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EPISODE 65 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Dirilis Season Two Episode Number 65 with Urdu Subtitles. At the end of the Last Episode you have watched that Zuljaan and Shaheer were coming back and on the way, Noyan stop them and kidnapped both kids. Ertugrul has also reached there bu the cannot stop them because they are more in numbers. Ertugrul soldiers also there to help him and they fight with Noyan beside Ertugrul. Ertugrul was very worried that what he will say to her pregnant Wife about her brother and the mother who is awaiting of her son Zuljaan.

When Ertugrul come back to Tribe Halima Sultan was waiting at the door. When he sees Ertugrul and his friends in this state she also very worried. Ertugrul told him to listen to his news with strength. Halima cant bear this pain. Shahnaz was missing her husband and praying for his health. Baaqi is telling the news of tribe to Saedtin and Gonchagul. This time he told him that Guldaro goes to Erzurum with his mother and Ertugrul want to go to Byzantine border but the Beys of Meeting didn’t accept his proposal. with the tension of her brother Halima has early delivery of his son.

Zuljaan and Shaheer are kidnapped in the cave of Noyan. Roshni came to Shahnaz. Shahnaz told her that she has talked to Taimoor about her. Roshni was worried that she shouldn’t because now Taimoor will become angrier.

Shahnaz told her that how she can watch her sister like that. Noyan has to take Gonchagul with him. Saeditn want Zuljaan from Noyan because he has another dirty plan to get a hold of the tribes.  Noyan wants to kill Zuljaan and send his carcass to Tribe.  While giving birth to her child Gulbano, Roshni and Shahnaz are with her at all the time. Noorgul with his friends has gone to search Noyan place. They asked Ghani for helping them. Watch rest of Episodes on screens. That’s all for now. Halimeson is the password for this video. Thank you!

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