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EPISODE 55 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is Episode number 55th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. NoyanM Hah’ Ah. Attack them! My Bey, Bamsi is wounded! Ah. We have to finish them off quickly! We need to save Bamsi! Damn it all! Uhh! Instead of reclining and taking a rest… on the battlefield.. I’m going to get up and fight to the last drop of my blood Ah! Ugh Ah! Ah Bamsi! -My brother! Bamsi! My brave-heart! Bamsi. say something. Talk to us. my brother Bamsi! Bamsi, are you alright? He7 Hop. Is it seemly to escape and let your Knights go to Kizil Tamu alone, ha? [Kizil Tamu – Red Hell of Underworld] Look, let me go, and come to see me at the Bilecik fortress. I will give you whatever you wish. Might do it. Might even agree. Ah! However, what I want is your head. And that, you would not give me.

So, I will take it myself. My Bey. I wasn’t reclining and taking a rest… on the battlefield… as a matter of fact.. th y wounded me. That’s my lion. That’s my lion. Abdurrahman. Take Bamsi and other wounded to the Caravansary, posthaste. As you command, my Bey. You will be fine, my brother. You will be fine Look whom I got. Ah. Stop there, Noyan Why would I stop now. ha? It is not your right to take his head, it is… my Ertugrul Bey’s, whom he has stabbed in the back. While you have a glowing-hot knife of betrayal… We have the sword of Al-Haqq [Al-Haqq – the Absolute Truth] Until we exterminate… all the betrayals in this world… we will keep spilling your blood in abundance. My Bamsi Head-Alp! Bamsi Head-Alp Bamsi Head-Alp My Bey! My Bey, Bamsi Head-Alp has passed out! My Bamsi! My brother! My brave-heart! Come on, rouse up Bamsi. open your eyes. Bamsi. Hurry up.

We have to get him to the Caravansaray, make haste. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. isiueg Let’s go! -Come on! Come on1 Come on, brother, let’s go! Ah Ah. Sugay, my daughter. Where are you till now, my daughter? Where are you? Is there permission? Co mej n, Artuk Bey., Artuk Bey. Sugay Hatun requested to visit her son’s resting place. So. I sent her off, together with some Alps. But it’s been quite a while… and neither Sugay Hatun nor the Alps have returned to the tribe yet. This does not seem good, at all. My Osman is crying and wailing in there, because he’s starving Did she tell you where his resting place is, Hayme Hatun? I will send the Alps after them at once.

Is there permission, Hayme Mother? Yes, come in, Dumrul He came up to the main tent with difficulty, Hayme Ana. He has something to tell you. Put him down over here. What happened to you, my son? Where are Sugay Hatun and the other Alp? They abducted Sugay Hatun, Hayme Mother. What are you talking about? Did you recognize them? I couldn’t see them, my Artuk Bey. They faces were covered My other brother has been martyred Ah! I couldn’t stand in their way, my Bey. Oh my Lord (Rabb)! Gunkut. Dumrul… send word to our Alps, at once. They are to search in every nook and cranny around. But they are not to return to the tribe without Sugay Hatun. As you order, Artuk Bey. As you order. Artuk Bey. Off you go, and take him to the healing tent at once. Come on Who were these men? What did they want from Sugay Hatun? O, my Allah! Help us please, my Allah.

Please, help us. The Mongols are coming! -The Mongols Spare our lives! Old Hristo is at your disposal Don’t take our lives! Don’t do us harm Don’t do us harm. Hankeeper! I am Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul. These Mongols are my guests. Welcome here, my Bey, – Bring us hot water and . some rugs, quickly! Run, Eftelya. run Run! Bring hot water and rugs to my Ertugrul Bey! Comeon, Eftelya!JHuru^ Come on, come on, be quick about it! We need to attend to him quickly. Lest he loses too much blood! Almost there. Come on, where’s that hot water? Make haste! It’s coming, my Bey, here it is Hurry up! My Noker is wounded Stay strong, my brave-heart! You will be fine, my brother, you’ll be just fine. See, I’m cleansing your wounds with my own hands. And. they say that the brother’s hand brings healing faster. It does, it does. Come on, my brother! Come on.

open your eyes. Don’t imagine that I am beholden to you just because you saved my life. I saved your life because it was my duty. Noyan If not for that, I wouldn’t care, not in the slightest. My E tugrul Bey With your leave we would like to help the wounded, my Ertugrul Bey. EyvAllah (you are welcome), Hankeeper. Abdurrahman! You go outside and keep watch with the Alps. As you command, my Bey! You will be fine, my brother. You will be alright Don t give up, my brave-heart. Come on, my brother, stay with me Ho. Deh! Where did they come from? What s the matter. Dumrul? Sugay Hatun has been abducted. Gunalp Bey Sugay Hatun? Who abducted her?

We don’t know who did it. Sugay Hatun went to visit her child s resting place. Two of our Alps escorted her. Some men, unknown to us have attacked them. One of the Alps although heavily wounded, came to inform us, but… there is no sign of Sugay Hatun over there. Let s go look for her then, before anything bad happens. Come on, Dumrul, hurry up. Ya’ Yah So, milk-mother has been abducted This information will serve Alangoya in good stead. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt. the Merciful and the Compassionate]. YA Shaffee [the Only Healer]. YA Shaffee [the Only Healer]. YA Shaffee [the Only Healer]. Ugh… In shaa Allah, he will pull through by the evening. In shaa Allah, my Bey. In haa Allah. This Satan is approaching us again, my Bey. Wherever you go, you are besieged by your enemies, Ertugrul.

On the other hand if you stay put, then… those of your own blood look for the ways to betray you. No mountain is. so large and imposing, that cannot be bypassed, Noyan. Praise be… by the grace of Allah… we know how to hold our ground in such circumstances, evelAllah. Nonetheless if you were to swear obedience to Ogeday Khan… we could have conquered… not only Nikea, but also Constantinople together. Do you, in all honesty believe… that I would swear obedience to your Khan, Noyan? Your State’s and your lineage’s appointed hour is at hand. You are buried up to your chin in the black soil. Seeing you in a sorry state, many Tekfurs will come to impose pressure on you.

You were victorious yesterday. Yoy even triumphed today. However, what will happen tomorrow is anybody’s guess. You have no place to escape… nor do you have a hole to hide away. Didn tyou realize yet. . that we are not afraid of enemy, Noyan? I hope that.. in due course you will do what you do best, Ertugrul. With your swords, atop your wild horses. Ogeday Khan is like a thundering waterfall. I advise you to merge with that water flow. You can’t swim against that stream, Ertugrul. Either you merge with us and… you surge forward with us… or your tribe… along with your lineage will dry up in this wastelands. Uhm My Bey. My Bey, Bamsi says something. Talk to us. my brave-heart. Go on My brother… My brother, you will be fine. Password this Episode is SugaYHatun. Don’t worry, we are at your side My Bey. Don’t go anywhere without me. my Bey. How could we ever go without you, my valiant? Hey, Masha Allah, that’s my valiant. Aag A|/V Don t… Don’t leave me behind. I can’t… I can’t let you go there without me, my Bey. Did I ever set off anywhere without you, my brother?

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