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EPISODE 69 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Now, this is Episode number 69 of Drills Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles from Giveme5 Team. As you have watched in the previous Episode that Roshni was trapped by Noyan. Taimoor, Ertugrul and Sarim are reached to the cave of Noyan and they find the dress of Roshni there which Baqir has to leave there. There is a letter with the dress.

Taimoor went mad after listening that Roshi is kidnapped. Ertugrul tells her to be patient because it is all a trap for Taimoor. Noyan is stopped by Shahnaz, Guldaaro and Mother Hayma. Zuljaan has gone to the tribe to call his soldiers. Guldaaro arm is not well to fight so Noyan takes advantage of this and took Roshni to his secret place.

Shahnaz and mother Hayma have a fight with Noyan but they cannot stop. While they are fighting with Noyan Zuljaan came with his soldiers and he shot an arrow on Noyan but Noyan escaped.

Guldaaro is totally helpless because of his arm.  Taimoor is going back to the tribe to find out that is Roshni is there or not. Sarim tells Ertugrul to don’t leave  Taimoor alone. Ertugrul asks that why he doesn’t come to the tribe with them. Sarim says that he has to do his duty to fine Shaheer.  Ertugrul demand Sarim to bring Shaheer alive and he will give it ti Sultan Allauddin.  Saedtin Kopek is hopeful that tomorrow is the day of victory for him. Taimoor and Ertugrul will die along with Shaheer.

His plans are to make sarin as a hero and he has the strings of sarin in his hands. Shaheer as a sultan address to they Beys. Gonchagul asks Saedtin about her future. Saedtin tells her that she will go to the palace with him and serve the state. Taimoor reached tribe with very anger. He asks Mother Hayma that where is Roshni. Why she couldn’t save her from Noyan. Then he knows that someone takes Roshni to Cemetery.

Shahnaz is very worried about Roshni. Mother Hayma demand the death of Noyan from her sons. Noyan takes Roshni to Gonchagul. They fight each other there.Noyan stops them to do. Roshaan is also very sad about Noorgul. Babar tells him to not worry as Allah is with them. Ertugrul tells Taimoor that the person who took Roshni to Cemetery is the same person who took her dress to cave.

At the meantime, Taimoor realizes that Bar is the traitor. He tells to all that he came back from the mission. Then later on in search, they find gold from his tent too. Baaqir tells Kopek that Roshni has been kidnapped. Saedtin tells him that now its Taimoor turn. Sarim goes to Kopek and tells him that they find cave but Noyan and Shaheer are not there.  Saedtin wants Sarim to kill Shaheer and Nolan kill Taimoor.  Noyan demand Shaheer to write another letter to Ertugrul.

Ibn ul Arabi is also in this Episode and his wise messages are also in this Episode. Molasses is the password for this Episode.

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