam. Tell them to keep going after the spy. Keep tracking him. Yes, sir. Arikbuka. Am I not dead? My ancestors were holy men, Albasti.

They used to exorcise the dark spirits in people. Exorcising the water spirits in you was child’s play. Listen to me. We have a lot to talk about. Sultan Baybars said he’d come o Anatolia with his army in person, to the rescue of his Oghuz brethren. He promised to send weapons and gold aboard ships to Anatolia to aid the fight against the Mongols. Sultan Baybars’ support from the south won’t be enough by itself. he khan of Golden Horde.. Berke Han must attack from the north as well. If we manage to strike a deal ith Berke Han as we wish. we’ll have entrapped the Mongols. nd we can. stab them right in the chest. Then it all depends on your deal with Berke Han.

According to the news Mergen gave us, Berke Han’s spy is going to be at the caravansary tomorrow. We’ve been waitin for this moment for a long time. I’ll meet him tomorrow at my secret spot. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the agreement I want. And the only thing that’s left for this great war is for us to light the torch. We will do our best to put the tribes in Anatolia in order. I believe we will be able to et enough soldiers, but… the Mongols will surely continue to wreak havoc among us.

They’ll stop at nothing to deter our chieftains from participating in this holy war, This ship we are on shall continue to sail in stormy seas and against harsh waves. Those who can’t take this risk shall submit to the mighty, and leave the ship. It is the nature of man to submit to the mighty. Those with willpower think of nothing but reaching the land on the horizon. While the weak are preoccupied with the feat itself. They get swept up by their own greed and fall prey to the enemy. Such men are a burden on this ship anyway, Turgut. Thus, they should be thrown overboard. Password for this Episode is ds5wUse50.

Whatever happens in Anatolia, once we’ve lit the torch to light up people’s hearts, nothing will be able to extinguish it. Right, brother. In any case, it’s going to be those with faith who will win this war. If we don’t die, we are veterans And if we die, we are martyrs. At any rate, we will win. God bless us with good luck. Amen. Amen. Turgut. Yes, sir. We’ll depart at dawn to meet Berke Han’s spy. All right. May I enter sir? Come in, Dumrul. Did you find Beybolat? We’ve checked everywhere. but there’s still no trace of him. o, the dark spirits of water have left your mortal body. Arikbuka. How did you find me? You should know by now. If we want to find something, we’ll dig seven floors down into hell. Now, tell me what happened. Ertugrul. He found out I was Albasti.

He came after me. And trapped me on a cliff. I was forced to jump. If you want to flyjike a hawk, you need to have faith in your wings. Or you’ll crash, like you did. What about you? You wouldn’t have come all the way here unless something important had happened. 1y blood brother… ndam Alincak.. He failed to follow any of the orders Hulagu Khan gave himj His soldiers dispersed. We have no idea where he is. All the commanders and even Hulagu Khan made fun of him, even belittled him. I was saddened by what happened to Alincak, too. owever… he thought he could easily take over this land. He was wrong.

I’ve known Alincak since my childhood. He overcame many hardships with mastery. Just when he was about to rise among Hulagu Khan’s subjects, he lost it all. Alincak is not a loser, Albasti. There must be somebody goingjagainsthim. You are right, Arikbuka. Ertugrul had a hand in it. He prevented Alincak from following any orders. And then he finished Alincak off. Ertugrul is not powerful enough to do all that. Why couldn’t you take him down? You speak like that because you don’t know Ertugrul. He turned my own sister against me.

He works with anyone and everyone. And now, his brother Gundogdu is with him. They’re definitely planning something. Never underestimate Ertugrul. A strong body lets you win against one man, while a strong mind, a thousand. Until now I’ve decorated my horse with the heads of four khans, 17 chieftains, and 45 commanders. I have room for Ertugrul’s head, too. He’s working against ur nation and the Mongols. Beware.

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