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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 104 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 104 (6th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 04 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Alps!Alps!Alps!I am coming!I am here, brothers! I am here!am here!Cerkutay!am here!I am here, brother.I am here.Brother, brother!Thank Allah!Hold on, hold on!Hold on!Hold on!My Bey!Come, brother.My Bey!My Bey, are you okay?Hold on.Alps!Baysungur!Boran!Brother!am here!Hold on!Hold on!You are okay, right?My brave one‘“ueujsoI was going to feed you to the ravens......but this cave.....has become your grave.Olof, we checked everywhere.

There is no other exit for this cave.Saga!I took your revenge, brother!was going to......stab your heart with this dagger, Osman.But now......I'll leave it to your grave!What do we do when the enemies don't not have their leader?We raid their home!We slaughter thei scattered soldiers We steal their flock!\Ne enslave their civilians!We slaughter all of them!If the enemy doesn’t have a leader, they scatter!And scattered enemies become our prey!Osman's death will bring chaos to Yenisehir.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

After that chaos, our storm will destroy Yenisehir!But first.....we will make sure that he is dead.A few of our men will stay here.It’s impossible, however if someone manages to get out of here......they should be killed!Osman is dead, Olof!Why are we leaving our men here?We will make sure that he is that our victory cannot be overshadowed.These men are not for him.It’s for the ones that will come to save him.Come on.You two, stay here.Sarica!Sarica!Sarica!

Oh thank Allah!Hold on!Come with me!Hold on!Be patient! Be patient!Boran, talk to us!Brother!Boran!Talk to us!Boran!Brother. Hang on.Boran say something.Allah help us.Allah, you are Merciful.Save my soldiers.Boran. Boran!Brother!Don't you hear me?Say something. Say something.Say something brother.Boran. Boran.Boran. Boran. Brother.Get up brother!Get up!Come on!Thank Allah.Thank Allah.Get up now. Get up now.Get up now!Brother.Hang on.Look at me.You're awake right?

Episode is going on very interesting read more

My brother will live to see another day.Hang on brothers.Allah saved us today.But our ambition will help us survive.Hang on.We're stuck.There must be a way out.There must be a way out.Malhun Hatun.Bala Hatun.Any word from Osman Bey?No word.They must have been here by now.The news we received...Maybe they trapped Osman Bey by using Konur Alp.Gather the Alps.We'll look for Osman Bey.There's a way out.I'll find a way out.Boran hang on.Sarica.My Bey.Brother.You'll be okay.Brother.Brother?Allah give me strength.Come on.Come on.\Ne won't be stuck here.You've been through a lot.You've been through a lot.I won't enter a war that's ongoing.

I start wars.Oh Allah!One who hurts us......will pay for it immensely.You'll always be one like this.One will kill the other is holding.For the alps.For the kids..And.....for the nation.With strength.Konur...Brother...I'm not going to die.Come here.Leave me and look at him.Get up. Come.You'll be okay.Konur...Brother you'll be okay.Drink brother.Drink brother. Drink.You'll be okay. You'll be okay.With Allah's name..Allah..Hold on brother.Hold on brother.Hold on.

You'll be okay.Hold on Osman. Hold on.Hold on.■ 'Asq A[A|\Ne won't let you be alone.You'll be okay.Look everywhere Bala.Find 'Os’m a ^*B©y?We will find him Malhun.We will. Don't worry about us.\Ne will find him Malhun.We will. Don’t worry about us.Be careful.Those who played a game with Osman Bey won't stay idle.There are enemies everywhere.Don't worry.Don't worry.What if something happened to dad.What will we do?We will do as.....what Osman Bey would do in a situation like this....what Osman Bey would do in a situation like this.Boys.....we're in hardest of times now.We'll be one.We'll be stronger than before.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

®Don't be scared.We'll keep on being hopeful...... and protect Osman Bey's entrustment.Aktemur.Increase the number of alps in Yenisehir.Put 5 alps in the place where 2 stood before.We won't let them in.Tell all the beys too...... that they should come.We'll get the divan started.If Osman Bey is not here......then his son is here.Karacahisar's bey Orhan Bey.Yes, mother.Yes, mother.As the bey of Karacahisar...... you will lead the divan instead of Osman Bey.Bala Hatun.Do you consent to this?Do you consent to this?Orhan Bey's shoulders are strong enough to carry this burden.I give my consent.Alaeddin Bey.What do you think about this?

Is Osman Bey was here he would say the same sister.It’s my brother's right.It's my brother's right.I value your request as I do with my Osman Bey, mother.I will do as you say.Orhan Bey shall lead the Divan then.The order in Yenisehir will be as if Osman Bey is here.Bala.....may you come back with good news. Allah help us all.May He help us.Allah bless you.Alps, sisters!Let's go!Allah, watch over them..I brought you the cloth you asked for.But it seems my timing isn't good.

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