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EPISODE 72 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

This is Episode Numer 72 of Dirilis Season Two with Urdu Subtitles. The story is in a very sad moment right now. The Carcass of Roshni and half died Taimoor has reached to Tribe. There is mourning in all over. Hayma Mother was really angry and she has departed from tribe to Emir Saedtin. Noyan was there in the Karwansaraye with Kopek. When Mother Hayma and Guldaro reaches there Noyan hide under the door. Ibn ul Arabi is doing cure to Shaheer and on the other hand, Shahnaz is mourning for her sister with sad singing.

Ghani tells all situation of Tribe to Ertugrul. Ertugrul wants to come back to the tribe as soon as possible. Sarim and Guldaaro cannot understand the games of Kopek and they continue to blame Ertugrul for all this. They are not worried about their brother Ertugrul but worries about that when he will go to the Byzantine border he will be not alone. Many soldiers and people of the tribe will go with him. Saedtin Kopek is pressurising all the tribes but he is failed to pressurize Kayi and Dodurga Tribe. He is really an Evil. Shaman (Bachhu) has died in the previous Episode.

Noyan burns him with honour. Noorgul and Babar hunt of Baaqir are successful. Taimoor is in between the death and life. Mr Arif is trying to save him. you will see in the Episode that he saved or not. This is the suspense which I don’t want to reveal. Ertugrul tells Halime to ready for migration. He tells her to talk with the wise women of Tribe. Migratetime is the password for this video. Migratetime is the password for this Episode.

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