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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 101 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 101 (3rd) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 03 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Osman Bey!Stop!I'm here on the Emperor's orders.You are fighting with the wrong enemy.I don't know who is it you're working with, will not leave empty handed today.Let me explain.Your son, Alaeddin, is in the hands of the enemy.What are you talking about?What are you talking about?The enemy infiltrated right into our lands! How do you guard this gate?Did you go blind and deaf?Alps!Answer me!-Whom am I talking to?-Bala Hatun.Huh? Whom am I talking to? Answer me now!Bala Hatun!Be patient, Bala Hatun.It's not the time to get angry.The one, who bestowed your son, tests you aswell of course.We will find our Alaeddin.Aktemur!

Is there any trace?The tire marks are jagged. But they disappear further on. We need to track.Then, we set out right away.Alps! Prepare the horses! Be quick!Dursun Fakih.Be careful.Aleaddin Ali. The fruit of my tree.I'll destroy whoever picked you from your branch!Who?Who did this?The ones, who wishes to kill the Emperor.Ophelia.The daughter of the Emperor.But Ophelia is not alone.Frigg, whom she sent to these lands to destroy you.They are our enemies, Osman Bey.There is no us!You are on one side......and we are on the other.You gained their animosity by saving Constantinople that day.If we have common enemies, it means we are on the same side, Osman Bey.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

And what about that dog?He's the most respectable warrior of Rome, Olof.He wanted to take the revenge of Oktem Bey's village massacre.It was a mistake.Kantekuzenos.If even a hair on my son's head is harmed......I'll destroy you all.If I was afraid of that, I wouldn't have come here with such a small force.I believe in your friendship.I believe that we can destroy all the plans those two devils made.And how do you know all these I've been after themsince that black day.I captured one of Frigg's men.The trace I found led me into these lands.If there is even a single lie in what you said......then, you can be sure that it will be your end.Where is he?He's under the ground.Kantekuzenos!Olof......killed my alps......and put the blame on them!And you are speaking for the dead here!

How long do you keep traitors alive?Or the ones that attacked your village?Why did they kidnap my son?They kidnapped him for Dan.Dan is Frigg's brother.She is Ophelia's loyal servant.Constantinople Royal Palace.My dear daughter, Ophelia.She had a very light and strong armor prepared for me.No harm would be able to even touch your armor, emperor.That's why Kantakuzenos asked me to stand by your side.Kantakuzenos must love me as much as Ophelia does,Are you okay, sir?It's not important.There must have been a needle left outside on the armor's embroidery.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

How can that be?Princess Ophelia acted carefully for that.Father.You already tried the armor?Father?Father!?Stop! Don't get close!Stop! Don't get close!The armor might be poisoned!You! Call the doctor immediately!Father!Emperor!Tell me everything!Tell me everything!This poison will kill you slowly!You are the one closest to him!You brought the armor!Soldiers! Arrest the princess!You fools! What are you waiting for!?I will save my son from them!But if you are behind......all of these...I am not behind anything.I am your friend that stands right in front of you.I will listen to you for now.But Olof....will pay for what he has done to my alps!After.....Oktem pays the price for destroying the village.....I will pay the price for every drop of blood I shed!Don't worry Olof.When the time comes, you will pay that price in my hands.

Respectable warrior of Rome Osman Bey, as you can see, we are very open about this.'AIf you wish, we can talk about what we are going to do after this.We will talk.We will.You won't be back Osman.God have mercy.Protect my father.Break down the door.Go on.Search everywhere.How long can you run for?Princess.Osman took the bait.Now we'll wait until he's convinced.Tell me everything before I kill you.Tell me.You should stop the show Olof.I stick to the plan.Why didn't you let me cut off Osman's head?Tell me.Frig agrees with me.She kidnapped Alaeddin for us.We can't destroy him like that.That will get Dan killed.Do you want to ose another brother?I won't.....lose someone because of that shepherd again.Then we'll play by our rules.We have Alaeddin.Osman will find him.But he won't survive.I won't trade.I'll raid Yenisehir.And I'll kill the boy.Why are you making this harder Olof?

Osman will die as he tries to save Alaeddin.And you'll quietly save your brother.Then I'll come with the Nicea Army......and destroy'll return a hero.Not me.We will.After we have the throne, we'll kill all the Turks I'm watching your back.Because you're important Olof.I want to trust you Kantakuzenos.Don't fail me.If you make a mistake......I'll cut off your head.The wheel traces lead this way.C2W7WTV „Bala. What happened?•uewsoWhat happened?Alaeddin.They kidnapped our son.But we found him my Bey.We found the wheel traces.My Bey.The traces led us here.But now there are two paths.Whoever did this to my son......has no place on this earth anymore.Kantakuzenos was right, then.We're going to follow the traces of the cart.Some Alps will go that way.Some Alps will go that way.Aktemur, drive to Oktem Bey's tribe with Turgut Bey.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Take the martyrs there......and search the tribe.As you command, my Bey.Let's go.We're going to find our son.At9'vYou little rat!I. tftoKill me! What are you waiting for?You need to live a little longer for your father's death.Then, you'll all die!I will not stay a prisoner and my father won't step into your traps.Kill me!Kill me!Today, we get......revenge from Osman!For Valhalla!For Valhalla!I love the fresh fish you have, Leo.Let me see...Prepare yourself, Leo.While Osman rides towards his death......we'll save Dan from the dungeons.There are Alps all around the city They're closing a the shops as well Is that fear that I smell, Leo? Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid.When are we going to the dungeon?No need to rush, Leo.There's someone we need to welcome to Yenisehir first.CerkutayAlps!Allah's name...It's clear, my BeyThis was written with blood, my Bey....He meant to say don't follow.If they hurt my son......I won't stop chasing them in both worlds, Osman!Bala, don't worry.But we need to be careful just in case.Our son realized their traps.Listen to me carefully now.I can stand this pain personally.....but what about the people?At least, you owe the bodies of their sons to them, Oktem Bey.What could have I done, Hatun? What could have I done?

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