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Haci Bayram Veli Episode 02 Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode No 02 of Haci Bayram Veli with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5 . What are you doing, man?Have you lost your mind? Are you crazy?You..Mullah Efendi!Bandits...bandits...Lift him up! Lift him up! Bring him in!We said we will allow you to debate......but you... you are occupied with useless work.Wasting your time is haram.Tell me, Sinan, what does "Kullun fee falaki yasbahoon" means?["...each floats in (its own) orbit." - Yasin, 36:40] My Efendi, "kulli" could mean anything."Fee falaki" means revolving on it's path (orbit).Yasbahoon ", on the other hand, means "travel according to one narrative, means "morning", according to another narrative.According to whom are these narratives you are talking about?

You can't assign the meaning to this in accordance with your own pleasure.Our professor Numan, said that you need to......appreciate words and even letters with all their meanings.That's why I said so.It seems we didn't teach you observance and proper rules of conduct.From this time on, you will give us the answers according to.....what we have taught you.Is that clear, Sinan?I need to teach you everything again from the very beginning.It is clear that you have neglected the lessons we've given you......but you have occupied your mind with useless things, instead.Anyhow... we have plenty of time.We will teach you all, one thing at a time! InshAllah.One at a time.He's hit his head. And hit it badly.He didn't hit his head himself......he has been bashed by others.

He was repeating "bandits, bansits", he was delirious.His wound is terrible. He must not get up.Let him stay here until he is healed.We can see what is outside......but how he is inside, that we do not know yet.May you live long, Mother Healer.May Allah bless you. May you give us a lot of joy and health.Don't leave him alone for the time being. May he recover soon.Where am\Ne were practicing arrow shooting in vicinity of ^amhdere.We found you in the forrest.You came trotting atop your horse right in front of an arrow.Where are my saddlebags?Mother Healer said you must not move.- I will bring them to you.- My seddlebags.There you are... your saddlebags.The Book.What's the matterMullah Efendi?Not here...It's not here.What's wrong?The thugs... they took something very important and valuable from me.What? Where, when.. Who took it?- Do you carry your main riches around your neck?- Let go!Let go off me!Let go off me!


ویڈیو کو فل اسکرین کرنے پر اشتہارات ختم ہوجائیں گے۔موبائل پر ویڈیو کو انگلی سے ڈریگ کرکے پھر فل اسکرین کریں۔ شکریہ۔

Disaster, it's a disaster.I have...I have to go!I have to go, I do!Don't do it, Mullah Efendi.You should rest, you can't take to the road like this.- Sister Healer.- Efendi, you can't leave in such a state.I have to go.You shouldn't go in this state, you shouldn't do it.I have to go. They've stolen it, bandits have stolen it.Don’t do it.I need to go.May you live long, may you both live long.Where is my horse?Go, get him his horse.Please, would you help me, if it’s no trouble.Would you give me a hand if it t wouldn't be a bother.Ya Bismillah![in the name of Allah]May you live long.May you be in good health.DehShouldn't he be followed, Mistress? He can't even ride his horse.It is not necessary. Can't you see he doesn't need help.Was that the wounded man, the one who left?Yes, father, it was him.

But, just look at him, as if nothing really happened! He said "Deh!", and was gone.Who is he, what is he do you know?I don't know, father.He was injured, in any case.He trotted on horseback right in front of arrow.He was sliding toward the ground like a straw.But he was not destined to die yet.Praise be toAllah (swt).May his path be open, may his destiny be blessed.The impatient Mullah Efendi has dropped this.My Khoja... my Khoja, what happened to you?- Please don't be concerned. It's nothing.- My Khoja, let us help you.You mustn't talk about what you've seen.You have taken a load off our making the students not feel the absence of Numan Efendi.

Beg pardon, my Master.The decision was yours.And, I will do my best to earn your trust.How is your relationship with your students?It's fine, sir. I'm trying to correct their deficiencies.Is there permission?Numan?!Oo...welcome, my precious.The door is open, you can come in.The 'pleasant one' has come along.It was not pleasant for 'the one who left'. Not pleasant at all.Didn't we try to stop 'the one who left'?Aga knows, aga knows.Aga knows, of course.In that case, he came through it, my preciuos. What happened was bound to happen.It will overflow, crush the soil, make it muddy.[metaphor - It's going to get worse before it gets better] The water will overflow, the overflowing water will make the soil wet.Soggy...- Muddy...- It's just like you said.He will turn into mud.......then he will become... a man.What about the overflowing water, what about it?It will find its way. Could the overflowing water be stopped?

Would the fossilized and wet one turn into mud?He would turn into mud......would roll around, and then come back... as a man.And where did you come from?'The returned one' has came back. Will you go back?Don't! Stay in Engurii for a while.We are just custodians.When the Owner of the boat arrives, we will go back.Aga knows!Would the falcon return without its prey?Come, let me get you your bread.- Selamunaleykum, Somuncu Baba.

Oh, that will burn him"The fearless valiant lovers we became;""When on the path of Rushd, far from Reason we are." [Rushd - to walk on the path of Haqq, Istiqama] "We are in ecstasy with the wine of love;""But we never fall into a drunken stupor." [by Sheikh Hamidi Veli Aksarayi, aka Somuncu Baba] Did the bandits steal the book now?What does the thug have to do with the book?They took it because it is old and expensive, my Efendi.This... this is bad.So very bad.This may have been the only copy of "Kutadgu Bilig" as far as we know..We haven't seen its duplicate so we can't know for sure if it exists or not.The fault is mine, the sin is mine.I have no right to apologize, my master.In fact, the biggest mistake is mine.Regardless of the book, I shouldn't have sent you off, all alone.

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ویڈیو کو فل اسکرین کرنے پر اشتہارات ختم ہوجائیں گے۔موبائل پر ویڈیو کو انگلی سے ڈریگ کرکے پھر فل اسکرین کریں۔ شکریہ۔

Nothing can be restored with words.So there, let's not waste our time.Let's go quickly to Kadihane (the Courthouse) We invited the nomads tonight. We'll need flour to make bread, Somuncu Baba.Those on the move who don't plant and sow... they'd need it, of course.Come and explain it to my nomads. Be§ir Aga, may he live long, used to operate our mill.He also admonished me never to leave you short of flour.But, I can see that the flour matter is just an excuse.Go ahead, tell me what's on your mind.Go ahead, tell me what's on your mind.There was this Mullah I come across recently, you remember?There was this Mullah I come across recently, you remember?Ah, Numan Efendi?!Yes, well...?We practiced arrows shooting in vicinity of Chamlidere. We found him wounded in the forest.Is he all right now?Did he say anything?The bandits bashed him.But he's well, he's fine, he's in good health, InshAllah.So the bandits have attacked him.

He kept saying that they had stolen......something very important from his saddlebags, whatever that was.Can the one who sets out on the roud know who he will come across, a scholar or a villain?There is nothing more important a person could carry on him, then his own life.Would you know which one it is?Would you be able to tell them apart?I would, but the way it is......exactly sixty of my years have passed, and I am still trying to get to know even myself.So, how am I supposed to know him?He is a Mullah from the Madrasa.What are you so curious about?What are you so curious about?I wonder what's with him Somuncu Baba?He dropped his notebook in our Konak.

I thought I'd bring it to him. That's why I asked about him.Let me tell you this...Let me tell you this......we're here today, we might be gone tomorrow....we're here today, we might be gone tomorrow.That's why, you keep it with you.Give it to him the next time you see him.That's it, then.Let's load our purchases now.We became familiar with Engiirii in the past month..My path takes me in that direction today. Leave it with me.You go take care of your business in the Bazaar, go on.- All right, Somunci Baba. I leave you in Allah's care.- Off you go. Take care of yourself. Go on.If the egg is broken with an internal force..."If the egg is broken with an internal force..."If the egg is broken with an internal force...""...the life begins.If the egg is broken by..."...the life begins.If the egg is broken by..."" an external force, this life ends in death.".u«tr '•$- As-salamu alaykum. (peace be upon you) - Alaykumu as-salam. Please come in Efendis.We wished to see His Excellency Qadi Efendi.Qadi Efendi is in Bursa. A substitute Qadi, Sheref Efendi, is acting in his stead.All right, he will do.

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