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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 114 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No ۱14 (16th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 16 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Olof!Olof!Olof!Turgut!I took your......beloved castle from you!Now.......are you here to beg me to kill you?I swear that I am going to hang you on the walls of Inegol!You will pay for everyone you killed!You can't do anything.Even if you come at me with all your will die under these walls, Turgut.You think we are afraid of shahada?My name is Turgut Bey, and I am going to turn this world into hell for you until my last breath!Neither you......nor your alps will live that long.Brave @m@Don't worry my Bey.I am going with shahada.Don't do it, Olof! Come down and face me! Don't do that!Safe travels!Brother!I will cut the heads of anyone that stands against the army of Jesus!These bloody dreams you have......will be the end of all of you!And don't forget that, until none of you exist......the Turks will keep fighting!

Don't waste your breath, Turgut.You will need your last breath whilst begging me!Shields!I will come, Olof!I will come soon!I will come no matter what castle you hide in!I will come to destroy these walls upon you!Come on!Come on!I hope Turgut Bey won't do anything wrong with anger.He saw what happened when he last acted alone without Osman Bey.He wouldn't do that.Especially when we are in this state.Especially when we are in this state.Attention! Osman BeyAlps are ready my Bey, they are waiting for your orders.No one will make a move.They will wait and be ready.Olof and Ismihan.They will think that we will advance to Inegol.But we will wait.■jnuo>|Tell us what's going on in Inegol.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

They took advantage of Turgut Bey's absence, my Bey.But it's not only that.It looks like we have traitors among us.The traitors responsible for the castle's protection.Some sold their honor for gold.What are you saying?They allowed Olof to take the castle.Those damn dogs!Those damn dogs!I am sorry my Bey.Bastards!Bastards!We are fighting a tough war here!Oh Allah......Oh Allah, protect us from the treachery of these hypocrites.juejogYou will find them and bring them to me!They are walking around as alps, my Bey. I will go and check.I will find which one of those have extra gold.Then we will make them all pay.My Bey, Olof and you think theyworked together?

If Olof is free......then he might have given his leash to Ismihan.But when I put my sword against Ismihan's neck......I saw in her eyes that she did not know anything about Inegol's fall.Olof might have acted alone.Together or alone.They will end up the same.What are we going to do, Osman Bey.Can I come in my Bey?%Can I come in my Bey?Come in!My Bey.We got word from Konya, from Samil.We got word from Konya, from Samil.Nayman.He entered Konya with his army.Jesus Christ's most valuable men...Jesus Christ's most valuable men.....will wait in Inegol.Turgut.He'll come to us with Osman.Their anger will......lead them to defeat.What if Turgut doesn't attack?Turgut was enraged.He'll attack.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

If they don't.....we'll attack.And Ismihan?What will she say?Ismihan.Stop.Olof.How dare you act without my approval?Mother Sultan.I was waiting for you.Are you waiting to die?You will pay for this......greatly.No I won't.The men who killed Kantakuzenos and my men paid for it.I destroyed those who didn't obey our union.And I will keep doing so.Inegol's the beginning.I will take everything Osman has.For you.This place is yours Mother Sultan.Nayman.He'll rest there.Then he'll attack us with everything he has.Osman Bey.How many men are there?We defeated more men before.Almost 40 thousand.That's more than we have.My Bey.Let's go to Konya.Let's go to Konya.We'll attack and run.

Then we'll regain power near Eskisehir.....and then attack them again.No.This isn't the lazy army of Byzantines.They're Mogols.We can't run and get away.Their system isthe same as ours.The mounted archers will take us out, Isn't there a way out my Bey?No.There is a way out.We lean on the One who always has solutions.Our battles are the same.But we're different than them.Our filled with the faith we have for Allah.Boran.My BeyBring me the map.Give it here.Okay.40 thousand men.40 thousand men.It will take them......5 days to get there.Boran.My Bey.Gather a unit of men who are ready for Shahada.They will attack on the road.They will slow them down.

As you wish my bey.We need 7 days.Those men won't come back my bey.Let them go there knowing that.The existence of great nations ...depend on nameless heros.My bey.Tell everyoLet the preparations begin.Will the defense we'll put up be enough my bey?This isn't to stop them.It's a move to slow them down.Bala.You'll be with Baciyan.You're going to dig ditches.You're going to hold the roads.Every bridge will be hit.Everyone who can move will be with you.Don't worry.I'll get going too.Even your’under my rule Olof.If you even take a breath......without my permission......without my permission.....I'll and your the same grave.We will bury those who stand against us Mother Sultan.You injurecLone of Osman's legs.I cut off the other one.What's left is to cut his head off.We will.

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But when it's time comes.T^urgut is at Inegol borders.He understood he can't take the castle on his own too.Soon he will attack with Osman most probably.Then.....I'm going to rip their lungs out.Until you take.....both Osman's andTurgot's heads them in front of me......everything will be given to you Inegol......nothing will happen to the people.For the oppressed sake.....I don't care about anyone.In Inegol......both Christians and Muslims...■ in peace.None of them.....will be hurt...will be hurt.My Sultan.What's this Avci Bey?Nayman's army......has reached Konya my Sultan.I will be told......about their every step.Now I go.Olof.My city is in your hands.But my shadow......will always be here.Yakup Bey.Karesi Bey.And Candar Bey.I'm going to visit all those beyhoods.

I'm going to visit all those beyhoods.We will get all of the tribes to rise up.Just our urge to fight will not be enough.We'll tell all of the tribes to fight with us.But.....first in line is Candar Bey.He is the closest to us.My bey.Candar Bey...Didn't he declare his loyalty to Mother Sultan?Convincing him will be tough.When the issue is the land of Turk......he will be on our side I'm sure.We have an important card in our hands to convince him.What if he doesn't get convinced?What if he doesn't stand with us?Nayman's target is these lands.It doesn't concern him that much.We'll either exist......or perish together.We need to show them that if we go down......they will come with us.They were seeking gold even today, back at the Inn.

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